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IMC Potato Peeler S12 28 Litre.
One of the most trusted machines on the market, a work horse built for a busy kitchen. Great peeling speed, exceptionally realiable and easy to work with and quick to clean.
Phase: Single (220-240v)
Brand: IMC
Model S12

£1200 VAT Free

This quality potato peeler from IMC is one of the fastest potato peelers on the market, offering you all the flavour of freshly peeled potatoes, with the speed and convenience of pre-prepared products. The peeler has a large capacity which makes it ideal for the most demanding of food prep locations. Not only are these peelers the easiest and quickest to clean, they’re also built to last, with exceptional durability and outstanding reliability.

£850 +VAT

This compact table top potato peeler is ideal for use within a wide range of kitchens. It has been specifically designed to effortlessly peel up to 35kg of potatoes per hour. The skins are removed by spinning the potatoes in the cylinder which has an abrasive interior which results in the skins being turned into tiny pieces which then can be washed away down the drain. There is also water flushed through the peeler which cleans the potatoes ready for further preparation.

£595 +VAT

Brand New with one year warranty

£1550 VAT Free

£950 £250 inc. VAT

This peeler works however the top hat is missing and needs a new drive shaft, motor and plates are fine, spending some time and effort on this peeler will save you a lot of funds.
This particular peeler peels around 7LB of potatoes efficiently.
It's ideal for takeaways, pubs and restaurants.

£210 £189 VAT Free

Used Potato Peeler Stand.
Heavy Duty Stand

£40 +VAT

£800 VAT Free ono

£350 VAT Free

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