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We have had our engineer inspect and check this fridge over and it works as it should

£1950 +VAT

Pizza oven Gas
Ideal for a takeaway or restaurant

£1500 VAT Free

2 door saladette fridge
You could also call it a prep or bench fridge as well as a toppings fridge.
Marble top
Gastronorm pans and two shelves
Ideal for pizza restaurant or sandwich shop

£500 VAT Free

This Lincat Silverlink 600 Electric Pasta Boiler delivers perfect pasta every time. It has the versatility to be used as a steamer and Bain Marie, too. This twin tank model boasts convenient twin electrical cables which allow you to plug in to two standard 13 amp sockets. The boiler comes with a lid to reduce heat up time and also cover the tanks when not in use, while the thermostatic control maintains an accurate water temperature throughout. Ideal for cafes as well as smaller pubs and restaurants, the boiler also features enhanced resistance to punishing salt and starch corrosion with high quality grade 304 stainless steel tanks, basket support plates, and corrosion-resistant elements.
This is a rare and quick seller.

£450 +VAT

Provide your customers with quality pizzas cooked to perfection within this quality pizza oven by Lincat. It features two decks which can accommodate up to 4 10” pizzas per deck. The built in fire brick ensures crisp and perfect pizzas time and time again whilst the internal lighting and viewing windows ensures you have full control over the cooking process making it the perfect addition to your business.

£950 +VAT

Stainless table with safe below for 35 full gastro trays
3.1 mts long 770 mm deep 700 mm high
Very well constructed

£550 VAT Free

Brand Forcar Countertop Fridge.
Temperature: 0°C to +8°C
Exterior: St/Steel
Interior: St/Steel
Rated Load: 140w
Defrost: Manual

£400 VAT Free

Dekor electrical pizza oven, double deck on a stand.
Working perfectly.

£650 VAT Free

This quality single deck pizza oven and stand is perfect for cooking large volumes of pizzas within the most demanding of pizza shops. It has an internal storage space of 26 inch x39 Inch which enables you to cook multiple pizzas at any one time. The pizza oven has easy to use manual thermostat controls and a firebrick base which ensures pizzas have an authentic crispy base. This pizza oven comes complete on stand with plenty under storage for pizza boxes and other kitchen items.

£595 +VAT

This quality boiling pan by Fagor is perfect for preparing and cooking a wide range of foods. It features a counter balanced hinged lid, stainless steel burner which is controlled by a safety valve. It also has a water inlet solenoid valve and hot or cold water selector switch which ensures this boiling pan can be used for both boiling and brining foods within your busy restaurant. The front pot drainage tap ensures effortless and efficient cleaning and operation.

£1995 +VAT

Brand New - Never Been Used - Ordered Incorrectly
Baron Q90CP/E400 – 40L Single Basin Electric Pasta Cooker (with 6 baskets)

£2000 VAT Free ono

This quality twin combi & Pizza oven by Mono includes two 4 grid ovens and one pizza oven. The set also comes with a steam canopy which fits neatly on top of the ovens. The four grid ovens are both fan assisted and have steam function. The ovens also feature programmable settings which enables you to tailor the oven to your requirements. The pizza oven is positioned on the bottom of the set which makes access effortless. The pizza oven also has a firebrick base which ensures pizzas are cooked evenly and maintain the classic crispy base that your customers love.

£3750 +VAT

This Fimar pasta machine allows you to mix and produce pasta in a variety of different shapes. With this machines facility, you can ensure that your pasta is produced fresh and to the quality that you need in order to deliver the best tasting pasta dishes. Comes complete with four different brass & bronze alloy pasta dies.

£1750 +VAT

The Prismafood gas conveyor pizza oven allows perfect quality performance for cooking all types of pizzas. The conveyor oven is equipped with every safety device and the display gives an alert in case of anomalies which will automatically switch off the oven. The gas power source allows the temperature adjustment of the oven top and bottom up to 350°C. The digital control panel is intuitive, allowing the on and off time, the belt speed and the temperature of the oven to be set. There are also 6 different programs that can be easily set. The pizza oven can also be set to a weekly automatic switching on/off mode which allows greater performance with less power consumption.

£2795 +VAT

It features a single piece firebrick base for that authentic, crisp taste, separate heat controls for top and base of the compartment and comes complete with a 20 minute audible timer.
This pizza oven is also ideal for cooking a variety of other foods such as ciabatta, naan and garlic bread, as well as lasagne, jacket potatoes, pies, pasties and pastries.
Capacity: 6x 9" or 2x 14" Pizzas

£495 +VAT

Infrared heating system positioned below the well
Single 24.5 Litre capacity tank
Constant starch removal during the cooking process
Manual water tap
Rating 3PH (Hardwired) 6kW

£750 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Used Pizza Prep Station. Double hinged door cabinet with shelf
2 X 1/1 and 8 X 1/6 Gastro pans
Adjustable feet
122cmW x 70cmD x 93cmH

£350 +VAT

This superb Frymaster 8kw pasta boiler holds 3lbs of dry pasta and boasts the industry’s largest overflow drain, to virtually eliminate the chance of clogs. The auto Fill/starch skimmer keeps water levels at the correct height and removes excess starch residue.
Please Note: This high quality Pasta boiler is in fantastic condition, less than 18 months old.

£300 +VAT

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