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This Three Drawer Mobile Heated Unit by Victor enables hot food to be prepared in advance of the anticipated servicing time and stored in gastronorm containers in each drawer.
The blown air heating module circulates air around the containers, combined with the integral water tray in the base of the unit to keep food in optimum condition until required.

£995 +VAT

Designed for professional use, this under counter fridge by Artica is a reliable and efficient solution for busy kitchens and food establishments. With a digital temperature display and controller, you have precise control over the cooling environment, ensuring your chilled goods stay fresh at the optimal temperature.

£250 +VAT

This natural gas rise and fall salamander grill uses high power heat radiants to generate grill temperatures.
This grills work by radiating heat rather than bringing food into direct contact with a conducting hot plate.
Temperature can be easily controlled by adjusting the dial and the rise and fall function allows users to vary the shelf position of the cooking rack to bring the food closer or further away from the heat source.

£750 +VAT

This heavy duty Hamoki GF90 Free Standing Single Tank, Double Basket Fryer has a stainless steel construction and comes with a variety of useful and time-saving features, including, an integrated splash back guard, triple tube and cool zone feature and drainage spout for quick and easy maintenance. The fryer also comes complete with two easy clean baskets. Ideal for use in any commercial kitchen.

£550 +VAT

Efficient and hardwearing, this Proton Washrite W1400A Pass through dishwasher is a high capacity powerful piece of equipment ideal for professional kitchens and can wash up to 1080 plates per hour.
With features including; Stainless steel wash arms with anti-block jets that can be easily removed for cleaning.
Pressed moulded wash tank with radiused corners and double filters for hygiene & easy maintenance. High efficiency, self draining wash pump for greater hygiene & ultimate washing power.

£895 +VAT

This Tefcold upright fridge is the ideal choice in a commercial food establishment. Stainless steel construction ensures durabiltity and ease of cleaning of the unit. This fridge has features including, automatic defrost, adjustable shelves, castors allowing easy manoeuvring , digital controller & temperature display and fan assisted cooling allowing this unit to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 38°C.

£750 +VAT

This Mondial Elite upright fridge ensures high-quality refrigeration for large amounts of stock in professional catering environments. This unit ensures large quantities of your stock is effectively kept at a safe and hygienic temperature. Designed for power and performance, food can be stored over five sturdy adjustable shelves. Perfect for use in any commercial kitchen.

£295 +VAT

This mobile food trolley with a dry heat bain marie top and double heated gantry is a general-purpose unit that is perfect for use in all catering establishments, residential care homes, pubs, hotels, cafes, schools and colleges.
The bain marie works to keep hot food at a temperature that is ready to serve whilst the double heated gantry can be used as a pass through serve over.

£450 +VAT

Bring style to any business with this Williams C180 Gem Multideck, ideal for grab and go services, cafés, restaurants or supermarkets. Featuring three mirrored shelves and a pull down shutter, this multideck allows you to showcase chilled products you have available and maximise sales whilst products are kept perfectly chilled. Also features castors allowing the unit to be moved easily.

£1495 +VAT

This Freestanding Lincat Twin Tank Natural Gas Fryer has been expertly engineered to withstand the demands of busy commercial kitchens.
Thanks to its heavy duty twin tanks, this fryer offers a high and efficient output.
Each tank can be controlled separately allowing you to cook two types of food items at once with no risk of crossover.

£895 +VAT

This Polar 3 door prep fridge is a heavy duty counter fridge that offers all the capacity and capability you need in your professional kitchen. Digital controls make operation simple, whilst the full size 1/1 gastronorm compatible interior allows rapid access to pans.

£650 +VAT

This Prodis Pie Cabinet is designed to keep foods such as pies, sausages, fishcakes and other meats on display at a consistent temperature, whilst ensuring food safety and customer satisfaction. The attractive stainless steel and glass design is durable and strong and offers the perfect display to showcase your items.

£95 +VAT

Ensure your chips and other fried food are kept at the optimum temperature with this Lincat counter top chip scuttle. Great for schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels and cafes, the compact and sturdy scuttle is heated from below and comes with an adjustable temperature control.

£65 +VAT

The Bar Aid range of dishwashers delivers reliable, highly efficient and effective service, whilst incorporating features to help ensure ease of use and cleaning, alongside innovations to guarantee exceptionally consistent results and low running costs whilst stainless steel construction offers durability.

£1195 +VAT

This Rational SCC201 is an intelligent electric SelfCookingCentre (Combination oven) with 20x 1/1gn capacity with 7 operating modes for automatically cooking meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products and for automatic finishing.

£5225 +VAT

This Falcon 2 Pot Bain Marie provides quick and effortless heating for food warming in restaurants, cafes, canteens, bistros etc. Anything from heated vegetable to curry and pasta are suitable to be held in this bain marie for up to two hours, with the temperature being altered by the front thermostat to maintain optimum food conditions. Its plug in and play function offers convenience and also makes this bain marie ideal for mobile caterers.

£125 +VAT

This hot cupboard with a dry heat bain marie top and double heated gantry is a general-purpose unit that is perfect for use in all catering establishments, residential care homes, pubs, hotels, cafes, schools and colleges.
The hot cupboard and bain marie work to keep hot food at a temperature that is ready to serve whilst the double heated gantry can be used as a pass through serve over.

£750 +VAT

Attractively display your drinks a chilled products with this Polar upright display fridge.
The 4 adjustable shelves help you to organise your stock effectively, whilst the user friendly digital control panel ensures you can easily adjust and monitor the internal fridge temperature.

£295 +VAT

This commercial chest freezer offers the perfect professional frozen food storage for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafés or any other catering establishment.
With a compact design making it ideal for those limited on space and finished in a stylish white exterior.

£125 +VAT

Quality stainless steel sink features two deep bowls complete with taps and has an undercounter shelf.

£350 +VAT

Quality double stainless steel trolley rack perfect for baking trays and comes complete with castors for easy mobility.

Tray Size; H: 115mm; W: 340mm; D: 560mm

£125 +VAT

The Linea Classic is La Marzocco's best-known machine, with a reputation for consistency and reliability shot after shot all day long. This highly reliable coffee machine ensures that your water will be at the proper temp, the steam will be abundant and powerful, volumetric dosing will be stable and consistent, and your staff can focus on making the best coffee possible.

£4250 +VAT

This Cuppone twin deck pizza oven can house 8x 10” pizzas in pans (4 per deck).
The Tiziano range has been designed to offer a wide range of ovens for takeaways and small restaurants where pizzas are only part of the menu or where kitchen space is limited.
Features a stone base for authentic Italian taste and texture and is equipped with glass doors and internal lighting, allowing you to keep a watchful eye over the cooking process.

£1695 +VAT

This two door bottle cooler will keep drinks perfectly chilled and looking tempting, featuring adjustable shelving to maximise space and a interior light for ultimate presentation, with a stainless steel finish to provide style, durability and easy clean this fridge is sure to help maximise sales and ensure reliabilty for any busy establishment serving drinks.

£350 +VAT

Let your drinks speak volumes with this double door upright Gamko bottle cooler, with a large capacity providing ample storage to keep drinks perfectly chilled and an interior light so products are displayed to the best they can be increasing sales, also with a stainless steel finish to ensure durability and easy clean this bottle cooler is ideal for any establishment serving drinks, the compactness of this bottle cooler also makes it ideal for smaller establishments making the most of the space they have.

£495 +VAT

Keep everybody topped up with hot drinks with this instanta water boiler.
With a generous internal capacity the boiler ensures there's plenty of piping hot water to go around making it perfect for any busy establishmet.
Its compact design provides space efficiency so this boiler is ideal for those with limited space, featuring simple controls and a stylish silver design this easy to use water boiler would make a great addition to any commercial kitchen.

£175 +VAT

This stainless steel finished multideck by Framec offers 4 tiers on which to present a wide range of stock at optimum serving temperature. The 3 adjustable shelves make organising products and restocking easy, all while guaranteeing an attractive yet professional showcase of available products. Additionally, the fan-assisted cooling ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the unit ensuring your merchandise is kept chilled and at its best throughout whilst the automatic defrost system prevents excess frost build-up allowing for consistent performance and less stress on internal components. This excellent multideck also has an easy clean interior which allows hygiene and food safety to be closely observed. The adjustable feet ensure it can be easily levelled helping you to align your multideck to surrounding equipment creating a uniform run of units for full professional impact.

£1395 +VAT

This professional meat slicer built with aluminium has the advantage of great hygiene and quick cleaning.
Perfect for slicing vegetables and processed meat, making it a good fit for small delis ,butchers, coffee shops, sub shops, and small restaurants.
The slicer's blade is constructed of stainless steel ensuring durability.
The cut thickness is adjustable and it has a fixed ring guard for safety.

£195 +VAT

Precision’s durable all stainless steel slimline GN2/3 counters have been designed to provide commercial caterers with reliable, energy and cost efficient refrigerated storage solutions.

£695 +VAT

This Natural Gas Blue Seal tilting Bratt Pan is a true workhorse of the busy professional kitchen. This 80Litre Bratt Pan offers exceptional versatility and superb performance.

£2395 +VAT

Provide your customers with outstanding foods cooked to perfection using this quality rise and fall salamander by Roller Grill.

It has quality ceramic heating elements which provides even and efficient cooking whilst the adjustable height enables you to have full control over the cooking process. This salamander grill is a must have in any demanding kitchen.

£495 +VAT

This convection oven by Falcon has a wide range of features designed to make the operators life easier. This 1/1GN Gastro compatible oven features precise temperature controls to ensure excellent cooking performance, cook and hold facility that allows food to be cooked and held at the optimum serving temperature. Comes complete with four adjustable shelves.

£750 +VAT

This high quality Falcon oven range with bulls-eye solid top is ideal for large restaurants. It is easy to use as the cast iron bullseye top enables you to control the temperature from simmer to rapid boil with minimal effort. The range also comes with a spacious oven which can accommodate 1/1 GN pans and has two shelves.

£675 +VAT

Planetary mixer with a powerful 3-speed transmission. Featuring integrated timer and an electrically interlocked bowl guard & bowl lift, the mixer is easy to operate and features and emergency stop button. Comes complete with dough hook, paddle and whisk. Particularly suitable for bakeries, hotels, restaurants and canteens.

£725 +VAT

This Valera single under counter prep fridge is a compact commercial refrigerator and is ideal for placing under work stations for easy access refrigerated storage. Designed for everyday use in less demanding commercial kitchens or useful as a secondary chilled storage option for more demanding commercial kitchens. Stainless steel construction provides durability and makes the fridge easy to clean.

£195 +VAT

This Tefcold Under-counter Fridge is perfect for use in your small commercial kitchen. Stainless steel construction provides durability. Featuring a digital temperature display and controller, allowing for easy control over the unit’s operating temperature that ranges from +2 -+10 degrees. This fridge has a capacity of 130ltrs and can function in ambient temperatures up to 30 degrees.

£195 +VAT

Stylish and incredibly space efficient, this compact Instanta auto fill wall mounted water boiler featuring a provides access to a constant stream of piping hot water perfect for tea, coffee or any other hot beverage. The sleek, mirrored stainless steel finish and rapidly heating boiler make it a stylish and high-performing water boiling solution for front of house catering services.

£225 +VAT

Stainless Toble with undershelf for extra storage and 50mm Lip

£125 +VAT

This under counter fridge by Arctica is perfect for any commercial kitchen.
This fridge can neatly fit under existing counter tops and preparation surfaces.
Fitted with a digital thermostat and controller, you can easily monitor and adjust the internal temperature as desired.

£195 +VAT

Quality stainless steel trolley rack with stylish black finish, perfect for baking trays, comes complete with castors for easy mobility. Tray size W290 x D430
Height: 1700mm / 67 Inches
Width: 455mm / 18 Inches
Depth: 440mm / 17 Inches

£95 +VAT

With a compact, free-standing design the Falcon LD48 electric fryer is ideal for smaller commercial kitchens and food businesses where space is at a premium.
Its small size means it can be easily moved or repositioned as needed, while its dual baskets allow you to fry several foods at once without any flavour transfer.
The dual 8-litre tanks on this fryer each have a thermostat, which allows for precise temperature control and makes it easy to fry multiple types of food at the same time.

£650 +VAT

Stainless steel table with undershelf and tray racking, featuring a 50mm Lip
Height: 870mm / 34 Inches
Width: 1800mm / 71 Inches
Depth: 690mm / 27 Inches

£155 +VAT

Stainless steel table featuring undershelf for extra storage and a 50mm lip. Ideal for use in any commercial kitchen.
Height: 860mm / 34 Inches
Width: 1430mm / 56 Inches
Depth: 850mm / 33 Inches

£135 +VAT

This heated double gantry is designed to attach to a stainless steel table or hot cupboard to create a kitchen pass and extra storage space, ideal for use in any commercial kitchen.
Height: 655mm / 26 Inches
Width: 1645mm / 65 Inches
Depth: 300mm / 12 Inches

£250 +VAT

Designed to raise appliances to a comftable height for use this stainless steel appliance stand would be ideal for any commercial kitchen.
Height: 400mm / 16 Inches
Width: 530mm / 21 Inches
Depth: 425mm / 17 Inches

£45 +VAT

This Hobart 4 burner gas oven range has the functionality you need to get great results.
Featuring four powerful yet efficient burners across the top and a generously-sized oven with a drop down door providing more than enough capacity to cover a busy service.
The watertight pressed top and easily removable components make the unit easy to clean and maintain.

£595 +VAT

This Foster upright prep fridge designed for reliability and performance is part of fosters slim line range ideal for establishments with limited space. Featuring a 400litre capacity providing ample space to store your most used ingredients for easy access. Stainless steel construction provides durability and makes the unit easy to clean. Ideal for use in less demanding commercial kitchens.

£395 +VAT

This Pantheon BM1 is a premium quality professional Bain Marie and is an essential addition to busy kitchens. This unit is a heated shallow bath and will gently and gradually keep food at a fixed temperature, ready for serving. Its plug in and play function provides convenience and its stainless steel construction ensures durability and easy clean. Features an easy drain tap and comes complete with 2 ½ gastronomes with lids. Ideal for use in any commercial kitchen.
Please note: does not cook food - warming function only.

£125 +VAT

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