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Stainless steel table with backsplash, surround and drawer
5x spacers underneath for bakery trays
Large, wide drawer perfect for utensils
3x shelves on backsplash for storage as well as hook for hanging utensils
On Casters

£120 VAT Free

650mm prep table with backsplash for sale
Great prep station for any bakery/cafe
Stainless steel wall bench complete with welded ingredient shelf above
Shelf takes 4x 1/6 sized gastronorm containers (which the table comes with)
Table also has 12x runners that take 18" x (up to) 30" baking sheets
Also complete with rear upstand and adjustable feet for easy leveling

£150 VAT Free

Stainless steel table for sale
Mobile stainless steel table unit with welded backsplash and shelf
excellent for use as a prep station
Table also compete with 10x runners for 400mm x 600mm baking trays
On lockable casters for easy movement around kitchen.

£140 VAT Free

Table with backsplash for sale
Excellent condition, full stainless steel, welded construction.
Comes with runners for bakery trays. 
On Braked casters for easy movement around kitchen, great for storing bakery deliveries as they arrive or just for general storage of utensils, dry goods etc.

£80 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Storage Rack with runners
Very well-made, useful wall bench
Fully welded, stainless steel construction
Excellent for placing machines on due to added depth of unit
Complete with 5x runners for bakery bread trays
Complete with Braked Casters
Dimensions(mm): 600w x 800d x 900h

£90 VAT Free

600mm x 800mm Stainless Steel Table
This is an old unit that was in working order before removal but needs reconditioning.
Photographs show the double fan unit placed in the cellar and the unit placed outside along with the electric board.
seale make supplied by CB refrigeration

£200 VAT Free

Air conditioning unit for sale
Stainless Steel Bakery Rack in clean good condition
Takes 15 18"X 30" baking trays (also available for sale)

£100 +VAT

Bakers cooling rack for 18" trays
A collection of 19 Stainless Steel baking trays 18" X 30" (45cm X 75cm)
Suitable for use in large bakery ovens or Mono bake Off ovens.
Would preferably like to sell as a set for £95 or if sold singularly £5 each.

£5 +VAT

Stainless steel baking trays
This is a stainless steel racking trolley.
Please note: This is a secondhand piece of equipment and may feature slight wear or defects to the stainless steel surface.

£90 VAT Free

Stainless steel gastronorm racking
Used Stainless Steel Dishwasher Table.
Holds 4 dishwasher baskets
Adjustable feet

£100 +VAT

Dishwasher table for sale
Used aluminium 3 tier rack.
Adjustable shelf.
On castors.
99cmW x 50cmD x 197cmH
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£130 +VAT

Used Aluminium 3 Tier Rack (5848)
Used stainless steel 3 tier rack/ stand draining shelf.
3 tier.
Drain hole on each shelf.
Adjustable feet.

£120 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel 3 Tier Rack / Stand Draining Shelf
Stainless stable
With gastro rack storage below
Size : 45x72x 90 high

£95 +VAT

Stainless Steel Table with Gastro Rack

Combi Oven Stand - London

Price: £200 +VAT
Combi Oven Stand
Combi stand with rack & storage below
87w by 74d by 90h

£200 +VAT

Combi Oven Stand

Sold RWR 161 Blanco - Wokingham, Berkshire

Price: £295 £200 including VAT
RWR 161 Blanco

£295 £200 including VAT

RWR 161 Blanco
| Quantity: 11

Sold Stainless Steel Bakery / Cooling Rack - Brackley, Northants

Price: £50 £45 including VAT
Cooling Rack
Stainless steel double trolley.
Holds 24 trays sized 46cmW x 33cmD.
On Castors.
103cmW x 38cmD x 171cmH.

£180 +VAT

Stainless Steel Double Trolley (4999)
2 x Stainless Steel Tray Holder
Max tray size 26cm
930w 850h 540d

£185 £35 +VAT

2 x Stainless Steel Tray Holder
| Quantity: 2
Stainless steel Gastro rack.
Holds 10 x 1/1 Gastro trays.
39cmW x 59cmD x 165cmH.

£110 +VAT

Stainless Steel Gastro Rack
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