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Used Stainless Steel Table.
Left side 60 X 72 X 88cm , Middle 39 X 72 X 59cm, Right side 81 X 72 X 88cm
Upstand back and right
180cmW x 72cmD x 88cmH

£180 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Table.
Left side 74 X 65 X 89cm
Middle 61 X 65 X 59cm
Right side 65 X 65 X 88cm

£250 +VAT

This stainless steel filler bench with back lip is ideal to place between pieces of equipment. It comes complete with under shelf for keeping items such as pots and pans ready for instant use within your demanding kitchen.

£75 +VAT

This stainless steel bench comes complete with two shelves making it perfect for any busy kitchen.

£110 +VAT

Stainless steel drawers perfect for any commercial kitchen.

Total Height: 965mm
Worktop Height: 925mm
Width: 900mm
Depth: 650mm

£225 +VAT

Height: 910mm
Width: 650mm
Depth: 650mm

£150 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Table.
With Shelf
Adjustable feet
Fabricated corner
107cmW x 65cmD x 87cmH

£70 +VAT

£150 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 6
Used Stainless Steel Stand.
Adjustable Feet

£70 £40 +VAT

Brand new, never been used, still in plastic wrappings.
Striking, curved counter unit, perfect for the front of any kitchen or as a centre island.
Clad in curved, stainless steel on 3 sides, this counter has 2x workstations divided by a 200mm tall, double skinned, stainless steel divider.
First section contains a 300mm handwash basin, with brand new commercial waste and plugs, also complete with basin taps.
Second section contains a large, pristine, 2150mm prep surface, void under with 3x single sockets attached to the back of the cladding make that section perfect for placing refrigeration under.

£600 VAT Free

Stainless steel table with tall backsplash, designed to be placed around a tall oven giving a fantastic area for food prep both before and after your product is in the oven.
Void under designed to fit a fridge or freezer so ingredients are to hand. Large backsplash takes away the need to clad your walls. On adjustable feet.
Rail and trough above table perfect for storage of utensils/packaging/labelling equipment.

£120 VAT Free

Bespoke style stainless steel bench features a sliding drawer.
Height: 895mm
Worktop Height: 835mm
Width: 2100mm
Depth: 645mm
Please note: This is a secondhand piece of equipment and may feature slight wear or defects to the stainless steel surface.

£195 £175 +VAT

This is a quality stainless steel bench which features two under counter shelves.

£150 +VAT

Stainless steel bench features a side cut out perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.
Height: 870mm
Worktop Height: 820mm
Width: 1690mm
Depth: 690mm
Please note: This is a secondhand piece of equipment and may feature slight wear or defects to the stainless steel surface.

£145 +VAT

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