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10no 3m x 3m Ivory Pleated Walls
Custom Covers manufactured

£250 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
10x Ivory Pleated Walls 5m x 2.4m
3x Ivory Pleated Walls 3m x 2.4m
Which is 59m of Ivory pleated walling

£350 +VAT

| Quantity: 59
5 units: approx dims = 2.4m wide, 1.87m tall, 0.6m deep
2 units with shelves at 0.61, 1.22, 1.87 from floor
3 units with shelves at 0.77, 1.32, 1.87 from floor
Manufactured from 22mm caberfloor these shelving units have been used to store linings.

£400 +VAT each

| Quantity: 5
2m x 15m roof and gable lining ivory pleat (NB is the roof and gable linings only) NOT the marquee!
clips at apex

£95 +VAT

5m x 5m White flat roof Lining for pagoda / chinese hat

Sorry no pics - well looked after and stored clean and dry

£95 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 3
Short Walling (2.3m high) - 120 metres
19x 3mx 2.3m Walls £20 each
13x 5mx 2.3m Walls £25 each
Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1
Available immediately

£700 +VAT each

| Quantity: 120
60no. 5m Valence - 28cm deep £5 each

Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1 Available immediately


£300 +VAT each

| Quantity: 300
10m x 50m roof lining available (5m bays)

£1625 +VAT

32x 5mx3m Wall (NB one has cut out for heater inlet)
2x 2mx3m infill Wall
2x 3mx3m infill Wall
Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1 Available immediately Clean

£1350 +VAT each

| Quantity: 170
440m2 of Protective floor carpet tile mats. Anyone can lay these tiles - no double sided tape required.
made from high-density carpet fibres, to be laid over level floors, extremely popular as floor protection in Sports Halls and gyms to create multi use spaces - e.g. to create protect a sports hall floor when used as an exam hall
Quick to lay, easy to store and stand up well to traffic.
100cm x 100cm x 5mm thick

£2500 +VAT

| Quantity: 440
1x Pair hip ends (3m bays) - Purple
8x Midsection roofs (15x3) - Purple
1x Midsection roof (15 x 2) - Purple
Would actually make this a 15x32 or more versatile if you use 5m bays.
All with valence / pelmet attached

£1200 +VAT

Half the size of a UK pallet
Capacity: 190 Litres
Product Details: (Measurements = L x W x H) 1000 x 572 x 530mm
Capacity: 190 Litres
Can be stacked 6 high

£30 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
Second hand marquee lining in good condition
Manufactured for 3m wide marquees
FR fabric 2oz
Available immediately

£390 +VAT

Ivory Flat PolyCotton Marquee Linings 100% Polycotton FR. 15m x 27m Ivory flat roof linings with 2x sets of gables 9no 15m x 3m roofs 4no 15m Gables

£90 Per Roof each

| Quantity: 9
The benefits of this system include:
· Fewer stock items – the same kit can be used in 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m marquees
· Easier to wash – a modular system so only dirty roof squares need washing and fit in smaller washing machines · Smaller storage requirements · Lower investment cost – fewer stock items required for max flexibility
· Easy to install · Greater access for Production rigging – sound and light find multiple access point useful for cabling
We have sold half this stock to a client... he wrote "I am very happy with the squares I purchased, used them over the weekend, brilliant system.

£6500 £5265 +VAT

A set of burgundy red poly linings for a 12x15 marquee.
12x 3m Wall
2x 12m Gable Ends
5x 12m x 3m Roofs

£600 £486 +VAT

4x 12m x 3m roofs + Set of Gables
100% Polyester in saffron yellow
Inherently Fire Retardant

£200 £180 +VAT

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