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Ex Demo Buffalo CW306 Filter Coffee Maker. Able to be used as either a manual or automatic fill machine, the Buffalo filter coffee maker is an excellent choice for sites where airpots are used to dispense coffee. With its impressive output of up to 2 litres of aromatic coffee in six minutes, you can quickly brew up a batch for impromptu meetings or unexpected demand. The Buffalo is exceptionally easy to use and features intuitive controls, whilst the sturdy stainless steel construction makes it simple to maintain and clean too.

£150 +VAT

New B Grade Buffalo CW305 Coffee Machine. Highly stylish and attractive, the Buffalo manual fill filter coffee machine makes it easy to brew great tasting, aromatic coffee at the touch of a button. Expertly engineered, the machine is specifically designed for everyday commercial use. As such, it's easy to use, easy to clean and perfect for any front of house. Also, as it's a manual fill machine, you can take it anywhere its required - from meeting or waiting rooms, to mobile catering or market stalls. Once coffee is dispensed, the dual independent hotplates ensure your coffee is kept piping hot and ready to serve. Glass coffee jug included as standard.

£120 +VAT

New B Grade Buffalo CN295 Coffee Percolator. Make perfect filter coffee every time with the high capacity coffee percolator from Buffalo. With a huge 15 litre capacity (around 100 cups of coffee) and a powerful 1.5kW heating element, the Buffalo coffee urn is ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, offices and hotels.

£90 +VAT

Used Buffalo CT815 Filter Coffee Machine. Sleek and stylish, the Buffalo filter coffee maker makes it easy to offer great tasting coffee to your customers or guests. As a professional manual fill machine, it's the ideal choice for mobile or event catering, as there's no need for fiddly plumbing or drainage. The generous two litre water reservoir offers more than enough capacity for busy events, however for additional capacity there's also a top mounted warming plate to keep an extra full jug ready to serve.

£70 +VAT

Help keep up with a high level of demand with the Bunn SRU Urn, a powerful bulk brew machine that has a substantial 37.9 litre water tank and is capable of delivering over 40 litres of fresh coffee per hour.

£795 inc. VAT

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