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Brand New Interlevin SB100 Chest Freezer 100L.
Solid Lid Chest Freezer
Temperature Range -18 to -22 C
Supplied with 1 Basket
Exterior Finish White

£280 +VAT

Volume 739 litres
Minimum temperature - 18 ° C
Maximum temperature +15 ° C
Length 1950 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 833 mm

£250 +VAT

Tefcold ST400 Chest Freezer. A decent solidly built chest freezer from Tefcold. The ST range comes with a flat glass hinged lid with sturdy aluminium frame, a set of baskets, temperature display and castors fitted as standard. An superb budget chest freezer at a great price.

£450 +VAT

Brand New Derby F58S Chest Freezer Stainless Top. Features
Static cooling, Lock, Defrost drain
Mains indicator light, No Internal Light, Fast Freeze Switch

£460 +VAT

(M10579) Brand New Elcold EL31LT Low Temp Chest Freezer.
* Temperature range -10 to -45C
* Maximum ambient temperature 30C at 55% RH
* Basket capacity 3, not supplied
* Baskets available from accessories below
* Comes with feet castors available for retro fitting below
* Climate class 4

£550 +VAT

Brand New Elcold EL45SS Chest Freezer. * Capacity 447 litres

£395 +VAT

New B Grade Elcold EL71 Chest Freezer.
Suitable for commercial use
Defrost manual, static cooling & defrost drain

£425 +VAT

(A10542) New B Grade Elcold Focus 151 Display Chest Freezer.
Frameless curved sliding lids
Static cooling
Defrost drain
Fan assisted condenser
Blue trim

£395 +VAT

(A10543) New B Grade Elcold EL61SS Chest Freezer.
Stainless steel lid
Galvanised steel cabinet
Skin condenser
Aluminium interior
LCD temp display
Counter-balanced lid
Lock fitted

£450 +VAT

(A10544) New B Grade Elcold EL53 SS Chest Freezer.
* Capacity 527 Litres
* Temperature range -18 to -22C
* Maximum ambient temperature 25C at 60% RH
* Baskets supplied 3 basket capacity 5
* Climate class 3

£410 +VAT

(M10531) Brand New ACL320 Ice Cream Chest Freezer.
* Capacity 290 litres
* Temperature range -18 to -22C
* Maximum ambient temperature 25C at 60% RH
* Number of baskets 4, baskets supplied 4
* Exterior in galvanized sheet with PVC covering.

£420 +VAT

(M10430) Brand New Tefcold ST300P Chest Freezer Glass Top. From Tefcold's ST range comes this flat glass lid chest freezer, featuring static cooling, castors and a defrost drain, in one compact and high-quality chest freezer.

£350 +VAT

(M10432) Brand New Elcold EL61 Chest Freezer.

Solid Lid Chest Freezer
Fitted Handle with Lock
60mm Insulation
Temperature Range -18 to -22 C
Supplied with Three Baskets

£450 +VAT

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