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Sell your catering equipment
Used Buffalo CD969 Vacuum Pack Machine. Buffalo CD969 Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine - An excellent choice for quickly and efficiently sealing food products ready for freezing, refrigeration or cooking preparation, helping to extend the lifespan of your products, reduce waste and saving money.

£99 £85 VAT Free ono

Second Hand, great working order SAMMIC SE-310
RRP: £2000.00

£700 £600 VAT Free ono

£500 VAT Free ono

Nearly new BARQ240 stainless steel large tray sealing machine.

Price includes 250x260mm forming plate (can also be used in BARQ185 lidding machines),
200+ CPET microwavable and oven proof trays (dimensions - 685ml or 187x137x40mm),
1 roll of CPET easy peel oven and microwaveable film (dimensions 140mmx500m and 40+ single wall card board boxes (dimensions - 280x215x205mm - can fit 10 food trays per box)

£1500 VAT Free ono

£700 £500 inc. VAT

£1200 VAT Free ono

£900 VAT Free ono

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