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Top Boy Catering Equipment - Northampton

Top Boy Catering Equipment

Specialist in Reconditioned catering equipment. We buy as well as sell.

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Hot Cupboard with Heated Gantry in very good working condition.

£350 £250 VAT Free

A heavy duty, high capacity chilled storage solution for the professional kitchen, the Hoshizaki Snowflake GENII SUR-135BH double door upright fridge reliably keeps food perfectly chilled in the most demanding conditions. Even when the kitchen temperature reaches up to 40°C, the Hoshizaki remains consistently food safe and easily accessible.

£800 VAT Free

Combi Grid Oven with Steam Injection - Electric HOUNO

£2000 VAT Free

Designed for the most demanding commercial kitchens, the Williams Jade LJS1-SS upright freezer offers outstanding performance and reliability.

£850 VAT Free

Unit has been fully serviced.
Unit has had a new door seal and solenoid valve

Cleaned and tested and in full working order

£2500 VAT Free

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