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BCE has been trading in catering equipment since 1999. All types of catering equipment bought and sold, including kitchen clearances and refurbishments.

Large stock of used catering equipment available for immediate delivery, anywhere in UK and beyond. Friendly personal service.

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Commercial stainless steel refrigerator .
In excellent and full working order.
Made by Delfield.
1400 ltrs, On wheels, Full digital controls.
6 adjustable shelves.

£599 VAT Free

Double upright fridge on wheels
Flat top hot cupboard with heated pass.
In great condition.
Two sliding doors to hot cupboard that has two shelves.
Heated pass has 5 hot lights.
Good heavy duty unit, would suit any busy commercial kitchen.
Single phase, 20 amp supply, blue plug included.

£795 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
MATCHED PAIR. Both units are British made by Victor and are wet well which are extremely hard to find.
Fantastic opportunity to purchase a matched pair of wet well carvery / bain marie units.
Both units have heated gantries, hot cupboards and bain maries, and all independently controlled so you can set different temperatures on different parts of the units.
On wheels. As with most of the Carvery units we sell, they can easily be painted or dressed to match your own premises.
Brilliant money earners these units ie 500 sunday dinners / meals @ £8.95 and thats more than your purchase money back !!!
Tried tested and ready to go.

£2250 VAT Free

Pair Wet Well Carvery / Hot Cupboard / Bain Marie / Heated Gantry
| Quantity: 2
Great opportunity to purchase 2x hot units and 1 x cold unit.
In fantastic condition and working condition.
All units on wheels.
All units run on single phase electric.
All units have independent controls.
This is a full set up, tried tested and ready to serve.

£1950 VAT Free

Cold counter for sale
Just come into us due to closure of business. Large one has tiled top with two heated carvery spikes. Smaller one has ceramic heated top. Both have heated gantry and hot cupboard under. Big money earners these units ie 200 meals @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!!

£1500 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry - Matched Pair
Scotsman Ice Maker, Self contained Machine.
Model EC - 106 Easy Fit.
Comes with waste drain pump installed.
Bin capacity 23 KG
Max 50 KG Ice / 2500 cubes per 24 hrs
Size 530(w) x 600(d) x 850(h)

£650 VAT Free

Scotsman Ice Maker, Self contained Machine
Cheapest G32 in UK
Extremely hard to find second hand !
Blue Seal G 32 Turbofan convection oven on stand.
Good condition.
Natural gas.
Comes complete with yellow gas hose and regulator.

£795 VAT Free

Gas oven for sale
Good condition.
FFD fitted.
Has a specially made stainless steel top so can be used as a prep table when burners are not in use.
On wheels.
Comes complete with yellow gas hose and regulator.

£475 VAT Free

Gas range cooker for sale
MV MLine Plus.
On great condition.
On wheels.
Flame failure devices fitted.
Very useful shelf fitted above.
Comes complete with new yellow gas hose and regulator.

£495 VAT Free

Gas range cooker for sale
San Jamar Sauce Dispenser.
3 group dispenser.
Good condition.
2 available.

£50 VAT Free

San Jamar Condiments Dispenser
| Quantity: 2
Lovely piece of kit just arrived into us due to customer upgrading to a larger carvery unit.
Made by the quality firm, Moffat.
Has heated gantry, 3 heated hot plates, hot cupboard under.
All independently controlled.
On wheels.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Can easily be painted, stained or wrapped etc to match our premises.

£995 VAT Free

Carvery counter for sale
Rare piece of kit just come into us due to end of lease on premises.
Made by the very well known manufacturer, Moffat.
Has 5 heated carvery / hot plates.
Plenty of room for your meats, veg, yorkshires etc etc
Heated gantry above, Hot cupboard under.
On wheels.
Can easily be wrapped or painted or wooden surround placed to match your premises.

£1450 VAT Free

Carvery counter for sale
Lovely unit just come into us due to closure / end of lease on premises.
Unit is on wheels.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Hot cupboard under, heated hot plates, heated gantry, all independently controlled.
The two large ceramic hot plates could hold 6 - 8 joints of meat easily.
The second unit is not hot, basically just for condiments and the like.
The tray slide units on the fronts can easily be taken off if not required.
Tried tested and ready to go.

£1850 VAT Free

Carvery hot cupboard for sale
Sadia 550.
3 adjustable shelves.
On wheels.
Cleaned, tried and tested, ready to go.

£299 VAT Free

Upright freezer for sale
In great working order and clean condition.
Model V7/4
Not had much use at all.
Tried tested and ready to go.

£275 VAT Free

Lincat Fan Assisted Oven
Great space saving unit made by Lincat.
Stainless steel prep bench and cupboard under.

£99 VAT Free

Prep table for sale
Parry gas salamander grill, model 7072.
Very little use, near on mint condition.
On stand, can be removed if required.
Comes complete with yellow gas hose and regulator

£299 VAT Free

Parry salamander grill for sale
Capacity GN Capacity: 4 x 150mm Not supplied
Temperature Range 20°C to 90°C
Wooden construction
2 locking castors
Electronic thermostat
Great unit that would compliment any of our carvery systems, see my other listings.

£399 VAT Free

Rollergrill buffet cart

Heated Gantry - York, North Yorkshire

Price: £295 VAT Free
Heated gantry for sale
Heavy duty heated gantry.
Great condition with 4 heated bulbs on each shelf.
Size 1755 L x 300 x 780 H mm
Will fit nicely on a 1800 mm L hot cupboard or table.

£295 VAT Free

Heated gantry for sale
Model HSG 1PH, IPX4
Hot paninis in less than 30 seconds !!!.
4 preset controls.
Infa-red, contact plates and microwave heating.
These grills are THE fastest panini makers ever !
Size 361mm W, 675mm D, 800mm H.
Extremely rare and hard to find in this condition and this price.

£1495 VAT Free

Panini grill
| Quantity: 2
Great piece of equipment just come into to us because our customer had great success with the carvery they have got a much bigger one.
Made by Victor. Holds 3 full size gastronorm containers / meat spikes or whichever configuration you require.
Very very clean and in excellent working order.
On wheels, Runs on normal 13 amp plug, Costs thousands brand new.
Mega easy to earn your money back on these units ie 120 dinners @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!
This unit has been tried tested and is ready for immediate delivery.

£950 VAT Free

Carvery / Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard / Heated Gantry
Just had brand new front put on ready to paint / stain to match your own premises.
Made by Moffat.
Holds 4 full size Gastronorms (not supplied )
Runs on normal single phase electric 13 amp plug.
2 sliding doors to rear with fan assisted hot cupboard.

£595 VAT Free

Hot cupboard / bain Marie
Williams 3 Door Preparation Fridge Model HJC3-SA.
Brilliant condition.
Current model.
On wheels.
Tried tested and ready to go.
Priced to sell.

£950 VAT Free

Williams 3 Door Bench / Preparation Fridge Model HJC3-SA
Stainless Steel Oven / Microwave Stand
Brand new
Designed to fit a microwave or oven upto 465 mm W, 600 mm D (can put smaller)

£125 VAT Free

Microwave stand
Oliver 1308-N Tray Lidder - manual
Tray Lidder, manual, compact, seals 6-8 packages/min., self-aligning hot platen, max tray size 8-5/8"W x 6-1/2"L x 3-1/4"D, max roll dia. 5", max roll width 9", (1) tray carrier, anodized aluminum & stainless steel construction, 120v/60/1, 5 amps, NSF, UL
The Sealing Machine cuts the film / foil in only one movement – your tray is sealed in 1 seconds! It is possible to seal up to 360 Trays per hour.
Comes with several "plate" configurations and additional plates are readily available as are CPET tray types and suitable sealing films

£325 VAT Free

Tray Lidder / Heat Sealer
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