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Blodgett Pizza Conveyor Oven - Manchester


Frialator BG36 18' 'Blodgett conveyor oven
G20 natural gas 21' wide tunnel
Gas pizza machine
Hardly used, in good working order
Payed £13500 plus vat 4 years ago

Makers Information Blodgett BG36

• Exterior - stainless steel top front & sides.
• Interior - stainless steel outer plates.
• 18" stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt.
• Two single inlet blowers behind the heat source for air circulation, supplying top & bottom air flow.


• Heat transferred through forced directed hot air impingement.
• Open vented baking compartment.
• Solid state digital controls to display set point and actual temperature as well as belt speed.
• Electronic spark ignition control system.
• Atmospheric type burner.
• Internal gas pressure regulator.
• Solid state speed control with motor feedback.
• Two circulation blower motors.
• 3 - 30 minute bake time.

Floorspace - 1524(W) x 1169mm(D)

A solid curtain of hot air envelops the food as it moves through the cooking compartment, resulting in maximum heat transfer and more even results. As the heated air is forced over and under the product, it strips away the cold boundary layer and actually penetrates the product being cooked. As the pizza being cooked passes through the cook zone, the high and low points of the product are cooked evenly because of this directed airflow.

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Delivery notes

Collection Preferably ( East Manchester)

Delivery will be extra depending on postcode

Contact notes

Prital Sachdev

Price: £7650 VAT Free
Ref#: A0D976D55F4D
Brand: Blodgett (8)
Model: BG36

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