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DC SD900 Hood Dishwasher Standard Range
3 phase
Stainless Steel
Hardly been used as in a small nursery setting

£1200 £1080 VAT Free

£1000 VAT Free

Hobart Ecomax H603s-10a commercial pass through dishwasher with built in rinse booster pump, drain pump and water softener, can be used as a large glasswasher, perfect for any pub club bar.
Comes with two baskets one for glasses one for dishes, (500x500mm)
Hobart as well as Nelson are regarded as the best dishwashers and glasswashers on the market, this is a 2016 model and would set you back £5000 new so grab a bargain!

£1500 inc. VAT ono

Very clean, reliable Winterhalter Pull Down Dishwasher with entry loading stainless steel worktop stand.
Hardly used, plumbed in and working.

£2495 VAT Free ono

This quality dishwasher by Hobart is perfectly suited for use within the most demanding of food service locations. It features various cycles such as steam washing, cutlery cycle, cleaning cycle which removes starch and cycle times of 47/70/170/360 seconds. Additionally it has built in softener, wide angle nozzle fan, rinse aid dispenser, eco vapo rinse and rinse pump. This top performing dishwasher comes with drain pump, single-button control, time remaining indicator, refill signal, filter obstruction sensor and heat and sound insulated hood. Other features include Cutlery cycle, fine filter system, 75 racks per hour, 1350 dishes per hour and 2700 glasses per hour.

£4500 +VAT

Used Classeq Hydro 857 Dishwasher. The Classeq Hydro 857 Pass Through Dishwasher is easy cleaning due to the continuous hood clean and the removable front panel allows simple service access. Includes Drain pump.

£1450 +VAT

Lockhart meiko pass through dishwasher
In working order

£750 VAT Free

Electrolux Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher
Model WTCS 140
Ideal for restaurant or hotel

£3000 +VAT

This stainless steel pass through dishwasher bench comes complete with basket racks. The bench is also missing a back left leg.

£125 +VAT

Ensure your restaurant or hotel has perfectly clean plates and dishes cleaned to perfection with this quality pass through dishwasher station with steam hood by ClassEQ. It features auto clean down rinse and self-cleaning wash pump which ensures no dirty water is left in the machine when not in use, improving hygiene.

£2395 +VAT

(11657) Brand New Maidaid AM80XLD Passthrough Dishwasher.

Pumped Waste No Break Tank
80XL Rack size 500 x 500mm
Maximum useable height 380mm
Cycle time 90/150 Sec

£2120 +VAT

(11660) Brand New DC SD900D Passtrough Dishwasher.

EasyClean dual filter system
Anti-block removable wash and rinse arms
Moulded wash tank to prevent debris build-up and assist routine maintenance - extra loading height -
Simple, intuitive controls
Low water usage

£2040 +VAT

This top performing double pass-through dishwasher is the ultimate dishwasher for use within the most demanding of food service locations. This top of the range dishwasher comes with a wide range of features which all ensure you spend less time, energy and money on cleaning pots, pans, and dishes within your business. This quality dishwasher has intensive programmes, interlocked strainer, and starch-removal cleaning cycle and eco programmes. The dishwasher also has exhaust energy storage, heat and noise insulated hood intelligent energy management, remaining time indicator, refill signal, integrated water softener, blocked filter sensor and hygiene programme all of which makes this dishwasher the ultimate cleaning machine. The large double capacity ensures even the largest demanding of kitchen locations can keep dishes perfectly clean.

£4750 +VAT

This quality pass through dishwasher by Meiko is the perfect addition to your business. It includes rinse aid dosing unit and rear vented hood distracts steam away from the operator ensuring safety. Additionally this smart dishwasher comes complete with a powerful pump which allows you to choose between three programmable power settings which ensure all your pots and pans are
cleaned to perfection with minimal energy use as possible without compromising on the cleaning performance.

£1895 +VAT

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