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80cm x 80cm table top lazy susans perfect for any shape serving dishes and centerpieces
Please note no cases or transportation cases available
Sold as a job lot for £1800

£1800 VAT Free ono

Lazy Susan for sale
| Quantity: 57
Turn-table rotates 360 degrees in any direction. Heat Resistant.
Use this handy tempered glass lazy Susan in the kitchen, the dining room or even in the living room to hold game needs or snacks for the big match.
Convenient swivel design ensures ease of use and makes it handy for holding a number of items and having them at hand when needed. Glass design for fast and easy cleanup.

£18 VAT Free each

Table lazy susan
| Quantity: 8
Double Tier Crystal Lazy Susan (original Metal Kraft) can ideally fit both 5ft & 6ft Round Table.
The Crystal Lazy Susan has 8 Inserts on the first tier (bowls provided) and 4 inserts on the top tier (Drinks).
The sparking quality crystals make the dining experience so rich & elegant that the guest will remember this experience for a lifetime. Our Lazy Susan’s are perfect for any event. Each Lazy Susan rotates so your guest does not need to move from their seat to be served.
We also have Led Lights installed with a 16hr Rechargable Lithium Battery.
We will also pass on the work we get to the person who invests in this product.

£17500 £15000 VAT Free ono

Double Tier Crystal Lazy Susans + Led Lights + Batteries + Bowls (100 units) Metal Kraft
| Quantity: 100
BRAND NEW and now only 1/3 of it's original purchase price! 1200mm dished turntable. Model number SM-SLCT 0.63.1 Manufactured 2014, never sold, so stock item. In excellent condition. 3 Phase supply needed or add small inverter to run as single phase.

£1000 £700 +VAT

Dished turntable for sale
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2 tier Crystal Lazy Susan can ideally fit both 5ft & 6ft Round Table. Many Caterers and Venues have mix of these tables, so to make the Lazy Susan more adaptable, The Crystal Lazy Susan that has a lower base of lesser diameter which makes it house plates and cutlery more comfortably, while the upper level is of bigger diameter which can still house 8 bowls perfectly and drinks. In addition, the converging design from top to bottom makes it look fantastic, so is the name Converging Crystal Lazy Susan.

£180 £80 inc. VAT ono

Lazy Susan For Sale

£1300 VAT Free ono

Glass Lazy Susan
| Quantity: 24

£60 +VAT

Lazy Susan
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