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12 inch blade
Integral sharpener
Blade remover
Good running condition
Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

£500 £250 inc. VAT ono

Used Waring CP340 Blender. A fantastic quality commercial bar blender, the compact Waring BB225SK can quickly and easily crush ice, as well as make short work of fruit, vegetables and other hot and cold ingredients. Whether you're making cocktails, smoothies or ultra-smooth sauces, the Waring gives you the performance and functionality to produce it just as ordered.

£80 +VAT

This counter top milkshake mixer by Hamilton Beach is perfect for use within demanding coffee shops, ice-cream parlours and many other eateries. It is ideal for mixing ice cream shakes, blending eggs for use in scrambled eggs or omelettes, it can also blend pancake and waffle batter ready to be poured directly into the waffle maker or crepe maker. The powerful motor and three power settings ensures you have total control whilst the auto start feature starts mixing the second the cup is inserted into cup guide and stops when cup is removed. The stainless steel cup is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning effortless making it ideal for demanding locations.

£250 +VAT

Used Buffalo CY141 Blender. Designed for power and performance, the Buffalo Blender provides a generous 2.5 litres of blending capacity with the added bonus of a handy sound-dampening enclosure - perfect for areas where noise disruption is a concern. The base features a 1.68kW motor, controlled by variable speed digital panel which operates the strong stainless steel blade between 10,000 and 28,000rpm - perfect for smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails and many other bar favourites.

£210 +VAT

Ex Demo Waring CB136 Blender. Supremely powerful, the Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender would help save time in any busy professional kitchen or bar. Able to crush ice in seconds, its heavy duty 3.5HP motor and ultra-aggressive blades ensure super smooth consistency and fantastic results, even when blending frozen fruits, thick spreads and other similar hard-to-blend foods. Essential in any time-sensitive setting.

£350 +VAT

Used Dynamic DMX300 Stick Blender Whisk. The Dynamic Senior Stick Blender and whisk combines all the time saving efficiency of a high power Dynamic Senior motor block with the versatility of easily interchangeable attachments. The blender attachment is easily able to mix, blend, puree and emulsify directly into a pot - perfect for preparing soups, gravy, sauces and salsa, whereas the whisk attachment can easily and quickly whisk up to 50 egg whites at a time, as well as whipping cream, mayonnaise, batter and glazes. Ideal for residential care homes, schools and hospitals, as well as restaurants, pubs and takeaways.

£375 +VAT

Hobart H600
Dough mixer with hook attachment and bowl 4 speed
In excellent working condition
3 phase electric

£1800 VAT Free

Used IMC VQ7 Potato Peeler 7Kg. Forget the time-intensive chore of hand peeling potatoes. Use the IMC VQ 7 electric potato peeler - a powerful and effective solution designed to significantly slash the time spent peeling spuds. By rapidly spinning potatoes in an abrasive-lined 7kg capacity chamber, skins are quickly removed, leaving your spuds ready for further prep. Whether they go on to be chipped, mashed or roasted, potatoes are left clean and perfectly peeled.

£895 +VAT

Ex Demo Excalibur 4900 Dehydrator. The Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator with Timer is renowned for offering quality, dependability and excellent performance, attributes highlighted by its 5 year domestic warranty. With 35 years of manufacturing experience, it is clear to see why the Excalibur dehydrator range stands as a clear market leader. The patented Parallexx horizontal airflow over the 9 removable polycarbonate dishwasher safe 380mm x 380mm trays allows continuous even drying, eliminating the need for restacking whilst its adjustable thermostat ensures precise user control. Offering perfect drying results, this exceptional food dehydrator is ideal for the preparation of a variety of herbs and spices, the raising of your very own bread and dough, making yogurt, drying a selection of fruit and vegetables, and a range of meat and fish.

£180 +VAT

Weight 90kg.
Capacity 9 litres.
230v 50Hz.
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D 765 x 434 x 498

£360 +VAT ono

The Adexa 9" manual gravity feed food slicer features a compact design that's ideal for small operations where space is at a premium. Its adjustable cut thickness makes it perfectly suited for slicing vegetables and processed meat, making it perfect for use within small delis, coffee shops, sandwich shops, and small restaurants. The slicer is constructed of top quality aluminium for durability and ease of cleaning, and features a built-in sharpening assembly. The slicer's blade is constructed of stainless steel and is belt-driven by a powerful motor. Additionally, the slicer has a fixed ring guard for added safety and a removable meat carriage for easy cleaning.

£125 +VAT

A120 12Qrt bench top mixer with whisk, bowl and dough Hook
Also comes with pelican feeder, Grating disk, Slicing Disk and Chipper together with top feeding mincer attachment
Surplus to requirements genuine reason for sale
This is a excellent piece of labour saving equipment
Bread dough, batters, creams and icings, veg prep, grating, slicing and chipping
A REAL WORKHORSE of equipment
Comes with dolly for ease of transportation
All additional equipment included (please note that the mincing blade will need sharpening

£1500 VAT Free

The Buffalo CD277 meat slicer is renowned for its exceptional performance, at great value for money. This commercial meat slicer also has the ability to cut meat to a variety of thicknesses and can easily cut through ham, beef, poultry or vegetables. Featuring impressive cutting strength for large volumes of cooked and cold meats - perfect for deli counters, restaurants or farm shops. The food carriage is also mounted on ball bearings to ensure smooth gliding action and thickness is manually controlled with side dial. This meat slicer is clearly great quality, offering great performance and an excellent end product.

£195 +VAT

The Buffalo CP921 is powerful and reliable, helping you to produce the results you're looking for quickly. With a durable 270W motor and strong build, this is ideal for everyday use in smaller bakeries as well as restaurants, canteens or hotel kitchens.

£195 VAT Free

Whether you’re making pizza or bread this dough mixer is the perfect machine for your business. It features a basin, spiral & kneader rod which is made from high grade stainless steel.

£425 +VAT

Esmach bread/pizza dough mixer used in bakery for 5 years.

£840 inc. VAT

With its massive 4 litre capacity and ultra-strong commercial motor, the Waring CB15V blender is ideal for the busiest bars and kitchens. Designed to easily crush large quantities of ice, fruit or vegetables, the Waring is truly impressive and even can blend two cocktail pitchers worth of liquid at a time.

£750 +VAT

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