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Seat pads for sale. Fixed by Velcro to chairs
Choice of colours. Red, royal blue or gold

£2 +VAT

Seat / Chair Pads
| Quantity: 200
I have the following items for sale.
All items are in boxes and some have never been used.
Would preferably sell as a job lot as this then saves me having to sort through them.

£850 £700 VAT Free ono

Table linen
13 stainless steel table number stands.

£48 VAT Free ono

Table decor for sale
| Quantity: 13

£60 £40 VAT Free

Flower vases for wedding
| Quantity: 27
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Double Tier Crystal Lazy Susan (original Metal Kraft) can ideally fit both 5ft & 6ft Round Table.
The Crystal Lazy Susan has 8 Inserts on the first tier (bowls provided) and 4 inserts on the top tier (Drinks).
The sparking quality crystals make the dining experience so rich & elegant that the guest will remember this experience for a lifetime. Our Lazy Susan’s are perfect for any event. Each Lazy Susan rotates so your guest does not need to move from their seat to be served.
We also have Led Lights installed with a 16hr Rechargable Lithium Battery.
We will also pass on the work we get to the person who invests in this product.

£17500 £15000 VAT Free ono

Double Tier Crystal Lazy Susans + Led Lights + Batteries + Bowls (100 units) Metal Kraft
| Quantity: 100
Good quality white loose chair covers with back pleats, used but in good condition. Perfect for hiding ugly dirty chairs!
  • 100 small
  • 120 medium

£1.20 VAT Free

Chair covers for sale
| Quantity: 220
80 x 80 cm
Height: 80cm
Width: 80cm
Depth: 4cm

£1 +VAT

square canvas prints for sale
| Quantity: 40
19 x Ivy pattern burgandy slip cloths 52cm x 52cm approx
10 x Plain burgandy cloth 52cm x 52cm approx

£40 +VAT ono

Table linen for sale
| Quantity: 29
110 White Ivy Pattern Linen Napkins 50cm x 50cm

£35 +VAT ono

Linen for sale
| Quantity: 110
All laundered and pressed, made from high quality fabric these napkins and table cloths have an elegant floral patterned design.

£2 +VAT

53cm x 53cm Napkins
| Quantity: 164
Banqueting chair covers are ideal for adding style to weddings and special events.
Our white banqueting chair covers are made from premium quality spandex and polyester and are compliant with the UK’s Crib 5 standards.

£6.99 +VAT

Premium White Banqueting Chair Covers
| Quantity: 322
£5 each used but excellent condition with all boxes

£7 £5 +VAT

Champagne Vase table decoration

£120 £100 VAT Free ono

Table linen for sale
| Quantity: 2
We have a large selection of Colours, Shapes and Sizes of Ex-Hire Visa Woven Rose Tabelcloths and Napkins in Rounds, Oblongs and Squares for sale, as well as a selection of Seat Pad Covers in the Visa Woven Rose fabric.


Visa Woven Rose Tablecloths and Napkins in 24 Colours
| Quantity: 1000
Fabulous and unique wall lights measuring 29"long by 11" wide (at the shade) standing 12" away from the wall (again, at the shade.) All with neutral coloured tinted marbled glass shades in perfect condition. There are 17 in total and look amazing in a restaurant or ballroom. For sale due to retirement.

£20 £15 VAT Free ono

Wall Lights for sale
| Quantity: 17
Height 0.26m
Width 0.16m

£12 +VAT

Glass vase for sale
| Quantity: 41
This painting of a red hill landscape includes a gold picture frame, with a scratched effect red coating.
The gold finish itself is smooth to touch, and reflects light in an eye-catching fashion; perfect for well lit areas for restaurants, hotels, pubs and B&B. The outside edge of the frames hosts a interesting depth and profile to the art display.

£45 £19.50 +VAT

8 Paintings
| Quantity: 8
56 x BRAND NEW 35” x 35” White Polyester Table Cloths “Rose” pattern

£70 +VAT

Table linen for sale
| Quantity: 56
4 x 120inch diameter NEW Polyester Table Cloths
And 78 x 22” x 22” NEW Polyester Napkins
Job lot for just £150 plus vat

£150 +VAT

Table linen for sale
| Quantity: 4
60 x 16” x 16” NEW White Polyester Napkins
20 x 45” x 45” NEW White Polyester Tablecloths
And 5 x NEW Chefs Jackets with logos on.

£50 +VAT

Table linen for sale
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