Sold Catering Truck and Generator - Gloucestershire


1 x 1998 Volvo 18T rigid Truck. With sleeper cab and converted events body with sleeping accommodation. 3 x bunk beds, living accommodation, Cooking and storage facilities, fridge, safe. Combined toilet & shower room. 8x8x8 Freezer room with GAH freezer unit. Plus Storage room with 10 KVA Stephill Generator, storage shelving. Roller back door with Ross and Bonnyman tail lift. Detachable towbar. Vehicle excise classed as a Special Vehicle £165.00 per year. HGV class 2 licence required.

The Stephill generator has covered just 190 hours.

For the last 6 years the truck has been stored inside a barn during the winter months and connected to electricity. The vehicle has to the highest standard been serviced regularly and inspected every 13 weeks, not once in 6 years has the truck broken down, the truck has not had to haul any heavy goods over long distances, it carried our stock which at the most weighed 3T and towed our 3 T mobile catering unit.

The Freezer compartment holds over 512 cubic feet of storage space.

The rear storage area holds over 960 cubic feet of storage space.

The Truck and generator are based in Gloucestershire GL10 3TB and stored in dry conditions.

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Located Gloucestershire GL10 3TB
The current owner can make arrangements to deliver if required

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