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Chris Trailers - Manchester

Specialising in Catering trailers

We make and deliver custom built Catering Trailers that meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to the final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are built with you the customer at mind.

We are the only company in the UK and Europe to have EC Type Approval for the airstream model. The Approvals are issued for our company, Chris Trailers, and not for the assembly plant.

Contact WhatsApp (for messages only) 07453197749 cristivrajitoru@yahoo.com

Chris Trailers
Body dimension (excluding the A frame) 4000mm x 2200mm x 2450mm
Trailer dimension 5500mmx2200mmx2450mm Weight 1020 kg
Tires:205/60R16 Al-ko brake system Frame: steel tube 40*40*1.2mm Filling: Stainless steel sheet+ middle heat isolation(50mm)+interior stainless steel Floor Frame: steel tube 40*60*2mm+50*100*4mm Filling: top embossed aluminium+middle plywood+bottom galvanized sheet

£17470 +VAT

We are a UK based company, catering trailer producer,our airstream trailers come with EC Type Approval.
Body dimension (excluding the A frame) 4000x2200x2450
Features include : * Double sink with hot/cold water * water tanks * 12V mini water pump with on/off control switch * 10 LED lights on the ceiling * 8 LED lights on the hatch * 6 sockets * Fuse/connecting box * Lighting rope * External plug (hook up)

£15470 +VAT

We are a UK based company, catering trailer producer, our airstream trailers come with EC Type Approval (European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval) We issue a certificate of conformity with Type Approval for each trailer We are the only company in UK and Europe having EC Type Approval for this airstream model The EC Type Approval is issued for our company (we are the producer) not for the assembly plant!

£15470 +VAT

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