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Used Eazyzap Y724 Fly Insect Zapper
Encased in solid metal with catchment tray, this Eazyzap Commercial Fly Killer is perfect for keeping areas free from unwanted pests such as flies, with two 8 Watt ultraviolet tubes. The highly visible tubes attract pests which then fall into a removable tray so you can easily dispose of them, maintaining a hygienic environment.

£25 +VAT

Eazyzap Y724 Fly Insect Zapper
Fly killer removed from previous owner who purchased brand new and operated for less than 12 months. In good condition.
2 x 8W UV tubes
50m² coverage
Removable catchment tray
Free-standing or ceiling mounting
272(H) x 349(W) x 86(D)mm
Plug fitted: No

£20 including VAT ono

EazyZap Fly Killer/Catcher

£10 VAT Free ono

Plus Zap Fly Killer
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