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Mono Doughnut fryer. Single phase. Purchased from Brook food a few years ago as a spare but it was never needed, so is unused. It takes 15" X 18" doughnut trays. I have about 15 that can be purchased separately if needed

£500 +VAT ono

Doughnut fryer for sale
Used Falcon G3860 Freestanding Double Fryer.
Single tank
Double basket
Adjustable feet

£595 +VAT

Electric fryer for sale
Used Imperial CIFS-40 Freestanding Fryer.
Single tank
Double basket
Adjustable feet

£425 +VAT

Fryer for sale
Used Angelo Po OG1FR3G-CPMO Freestanding Single Fryer.
Single basket
Single tank
Freestanding on castors

£495 +VAT

Freestanding fryer for sale
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Electric table top fryer in excellent condition.
Very clean interior, only used a handful of times.

£65 VAT Free

Electric fryer for sale
Used Electrolux ZFR/E431 Double Fryer.
Large single tank fryer with two baskets
Adjustable feet

£850 +VAT

Fryer for sale
This machine has been fully cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, and is in full working order, and in excellent condition. It has twin tanks and twin baskets,
This is one of the best fryers available today, made from high grade stainless steel, it has been designed for ease of use and easy cleaning, the elements are made entirely of stainless steel, and they have a large surface area which helps prolong the life of the oil, and can be raised for cleaning. Comes with oil drain buckets.
38-46 kg chips per hour Oil capacity 2x 2.56 litres, 15kw 3 phase electrics required

£1195 £750 +VAT

Valentine V2200 Twin Tank Electric Fryer
This fryer is in full working order, fully cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers. The pension 2 is an extremely versatile fryer, it incorporates 2 fryers in one unit, each pan has its own set of controls and facilities, the operator can switch off one half of the fryer in quiet periods, reducing energy and oil costs, but when required, a massive output of 90lb of chips from raw can be produced. Element made of stainless steel, lift and swivel for easy pan cleaning Can produce 90lb of chips per hour 14kw element rating Oil capacity 15.5 litres Heated oil 11 litres
Dimensions, 400 x 570 x 800mm Voltage 415V 20amp Three phase

£995 £650 +VAT

Valentine Pension 2/94 Electric Fryer
New Stainless steel construction
Twin tanks and twin baskets, Tank Capacity is 8 litres
Temp range 120-200°c
3KW Single phase power required
Safety thermostat set 235°c

£250 +VAT

New EF-8L-2 Twin Tank Electric Fryer
Valentine V2200 Fryer, an excellent example of the de-facto standard in commercial fryers, rapidly heats up. The item has been serviced cleaned and is guaranteed working. You can view videos of the item bing tested on our website.

£1200 VAT Free

Valentine V2200 Fryer
Used Buffalo CP793 Table Top Single Induction Fryer. Powerful and efficient, the Buffalo induction fryer brings all the performance and convenience of induction cooking to your kitchen whilst only requiring power from a standard 3-pin plug. Whether you're frying fish, chips, doughnuts or chicken, the Buffalo fryer offers an impressive output and a generous 7.5Ltr capacity. With no exposed elements and a handy drain tap, cleaning is made much faster and easier in comparison to conventional fryers. Ideal for restaurants, takeaways, kiosks and more.

£160 +VAT

Fryer for sale
Used Falcon Pro Lite LD46 Freestanding Single Fryer. The Falcon Pro-Lite Free Standing Single Electric Fryer LD46 is a high quality single free standing stainless steel fryer from best-selling British brand Falcon. It comes with a variety of useful and efficient features, including a mechanical timer, a quick oil drainage system and lift-out control panels and elements for easy cleaning. Reliable, powerful and easy to use.

Please note this does not come with the original basket

£350 +VAT

Fryer for sale
Used Falcon Fri Fri Basic 411 Freestanding Double Fryer. Electronic thermocouple control maintains oil temperature to +/- 1°C giving improved food quality and extended oil life.

£1200 +VAT

Electric fryer for sale