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Frialator BG36 18' 'Blodgett conveyor oven
G20 natural gas 21' wide tunnel
Gas pizza machine
Hardly used, in good working order
Payed £13500 plus vat 4 years ago

£8500 VAT Free

Two ovens in one; conveyor and closed cavity oven

£3500 VAT Free ono

This top performing conveyor pizza oven by leading manufacturer Middleby Marshall is the perfect addition for the most demanding pizzeria. It has been specifically designed to cook the perfect pizza without the high temperatures conventional ovens require and can effortlessly cook a variety of foods such as seafood and bagels.

£6995 +VAT

1 x Very low usage in test kitchen and 2 x nearly new!
These ovens offer high-heat transfer rates which allows it to cook up to 100 12-inch pizzas in an hour – and they're ventless!
The units are in great condition having been used to bake cookies in a test kitchen. It's bakes excellent cookies.
We are changing to a different style of oven to have consistency across the brand.
They are currently over £16k to buy new. They would be great for a start up pizza or cookie business.

£3999 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 3
Brand New Middleby Marshall S1820E Conveyor Oven. The Middleby Marshall Single Phase Electric Conveyor Oven S1820E is a highly innovative, single-phase conveyor oven from best-selling brand Middleby Marshall. Specifically designed to cook, bake or grill with ease, it also comes with a great range of features. Some of these include a cool-to-touch exterior, 1 to 10 minute cooking times, adjustable belt tension and reversible belt direction. It also comes with an energy-efficient heating system to reduce running costs.

£6019 +VAT

Brand New Roller Grill CT3000 Conveyor Oven. Ready to prepare crisp sandwiches and panini with no preheating necessary, the Roller Grill Conveyor Oven is a high intensity cooking tool specialised for the hot sandwich market. Thanks to its high power quartz heating elements, the oven turns sandwich filler into delectable lunchtime snack in a couple of minutes or less. Such high strength heating allows the conveyor oven to make short work of other heated products including mini pizzas, chicken nuggets, pies and toasts, making it very versatile for chefs seeking to expand their lunchtime menu. If a customer of yours has a specific preference for their meal, you can instantly modify the belt speed and strength of heat to cook items to the exact consistency the customer desires.

£1319 +VAT

£4950 £3950 VAT Free ono

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