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Modular Cooking Range Line
800series Tilting Bratt Pan 60lt
3 phase electric
Used but In excellent condition

£1495 +VAT

This quality boiling pan by Fagor is perfect for preparing and cooking a wide range of foods. It features a counter balanced hinged lid, stainless steel burner which is controlled by a safety valve. It also has a water inlet solenoid valve and hot or cold water selector switch which ensures this boiling pan can be used for both boiling and brining foods within your busy restaurant. The front pot drainage tap ensures effortless and efficient cleaning and operation.

£2250 +VAT

Electrolux Gas Bratt Pan

£600 VAT Free

Used Rational Vario Cook Center. Hugely versatile, the Rational VarioCooking Centre VCC112T brings you all the power, performance and cooking flexibility you need to deliver exceptional results. Able to fry, boil, stew and roast all in the same unit, you save valuable time, space and energy. Built-in cooking intelligence does all the work for you - including rapid heat-up and reliable food monitoring. Whether you're cooking a delicate sous vide fish or simply deep frying bulk portions of chips, the VarioCooking centre is a great option.

£7950 £5950 +VAT

Vulcan 3 phase brazing bratt pan in good working order

£1000 VAT Free

Elro boiling pan 3 phase removed in good working order

£1250 VAT Free

Elro boiling pan good working order

£750 VAT Free

Bratt Pan 3phz
Stainless steel
Condition is Used.

£695 VAT Free

This quality brat pan by Fagor is perfect for use within the most demanding of food service locations. It has a crank operated elevation systems which are able to raise the pan until it is vertical, to empty it completely. It has been designed with rounded corners which makes unloading and cleaning effortless.

£995 +VAT

(10505) Used Garland Bratt Pan.

This all stainless steel Bratt pan offers an auto tilt facility and easy to clean cooking surface. It has a sizable cooking capacity – perfect for braising, shallow frying, griddling, stewing, stir frying, stocks, sauces and reductions of volume liquids. Set up for natural gas and a water supply is required.

£1800 +VAT

Falcon Bratt Pan, Model G2994,
This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.
Gas and Electric manually operated tilt,

£1195 VAT Free

£850 £650 inc. VAT ono

£600 £575 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
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