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Elro Boiling Pan - Accrington, Lancashire

Price: £4000 £1200 +VAT ono
Used boiling pan for sale
Elro describe these very clever boiling pans as "A multifunction pan and cooker for health conscious high performance cooking". Designed to cook large batches of soups, stocks, pie fillings without the need to tend and stir. Sealing meat and fish before adding aromatics and liquids brings out the very nest of flavour. Cooking in a pressurised vacuum reduces cooking times by up to 50% on conventional cooking, preserves nutritional values and optimises flavour. If turn-over times are an intrinsic part of your operation, these machines would add significant value to operational planning and accurately meeting deadlines.

£4000 £1200 +VAT ono

Used boiling pan for sale

Sold Blue Seal Bratt Pan - Worcestershire

Price: £2650 £1650 ono VAT Free
Blue seal bratt pan
Electrically powered tilt
Gas fired with 8 burners natural gas jetted
Water supply controls built in
1200mm wide
High capacity machine that is only lightly used
Manufactured by Blue Seal

£2650 £1650 ono VAT Free

Blue seal bratt pan
3 Phase Electric Bratt Pan. Manual tilt with large 100litre capacity. Perfect working condition reliable pan, never had a problem with it.

£1200 ono VAT Free

Bratt pan for sale
Gas tilting bratt pan constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel. Cooking tank with manual tilt mechanism, constructed in stainless steel, 60-litre capacity, rectangular in shape with radiused corners for ease of cleaning, bottom in 12mm thick FE3600 iron.

£960 including VAT

Tilting bratt pan for sale
This 12 gallon steam jacketed kettle is self-contained and easy-to-install and use. The large capacity enables you to prepare large batches of stew, pasta, chilli and soup with ease. This kettle is perfect for use in large kitchen environments such as hotels, large restaurants and schools etc. it features a precise temperature control which allows for simmering and boiling.
The welded-in heating elements hold a vacuum better which means they won't leak or lose water. Additionally it is permanently filled with treated, distilled water, and is rated at 50 PSI, with a rear-mounted safety valve to prevent unintentional operation.

£995 VAT Free

Tilting kettle for sale
New Whirlpool AGB508 bratt pan.
3 phase electric. Slight knock on front.
40cmW x 70cmD x 86cmH

£495 £247.50 +VAT

New Whirlpool AGB508 Bratt Pan
New Whirlpool AGB509 50L boiling kettle.
Natural Gas/LPG. 50 Litre capacity.
80cmW x 70cmD x 86cmH

£800 £400 +VAT

New Whirlpool AGB509 50L Boiling Kettle
Manufactured in 2006 by bonnet now owned by Hobart.
Natural gas burners with electronic ignition to light and also the electronic tilting mechanism fitted which is so easy to use as the unit has 2 peddle type switches to the right hand side 1 up and 1 for down.
120 litre capacity. perfect for boiling , braising , stews etc etc.
Unit is in excellent condition all over. it really has not had a lot of use from new.
This piece of kit new would be in excess of £10,000. Very rare on the 2nd hand market especially in this condition.

£3000 +VAT

Bonnet B-SA65.G.BL Gas Bratt Pan
This modern and desirable Bratt pan has a stainless steel pan surface. This efficient Bratt pan is ideal for a verity of applications such as frying, stir frying, griddling, browning, poaching, braising and stewing it features an electric tilt. Probably the most versatile appliance in the kitchen!


Hobart bratt pan
Falcon electric bratt pan, good working order. Very clean.

£700 ono including VAT

Electric bratt pan

LPG Tilting Bratt Pan 80L - Derbyshire

Price: £999 +VAT ono
Commercial bratt pan
LPG Tilting Bratt Pan 80L
Purchased in September for temporary kitchen
Great condition

£999 +VAT ono

Commercial bratt pan

Sold Hobart Bratt Pan - Northampton

Price: £800 £350 ono including VAT
Second hand bratt pan
Hobart brat pan serviced and refurbished in good working order, requires 13amp electrical supply and is set up for lpg gas, unit can be converted natural gas.

£800 £350 ono including VAT

Second hand bratt pan
This brat pan is in good working order, very clean and in excellent condition
Gas & Electric. Manually operated tilt

£900 +VAT

USed bratt pan for sale
Falcon Bratt Pan, Model G2994,
This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.
Gas and Electric manually operated tilt,

£1195 +VAT

Used Bratt pan for sale
This listing is for a Electrolux Therma tilting electric pressure braising pan. model is DEB109-22/29.
3 phase electric 18kw so 32amp 3 phase supply required. approx 2006 model . excellent condition all over. approx £30k new.
Perfect for roasting, browning, stewing, prep of sauces, cooking, pressure cooking, sauteing, poaching, steaming, boiling, pressure less steaming, pressure steaming and braising,

£2500 +VAT

Large Second hand brat Pan for sale
Manual tilting natural gas bratt pan
Capacity: 44 liters
Equipped with a gas burner providing uniform heat which is located under the bowl with pilot burner and piezo electric ignition.
Cooking temperature is adjustable from 90 to 300°C.
Power: 10kw - Nat Gas
Bowl Dimensions: 610x450x160mm
Dimensions: 900 x 700 x 700mm (HxWxD)

£845 +VAT

Modular 70/70BPG Nat Gas Bratt Pan
The Blue Seal Electric Bratt pan is easily the most versatile piece of cooking equipment you can buy. You can use it to cook just about anything, short of deep frying or baking a cake, you can Fry, Poach, Sauté, Braise, Stew and boil. This bratt pan has been cleaned serviced and fully tested by our qualified engineers. 900mm manually operated tilt mechanism,
Dimensions Height 1085mm x Width 900mm x Depth 812mm
Weight 245kg approx.

£1800 +VAT

Blue Seal E580-8 Electric Bratt Pan

Gas Bratt Pan - London

Price: £795 +VAT
Gas Bratt Pan
Gas brat pan
34ltr gas brat pan
Used, tested working ok
Click here for more info and contact details......

£795 +VAT

Gas Bratt Pan

Sold Falcon Bratt Pan - Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Price: £960 including VAT
Falcon Bratt Pan
Falcon Bratt pan Model G2994 serviced & refurbished & in perfect working order
Requires NAT GAS supply
240V single phase electrical supply
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£960 including VAT

Falcon Bratt Pan

Falcon E2962 Bratt Pan - London

Price: £1050 +VAT
Falcon  E2962 Bratt Pan
Falcon Brat pan
Manual Tilt bratt pan
Model E2962
Heavy duty
21ltr cap
Size :87h by 60w by77d
Temp range 190c
Single phase :230v or 400v
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1050 +VAT

Falcon  E2962 Bratt Pan
Falcon Bratt pan for spares or repair (untested)

£185 +VAT

Bratt pan for sale

Falcon Manual Tilt Gas Bratt Pan G2994 - London W1

Price: £2000 ono including VAT
Falcon Manual Tilt Gas Bratt Pan G2994
Falcon G2994 manual gas bratt pan just over 1 year old
Electrical supply: 230V~
Stainless steel, Heavy duty cast iron pan with hinged lid
Manually operated tilting mechanism
We have just taken over a restaurant and have no use for such a piece of equipment
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£2000 ono including VAT

Falcon Manual Tilt Gas Bratt Pan G2994
This can be used similar to a brat pan. It is jacked by steam giving a even cooking without burning. You can cook almost anything from stews, casseroles, soup to roasting meat. I have included two videos of similar machines to show how it's used at the bottom of the full listing.
Cleveland Steam Jacket Double Twin Tilting Kettle TKET-9-T Electric.
This appliance was removed from a school in Wiltshire, never been used, spotless you could move on as new, no VAT and open to offers.
Click to see full listing, videos and contact details

£1999 £1750 ono VAT Free

Cleveland Steam Jacket Double Tilting Soup Kettle
Cleveland Electric Tilting Steam Twin 45Lt Kettle TKET-12-T
These Tabletop electric self contained, tilting kettles are 2/3 steam jacketed
They feature solid state controls for accurate temperature control 1C and a low water safety system
*PRICE NEW £10,530.00*

£2000 +VAT

Used Tilting Kettle for sale
Catalogue N.o 15/022
Dimensions: W900xD760xH930mm
In Good Working Order

£1750 ono VAT Free

Auto-lift bratt Pan for sale
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