Sold Pizza Avon Moretti Forni "Pizza Modulo" - Norwich, Norfolk


Pizza Oven Moretti Forni

-Double Deck
-3 Phase
-Capacity: 16/18 X 12" Pizzas
-Fully Working Condition

-Length 180
-Width 97
- Height 170

The oven hasn't really been used that much at all as it came out of my uncles bar in Italy which only served pizza at lunch time and not every day.
I have the pictures to prove it

The ovven has it's age but also cost around 20,000 when new.

It has nothing to d weith the ceap stuff you find on Ebay. I thin I can safely say this is the Farrari of pizza ovens.

I'm selling it cheap because my warehouse is full. If you would like to view the oven or have any other further enquires please contact me and we can arrange an appointment through phone or Email.

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Located Norwich

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