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Catering Equipment Hire Stock, Job Lot For Sale - Northern Ireland


New opportunity for start up cater hire business.

Example for hire charge :
All Glassware per one day hire @ 20p each would give you a return of £1,816.40
All Crockery per one day hire @ 20p each would give you a return of £2,670.00
All Cutlery per one day hire @ 20p each would give you a return of £1,079.40
Your total amount for one day hire would be £5,565.80

Crockery hire items for sale as a job lot.
2872x slim jim 10oz
105x Long Slim Jims
96x Slim jim Barrel
1106x Pint Glasses
298x Half Pints
272x Hi Ball Glasses
30x Brandy Glassware
23x Brandy Glassware Large
5x Brandy Small
879x Port Glasses
345x Champagne Coupes ( Saucers )
635x Champagne Flutes
148x Martini Glass
250x Red Wine 14oz (Large )
610x Wine Glass 12oz (Standard)
43x White Wine Glass 14oz (Large Posh)
1187x Wine Glass 8oz (Small)
6x Cruet set glass
58x Large Glass Jug
83x Small Glass Jug
9x Glassracks - Flutes
43x Glassracks - Slim Jims
18x Metal wine coolers
16x Wine Coolers Plastic
3x Bar Optics

20x Larger Black Rectangle trays
13x Black waiter Trays
18x Sliver Trays
6x Large Wooden Trays
10x Wooden Trays - Square
3x Wooden Trays Round
25x Villeroy Boch - Plate 12 inch
29x Villeroy Boch - Plate 11 inch
732x Villeroy Boch - Plate 10.5 inch
469x Villeroy Boch - Plate 9 inch
814x Villeroy Boch - Plate 8 inch
279x Vlleroy Boch - Plate 6 inch
243x Villeroy Boch - Soup Plate 9 inch
20x Villeroy Boch - Sugar Bowl
171x Villeroy Boch - Cup
483x Villeroy Boch - Saucer
17x Villeroy Boch - gravy boat
18x Villeroy Boch - Creamer
64x Villeroy Boch - Top Hat - Ramkins

520x Lubiana - Plate 10 inch
370x Lubiana - Plate 9 inch
215x Lubiana - side plate
715x Lubiana - Cup
662x Lubiana - saucer

103x Steelite - Sugar bowl
69x Steelite Shear Bowl
79x Steelite- Milk Jug
160x Steelite -Ramkin large

358x Dubson Soup Plate - 9 inch
170x Dubson Side Plate
480x Dudson Cup
113x Dudson Cup saucer
96x Espresso Cup
650x Dudson saucer
Espresso Saucer
674x Churchill Soup Bowls
350x Churchill Soup Saucer
93x Churchill cup
7x Churchhill milk jug
3x Churchhill Gravy Boat
3x Churchhill sugar bowl
350x Pristine - Plate 12 inch

90x Olympia - Small Ramkins
374x Olympia - Cereal Bowl

53x Lids - Sliver Serving Trays
52x 2 tier large serving Trays
35x 3 tier larger serving Trays
32x Large Serving Trays
25x Sliver Serving trays - 18inch
40x Sliver Serving trays - 16 inch
50x Sliver Serving trays - 12 inch
45x Sliver Rectangle Trays
4x Sliver Gravy Boats

105x White insulated tea/coffee flasks
12x Pump Flasks
13x Sliver Coffee Pots
8x Sliver Tea Pots
16x Café Teieries
4x Coffee Perculators

2x Soup Kettles
11x Larger Hot Water Boilers

Chaffing Dishes
Biane Gastronmes
Half Gastronmes
Steam Gastro Full

14x Glass Salad Bowls
2040x Breakalite Cups
150x Alchemy Side Plate - 6 inch
58x Skirt Clips
410x Plate Clips
60x Grey Plate Boxes
43x Chrome Table Numbers


QTY Description
720x Soup Spoon
445x Large knife
412x Large Fork
1378x Small Knife
1160x Small fork
1120x Teaspoon Mixed

26x small pepper mills (singles)
93x Salt & Pepper mills (185 singles)
35x Square white salt & Pepper mills
8x Round white salt & pepper mills

All in white , all vacuum pack and clean, perfect condition .

Hobart dishwasher and glass washer.

Delivery notes

Collection only.
Located in Northern Ireland

Contact notes

Alix Wilson

Price: £27000 +VAT ono
Ref#: AA3D171B31D7

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