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Used Stainless Steel Hot Cupboard with hotplate surface
Hot cupboard has a shelf
Unit has 5 hotplates

£450 ono including VAT

Hot cupboard for sale

Hot Cupboard - Somerset

Price: £290 ono VAT Free
Hot cupboard for sale
Moffat Stainless Steel Hot Cupboard
Used Stainless Steel hot cupboard trolley

£290 ono VAT Free

Hot cupboard for sale
Lincat Stainless steel mobile hot trolley in good working order

£450 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
Double door hot cupboard with fixed heated gantry on top. Excellent condition, 10 months old.

£250 ono VAT Free

Hot cupboard for sale
This Parry mobile server unit is a versatile and portable buffet trolley ideal for safely storing plated meals.
Features a top bain maire perfect for keeping gravy, beans etc at that perfect temperature. Comes complete with robust castors to ensure easy movement.

£395 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
Used Stainless Steel Table Heated Hot Cupboard.
Stainless Steel Table
Double sliding doors
With shelf

£450 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
Used Lincat GM2 Stainless Steel Heated Hot Cupboard Trolley.
Fully working; recently PAT tested; May have cosmetic damage.
Double Sliding Doors

£360 ono VAT Free

Hot cupboard for sale
Williams - Mobile Heated Trolley
Model: MHC16SS 304 R1
Serial No: 608791
Quantity: 1
Grade B

£1737 +VAT

Williams food service trolley
In Very Good Condition & working order.
Only Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Cabinets use Halo Heat® technology. No fans or harsh heating elements. There’s more to hot food holding than just keeping food hot. Support food production and extend preparation times outside of peak hours while maintaining the highest quality of food.
Pan Capacity: 10 x 1/1 GN D 65mm
Power: 1kw
Capacity: 45kg 100lb
RRP Over £4000 New!

£1275 +VAT

Alto Shaam 750-S Heated Holding Cabinet
| Quantity: 4
This large double hot cupboard by Bartlett is perfect for storing large amounts of foods at the perfect serving temperature. The size of this hot cupboard makes it ideal for large canteen & cafeteria food service locations.

£525 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
This Corsair commercial trolley is complete with a top Bain Marie with a sliding cover and two hot cupboard compartments.
Features a strong and sturdy construction, wide choice of compartment configurations and castors making it light and manoeuvrable.

£490 £450

Hot cupboard / serving trolley

Sold Grundy Hot Plate Cabinet - London

Price: £150 ono VAT Free
Hot cabinet

£150 ono VAT Free

Hot cabinet
New B Grade Lincat PG4A P6P4 Stainless Steel Heated Hot Cupboard with Non Heated Gantry Carvery.
Hot Cupboard with 2 shelves
Non heated gantry shelf
Curved glass sneeze screen

£1100 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
This Caterlux hotcupboard is in full working order, cleaned and tested by our qualified Engineers, in good condition, stainless steel construction, heat controlled by thermostat, 2 sliding doors, easy access, easy door removal for cleaning, robust build, on castors, plated meals 72, power 1.5kw single phase.

£550 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale

Sold Moffat Hot Cupboard - Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Price: £0 ono VAT Free
Hot cupboard for sale
Brand new Lincat hot cupboard with Bain Marie too.
Holds 5 1/1 GN Containers up to 150mm deep.
Bought new but was unsuitable so never used.

£950 +VAT

Brand New Lincat P8B5 Hot Cupboard with Baine Marie Top
Large mobile serving trolley/hot cupboard from top manufacturer. This very versatile unit is complete with:
3x 1/1 gastronorm sized dry well bain marie, thermostatically controlled with digital display for easy temperature setting.
2x drop down drawers, 1 of which is hot, the other is ambient, great for storage of different meals/desserts etc.
Ambient draw also complete with 4x 1/6 gastronorm runners for added storage.
This unit also has 2x fold out lids that double up as serving tables either side of the bain marie. Fantastic for displaying products.
On large braked casters for easy movement on almost any floor also has handles on both sides and plug on a curly cable with plug port, all of which make moving this item easy. Power: 13 amp plug in.

£800 VAT Free

Victor Bain Marie Hot Cupboard
Just come into us due to closure of business. Large one has tiled top with two heated carvery spikes. Smaller one has ceramic heated top. Both have heated gantry and hot cupboard under. Big money earners these units ie 200 meals @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!!

£1500 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry - Matched Pair
Great opportunity to purchase 2x hot units and 1 x cold unit.
In fantastic condition and working condition.
All units on wheels.
All units run on single phase electric.
All units have independent controls.
This is a full set up, tried tested and ready to serve.

£1950 VAT Free

Cold counter for sale
Stainless steel, sliding doors, tray rail.
240V plug, will discuss with buyer the three phase elements included.

£300 ono VAT Free

Stainless Steel Bain Marie and Hot Cupboard for sale

Sold Double Door Hot Cupboard - Derbyshire

Price: £50 +VAT
Hot cupboard for sale

Sold Double Door Hot Cupboard - Derbyshire

Price: £80 +VAT
Hot cupboard for sale

Sold Double Door Hot Cupboard - Derbyshire

Price: £100 +VAT
Hot cupboard for sale
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