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Sold Woodstone Mt. Adams 5' Stone Hearth Oven-Gas - Swansea, Wales


We are selling our MT. ADAMS 5' STONE HEARTH OVEN

This oven it’s in perfect condition. It has a full service history and comes with the service toolbox included by the supplier. This retails new at over £14000.00.

We are looking to relocate the current restaurant and the new location does not have enough space for this oven.

Please feel free to ask me anything and we are also willing to demo the oven at our premises for the right person.

Here is the manufacturers description.

The Mt. Adams 5' oven features a door opening 29.75 inches wide x 10 inches high. The oven floor diameter is 52 inches, resulting in a 15-square-foot cooking surface. A tensioned steel exoskeleton surrounding the hearth and dome perimeter ensures structural integrity and longevity.

Wrapped in spun ceramic fiber insulation and requiring only a 1-inch side clearance to combustibles, the monolithic 4-inch thick cast-ceramic hearth and monolithic 4-inch thick dome rest on an open black painted steel stand.The oven body is finished with galvanized steel and a stainless steel service panel is provided. The oven arrives completely assembled, ETL Listed, ready to install and is made in the

USA. Information about custom finishes, tools and accessories can be found online

From Wood Stone’s original Mountain Series comes the Mt. Adams 5’ Stone Hearth Oven. Available with a radiant gas flame or wood-fired (or a combination), the Mt. Adams can also be outfitted with an underfloor infrared burner to speed heat-up and help maintain floor temperatures in even the highest production scenarios. With 15 square feet of cooking surface, the Mt. Adams is an excellent choice for medium to high production applications. The Mt. Adams features a 4-inch thick monolithic hearth and dome, engineered with our proprietary ceramic to hold on to and efficiently distribute heat. With an assortment of finishes and facade options, the Mt. Adams fits nicely into any design


8" pizzas: 12–16

10" pizzas: 10–12

12" pizzas: 8

16" pizzas: 5

Assuming 5-minute cook times, the approximate maximum hourly production capacity can be calculated by multiplying the above numbers

Delivery notes

Pick up only,

Located in Swansea

This item is now sold

Price: Sold