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Used long stainless steel table with shelf in excellent condition.
Was previously used as a pass so has 3 small holes to surface at ends.

£250 VAT Free

Steel table for sale
Used Bartlett B Line Stainless Steel Table.

£250 +VAT

Steel table for sale
Used Stainless Steel Table. Shelf
Adjustable feet
Heavy duty

£250 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Table (7511)
Stainless steel table ideal use for preparation in any commercial kitchen.

£150 +VAT

2.1m Stainless Steel Table (Ref: RHCs83)
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Stainless Steel table features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with castors for easy movement.
Height: 1080mm
Worktop Height: 930mm
Width: 2210mm
Depth: 710mm

£175 +VAT

2.210m Stainless steel table for sale
Large stainless steel table perfect for a prep area features open cupboards on either sides for storage and middle undercounter space perfect for placing appliances underneath.
Height: 1115mm
Worktop Height: 930mm
Width: 2675mm
Depth: 830mm

£175 +VAT

Stainless steel table / work bench
Due to a cancelled order we have the following brand new benches in stock:
  • 600mm centre table - £110
  • 600mm wall table - £120
  • 900mm centre table - £125
  • 900mm wall table - £135
  • 1200mm centre table - £130
  • 1200mm wall table - £140
  • 1500mm centre table - £140
  • 1500mm wall table - £150

£110 +VAT

Stainless steel benches for sale
| Quantity: 57
Used Stainless Steel Marble Table.
Stainless steel frame.
Large marble top.

£300 +VAT

Steel table for sale
Long stainless steel table features undercounter space ideal for small appliances, complete with adjustable feet.
Please note: This is a secondhand piece of equipment and may feature slight wear or defects to the stainless steel surface.

£175 £135 VAT Free

Stainless steel table
Very good condition stainless steel wall bench complete with prop down section for cooking equipment.
Fully welded, stainless steel manufacture, this unit has many functions.
First of all there is ample prep space across the large 1300mm long left hand side, complete with upstands to rear and left.
Under this is a 1240mm void, perfect for placing 2x fridges or freezers.
To the right hand side is a 800mm area which is lower than usual prep height, this makes it perfect for placing machines on such as fryers, griddles etc. which will bring the top of these machines inline with normal prep height.

£200 VAT Free

2100mm Stainless Steel Table
Used Stainless Steel Table With Hand Sink.
Adjustable feet
Upstand Back and left

£250 +VAT

Table hand sink for sale
3750mm wide stainless steel worktop for sale available following restaurant refurbishment.
Same length counter top to match with cupboards and shelves too. Please see photos!

£1000 +VAT

Large stainless steel counter top