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£250 VAT Free

New B Grade Sammic PP-6+ Potato Rumbler Peeler. The 3 phase Sammic PP6+ potato rumbler is perfect for saving vital preparation time in busy commercial kitchens. Designed for fast, effective and efficient results, the Sammic can easily peel up to 120kg an hour with minimum wastage, thanks to its powerful 400W motor and abrasive peeling method, originally devised in 1961. Whether you're roasting, mashing or chipping potatoes, the PP6+ increases output and allows your staff to get on with other tasks.

£725 +VAT

Reconditioned Robot Coupe, all working

£450 VAT Free ono

Good condition
5 Years Old
Complete with Whisk, Beater, Dough Hook and Pastry Knife
On 4 wheels for ease of mobility
Bakery Capacity 40 Lbs of Cake Mix or Dough

£3000 VAT Free

Mycook 1.8 food processor has the most innovative cooking technology which concentrates the features of several appliances into just one. With a unique and exclusive induction system, My cook is able to reach 120º thanks to its 1800W, 30% more power than its domestic version. Its innovative system enables you to cook quickly, prepare several processes at the same time and produce a lot of recipes, regardless of their difficulty.

£1000 VAT Free ono

Buffalo deli/meat slicer in great condition. Only used to slice vegan cheese and cleaned thoroughly each time.
Comes in original box with plastic dust bag and cleaning brushes.
Also includes blade removal tool and sharpening equipment which it came with.

£300 VAT Free

Used Waring CP341 Blender. A fantastic quality commercial bar blender, the compact Waring BB225SK can quickly and easily crush ice, as well as make short work of fruit, vegetables and other hot and cold ingredients. Whether you're making cocktails, smoothies or ultra-smooth sauces, the Waring gives you the performance and functionality to produce it just as ordered.
With a large 1 litre stainless steel jug, super-strong blades and simple, two-speed controls, the Waring bar blender is durable and powerful enough for most front of house tasks and boasts attractive contemporary style to ensure that it's a time-saving asset wherever it's positioned.

£70 +VAT

Ex Demo Waring CB136 Blender Heavy Duty. Supremely powerful, the Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender would benefit any busy professional kitchen or bar. Able to crush ice in seconds, its heavy duty 3.5HP motor and ultra-aggressive blades ensure super smooth consistency and fantastic results, even when blending frozen fruits, thick spreads and other similar hard-to-blend foods. A fantastic time-saving blender, the large 2 litre jug is BPA free, shatterproof and dishwasher safe.

£280 +VAT

Ex Demo Waring F218 Pro Prep Chopper Grinder. Manufactured with both the domestic chef and commercial caterer in mind, the highly compact Waring Commercial Spice Grinder and Chopper is ideal for the grinding, chopping and even pureeing of a variety of spices. Featuring two kinds of blade and two kinds of bowl, dependant on what kind of spices you wish to grind, this relatively compact spices grinder can process up to 30 litres of spice in a single hour. Easy to use and effortless to clean, Waring spice grinders are guaranteed to perform.
Supplied with two bowls and two blades.

£90 +VAT

This is a great value Heavy duty commercial meat mincer which gives you the best quality and is of a great standard.
Built to give you brilliant performance at all times. It is outstanding and will save you money!

This meat mincer is great for those in any catering establishment such as sandwich bars, small meat producers, supermarkets and so on.

£700 +VAT

Brand New Middleby Marshall S1820G Conveyer Oven. This Middleby Marshall LPG Conveyor Oven S1820G is a high quality, LPG conveyor oven from market-leading brand Blodgett. Specifically designed to cook, bake or grill, it is the ideal cooking machine for making pizza, bread, biscuits and more. Its great variety of features include rapid cooking times, energy-efficiency, adjustable belt tension and reversible belt direction. The cool to touch exterior also makes it safe to handle during periods of consistent operation.

£7055 +VAT

Brand New Middleby Marshall S1820E Conveyor Oven. The Middleby Marshall Single Phase Electric Conveyor Oven S1820E is a highly innovative, single-phase conveyor oven from best-selling brand Middleby Marshall. Specifically designed to cook, bake or grill with ease, it also comes with a great range of features. Some of these include a cool-to-touch exterior, 1 to 10 minute cooking times, adjustable belt tension and reversible belt direction. It also comes with an energy-efficient heating system to reduce running costs.

£6019 +VAT

Brand New Roller Grill CT3000 Conveyor Oven. Ready to prepare crisp sandwiches and panini with no preheating necessary, the Roller Grill Conveyor Oven is a high intensity cooking tool specialised for the hot sandwich market. Thanks to its high power quartz heating elements, the oven turns sandwich filler into delectable lunchtime snack in a couple of minutes or less. Such high strength heating allows the conveyor oven to make short work of other heated products including mini pizzas, chicken nuggets, pies and toasts, making it very versatile for chefs seeking to expand their lunchtime menu. If a customer of yours has a specific preference for their meal, you can instantly modify the belt speed and strength of heat to cook items to the exact consistency the customer desires.

£1319 +VAT

Used Mec Meat Slicer 30cm. 30cm Blade
53cmW x 47cmD x 42cmH

£300 +VAT

10-litre tabletop fork mixer
By Santos
Used for artisan bread
The typical French mixer for French-style bread. Still in box unopened

£900 £810 inc. VAT

This heavy duty potato rumbler is perfect for peeling large amounts of potatoes for various dishes. It is suitable for a wide range of establishments from fish and chip shops to restaurants and bistros. It has a robust construction with a quality abrasive-lined drum which is in excellent condition making this potato rumbler the perfect addition to your business.

£250 +VAT

This amazing high-quality dough mixer is great for catering establishments such as restaurants; take away, bakeries, hotels and many other establishments. It is equipped with a protective cover. It’s easy to operate and safe to use.

£890 +VAT

This is a great value Heavy duty commercial meat mincer which gives you the best quality and is of a great standard.
Built to give you brilliant performance at all times. It is outstanding and will save you money! This meat mincer is great for those in any catering establishment such as sandwich bars, small meat producers, supermarkets and so on.
Comes with two(2) cutting blades
Forward gear and reverse gear
Comes with removable sleeve for easy cleaning
Stainless Steel Hopper to hold meat

£700 +VAT

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