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Sell your catering equipment
In good condition. Trays Included.
Make your fruit, veg, meat and fish go that-bit further with this compact dehydrator from Buffalo. By slowly and gently warming food, moisture is removed, shelf life is extended and unique, interesting textures can be created. Heat generated by an internal circular element is evenly distributed throughout the dehydrator by a fan, ensuring consistent dehydration throughout all ten of the trays making it ideal for dehydrating in large batches. The user-friendly digital control panel allows you to precisely control and time the dehydrating process whilst the transparent hinged front door provides quick monitoring of progress without disturbing the process. The dehydrator is also easy to clean and maintain due to the dishwasher safe trays and easy clean construction.

£40 VAT Free ono

Safe, reliable and attractive, this cast copper Dualit Soup Kettle presents your soups, chillies, curries, stews and similar items in a singular efficient storage unit. The heat and level of warmth can be modified by both the variable heat control dial and by choosing wet or dry bain marie-style warming from the internal water bath.

£200 VAT Free ono

£250 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 3
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