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Manufacturer: Rondo
Model: Rondo Doge Rondoline Make up Line
Year: 2003

£17250 £10995 +VAT

Make up line bakery
Never been used !
Vacuum packaging machine in stainless steel, with vertical chamber.
Digital control panel with 36 programs
Vacuum pump 25 mc / h and newly developed removable sealing bar. Length 415 mm.
Ideal for: use in restaurants, hotels, catering, bakeries and butcher shops

£4000 +VAT

| Quantity: 2
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Used Salter Brecknell 405 Digital Scales. Ensure precise weighing anywhere in your business with these Salter 15kg electronic bench scales. With the internal battery offering 160 hours of use between charges, these premium scales are incredibly portable, allowing you to use them anywhere in your premises. These kitchen essentials can also be operated on mains power for added convenience. Designed with simplicity in mind, the scales boast an incredibly large and intuitive display to help you obtain accurate measurements quickly and easily. Made in a robust ABS case, the scales are also incredibly hardwearing and long-lasting, allowing them to withstand rigorous use in any kitchen.

£80 +VAT

Scales for sale
Oddy xl 2 pocket bread roll divider moulder. This is the one that works with divider oil not the novatec. Ex bakery good working order. 2400 rolls per hour. Will do weights from 45g to 150 g approx. We have a selection of brass blocks and sleeves and drums for small or large rolls within 45 to 150 g. 3 phase.

£5000 +VAT

Oddy 2 Pocket Roll Plant Divider Moulder
This simple-to-use hand stretch wrapping machine is designed to wrap meat products, vegetables, fish, fruit and cheese and extensively used in supermarkets, butchers and grocers.
It incorporates two support rollers for the stretch film to be used with an adjustable brake and a stainless steel support bridge that allows the film to pass under the product that is to be wrapped. It features an adjustable temperature controller and a low voltage cutting wire to cut the film before sealing the bottom of the tray on the stainless steel hot plate.

£225 +VAT

Film Packer
New flat packed cardboard boxes
Total 4400+
1030 260*110*220H
975 300*220*140H
1200 300*230*280H
270 270*180*140H

£800 VAT Free ono

New flat packed cardboard boxes
| Quantity: 4400
Desktop barcode label printer, almost new, has only been used a couple of times.
Comes with ribbons to print labels good for freezers and microwaves.

£500 £300 VAT Free ono

Label printer
Tray sealing machine almost new has only been used ONCE to seal 50 trays.
Comes with approx 400 trays (see size below). Comes with the plastic film as well. Tray is compatible to use in microwave and freezer.

£1200 £1000 VAT Free ono

Sealing machine for sale
This quality easy to use whipped cream maker produces whipped cream which is dispensed manually giving you full control of the amount being dispensed. It features a removable container which is indirectly cooled and keeps the liquid cream at the perfect condition and temperature without separating fats from water.

£1495 +VAT

Whipped cream maker for sale
Used Caterlite DM065 Bag Sealer.
Protects from oxygen, moisture and freezer burn
Fully automatic vacuum and seal system - one button operation

£35 +VAT

Used Caterlite DM065 Bag Sealer (7680)
Scooby Heated Hand Stretch Wrapping machine
Including cling film 450mm wide 10micron koex 2 layer
1 year old

£150 VAT Free ono

Wrapping machine for sale
Deighton Formatic r2200
Available with two drums one for 3inch burgers and a pastry drum with an oval shape.

£2800 +VAT ono

Burger machine for sale
Semi-automatic Bag Sealers SBS.Closure for Bag Automatic Data Print
Used in Bakery Production data 2007

£1500 VAT Free

Bag sealer for sale
We are selling our dough divider that we have never used. We change the production process when we received this machine and it did not work for our production.

£3500 +VAT ono

Dough divider for sale
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