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Double catering sink with waste fitting

£250 £175 VAT Free

Double bowl catering sink with waste fitting
Foster single door fridge in good working order.

£375 £275 VAT Free

Fosters Upright fridge
Bourgeat full gastronorm racking trolley 20 shelves.
Very good quality £560 on Nisbets.

£250 £190 VAT Free each

Bourgeat trolleys
| Quantity: 2
Lincat BM7 XW wet Bain Marie
750(W) x 290(H) x 600(D)
In good working order

£220 £150 VAT Free

Lincat BM7 XW Table Top Wet Well Bain Marie
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From £90 £80 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Folding Tables
Zanussi double fridge in clean condition

£550 £450 VAT Free

Upright double fridge for sale
Double Roller Grill panini machine, flat bottom plates, ribbed top, 2 x 13amp plugs, in good working order.

£450 £275 VAT Free

Double Contact Grill
Moffat Blue Seal E25 Turbofan oven with 13 amp feed

£400 £325 VAT Free

Moffat Blueseal E25 oven
15 foot prep and cooking trailer, massive 4 burner hob with hot and cold water to sauce pans, this can accommodate 4 x 60 litre sauce pans, basic but very effective.

£3750 £3250 VAT Free

Prep and Cooking Catering Trailer
A number of various stainless steel flats
25 round including 4 x 50cm and 5 x 45 cm and assorted others plus 30 oval

£100 £60 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Flats
Very good condition unit, works perfectly, rrp over 8k new, free local delivery available, 6 month warranty.
IMC compactors reduce the volume of dry waste by up to 80%, lowering waste handling operations and collection charges and will therefore pay for itself. The IP400 compacts into a manoeuver trolley for waste collection and compaction, with the waste being compacted into plastic bags.

£2125 £2000 +VAT ono

IMC IP400 Waste Compactor
Ideal for soup plate
Catering hotelware
Soup plate
Size 21.5cm or 8.1/2"
Cream in colour

£1.50 +VAT

Dudson Lyric Soup Plate / Bowl
Electrolux TRS 603357 Veg Prep Machine Handles up to 400 meals per sitting • More than 70 different types of slicing • Large 215cm² round hopper • Long life, durable stainless steel construction • Powerful, silent & requires no maintenance • All parts can be easily removed without tools & placed in a dishwasher for fast cleaning • Multiple safety devices to protect the operator & stop the machine in case of misuse • Automatic start/stop function will stop the machine when the lever hopper is lifted & will restart automatically when lowered • High discharge zone for GN containers (up to 20cm) • Waterproof control panel • Pulse control for precise slicing
Price £950.00 incl - NEW. New Included a grating disk

£400 VAT Free

Electrolux TRS 603357 Veg Prep Machine
This item as removed from a London shop and was over £30,000 when fitted. The item comes with 4 marble fascia's(these are very heavy), which are glued onto ply to create the frontage. We have all the stainless steel surface's which make a u shape. Built into the surface's are 2 chiller unit's, 2 Hot well's, Sink, Under counter fridge(please note the compressor are built in under the counter and will need re-gassing). Lots of under counter storage and space for dishwasher etc. Please call for further information. A couple of the corner of the marble were damaged when removing, but is a easy fix. No free standing appliance's are included in this sale.

£3600 inc. VAT

Bar unit for sale
1 combi-steamer in stainless steel CONVOTHERM OD 6.10P, 280V

£795 inc. VAT

Convotherm oven
Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine.
It is aimed at a very demanding profession: the HoReCa sector. It is also highly rated by Steak Houses, Brasseries, Tapas Bars, Bistro-cafes, Traditional restaurants, Haute cuisine…

£3495 inc. VAT

Charcoal Oven
Used but working condition
No shelves

£500 £250 +VAT

Double door fridge
Used but working condition.
No shelves.

£475 £250 +VAT

Fosters Prep fridge
Unit is just over 3 years old and has had minimal use
Stainless Steel construction and unique design of cutting action ensures maximum yield - "more chips, less bits" - producing a quality chip.

£1150 +VAT

Chipper for sale
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