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Machine Model
GSP 55 EVO (Base Model)

- Cantilever main frame manufactured in stainless steel, with ABS guards and adjustable feet.

- 2.000 mm length infeed conveyor with stainless steel product contact surfaces (AISI 304);

- Quick replaceable plastic pushers suitable for food use.

- Longitudinal sealing unit, made by three sets of fin wheels: the first one cold, diam 100 mm to pull the film, the second one heated, diam 100 mm to seal the film; the third one cold and conical, diam 60 mm, used to drive the film; film cooling air blow.

- First set of wheels opening through touch screen

- Pneumatic opening of heated wheels by machine stop

- Easy opening of deck plates over fin seal without any tools

- 190 or 270 mm one up jaw width, rotating one with inclined knife and transversal or longitudinal welding pattern.

- Safety device fitted onto the cross welding unit

- Motorization through four a.c. motors, three of which driven by vectorial servo-drive:

• infeed conveyor driven by 0,37 Kw motor

• longitudinal sealing unit driven by 0,37 Kw motor

• transversal sealing unit driven by 0,55 Kw motor

• outfeed conveyor driven by 0.18 KW a.c. motor driven by frequency changer

- Cantilever single reel film holder for 520 mm film width, with expansion blades pneumatically activated to hold the film reel

- 1.000 mm powered out-feed belt

- Machine stop in phase with open cross sealing jaws.

- Safety covers manufactured in plastic material, with safety micro-switches

- Electrical cabinet

- Control panel equipped with:

- start button for continuous run

- reset button

- e-stop button

- positional stop button

- power presence led

- 5.7” touch screen display with following functions:

- speed setting-up

- bag length setting-up

- sealing units temperatures setting-up

- product phase

- sealing jaws speed

- (possibility of storing up to 40 programs)

- One fixed or adjustable forming box

- Set of spare parts.

- Machine in left hand execution: products are loaded from the left side and are discharged to the right. (Right hand execution upon request).

- Machine manufactured according to the latest CE regulations.

- Manufactured in 2012.

- Approx. machine dimensions: 5m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.5m (h)

The above specification is the standard GSP 55 EVO model.
The GSP 55 EVO model for sale also comes with the following additional options:

1m infeed extension

No Product No Bag

Slat Band Product Transfer

Motorised Film Unwinding

Motorised Nose Plate

Stainless Steel Covers

Fixed-Adjustable Folding Box

Motorised Brush on Outfeed Conveyor

Photocell for Print Reg

Single Jaw only

Purchase Price If Bought New:£50,000 plus Vat

For Sale Price:£23,500 plus Vat

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