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This Cuppone twin deck pizza oven can house 8x 10” pizzas in pans (4 per deck).
The Tiziano range has been designed to offer a wide range of ovens for takeaways and small restaurants where pizzas are only part of the menu or where kitchen space is limited.
Features a stone base for authentic Italian taste and texture and is equipped with glass doors and internal lighting, allowing you to keep a watchful eye over the cooking process.

£1695 +VAT

Size 125cm by 90cm by 70 cm
12 pizzas in on go
6 pizzas each deck

£1500 VAT Free

For a heavy-duty, high volume, fast recovery pizza oven, you can trust the Blodgett large pizza deck ovens featuring bottom air intake. We have designed a system to transfer just the right amount of heat to the top ensuring a perfectly cooked pizza time after time. These ovens can be stacked to optimise your production capacity. Our 10” tall door is just the right height, combining functionality and energy savings all in the same foot print.

£4500 VAT Free

Perfectly good condition of stainless steel. Original stone split but still useable, but will need to buy new/refurbished one if for business (therefore price reduction!). All other things in good working order.

£175 +VAT

Neapolis®, the woodburning oven turns electric, is equipped with software to manage the installed power to achieve the maximum working temperature in just 1 hour and 45 minutes. And also to consume the absolute essential minimum during use: just 6.5 kW/h (Neapolis®_6) and 6.8 kW/h (Neapolis®_9). The insulation materials, vintage stainless steel finishes, an opening in heavy-duty cast iron, black steel hood, baking deck in “biscotto” clay, and optimised heating elements are all details that explain why Neapolis® is an oven that cannot be equalled.

£9500 £4500 +VAT ono

This red & silver Neapolitan gas pizza oven is in a very good condition.
Large enough to fit 9x12" pizzas, with 4 gas burners, reaching up to 500*C each and large pizza stones on the base this oven allows you to create real, authentic Italian pizzas.
Comes with a steel frame on locking wheels to allow you to easily move it around when necessary. The support frame is detachable for safe transportation and manoeuvring through any sized door.

£4750 inc. VAT ono

2 months old
Warranty remaining
Includes stand

£2000 inc. VAT ono

Frialator BG36 18' 'Blodgett conveyor oven
G20 natural gas 21' wide tunnel
Gas pizza machine
Hardly used, in good working order
Payed £13500 plus vat 4 years ago

£7650 VAT Free

The Infernus INF-HEP16 Double Deck 16″ Pizza Oven is a well built electric baking oven. It’s perfect for using in takeaways, cafes, small restaurants and mobile catering units. It takes a standard 13amp plug.
The oven can hold 4 x 8″ or 2 x 16″ inch pizzas. It is easy to operate and provides you with quick heating, good thermal retention and low energy consumption. Perfect when it comes to saving your energy and money!

£330 +VAT

Italinox pizza oven fits 4 x 12" pizzas

£300 inc. VAT ono

Outside dimensions
L - 1630mm
H - 550mm
D - 800mm
Ideal for a busy bakery or pizzeria, huge deck oven can accommodate up to 3, 400m x 600m baking trays.
Single phase

£500 inc. VAT ono

This quality twin deck pizza oven by Cuppone is ideal for use within any demanding kitchen. It Features an electromechanical control system which allows you to set the temperature of the chamber and cooking floor independently ensuring pizza bases are crisp and toppings are cooked to perfection. The oven also comes with an aluminium plated cooking chamber, chamber pyrometer temperature control and safety thermostat. Additionally, the pizza oven has cordierite refractory bricks and panoramic glass doors which enable you to effortlessly monitor the cooking process. the oven is capable of cooking up to four 12” pizzas per deck.

£1790 £1611 +VAT

The oven functions with Natural Gas and has a temperature display.
Used, just recently moved from our unit to fit a new kitchen.
Perfect working order.

£750 VAT Free

This professional electric commercial pizza oven features easy to use thermostatic controls for each deck making this ideal for pizzas, naan breads and much more. This pizza oven comes complete with internal lighting and easy to use drop down doors.

£850 £765 +VAT

Two ovens in one; conveyor and closed cavity oven

£3500 VAT Free ono

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