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Used Santos Centrifugal juicer, in good working condition, bought new in 2017.

£1300 VAT Free ono

Make & Model: Mazzer Major Electronic Black & Chrome Grinder
Stand WxDxH: 424mm x 186mm x 629mm
In great condition with just one year's commercial use in a restaurant/bar it’s perfect for busy coffee shop, pub and restaurant settings.

£795 £580 VAT Free

Make & Model: Faema Teorema (White)
V nice looking Faema 2 group espresso machine with just one year's use. Perfect for busy coffee shop/bar/restaurant setting. Comes with Brita Quell ST 600 filter system and brand new cartridge included.

£3950 £2655 VAT Free

2 group, 2 steam wands and hot water tap.
11.5L boiler. Serviced by the supplier only.
Excellent working condition. Cup warmer

£1600 £1395 VAT Free ono

Chef-Hub Milkshake mixer

£80 VAT Free

Much loved Visacrem 6 Grouptronic 3-group model coffee machine for sale.
The machine has been recently serviced. We looked after it well. We only made just over 50,000 cups of espresso in 3.5 years using it. Sadly, we have closed the business, so we no longer need the machine.

£3750 VAT Free ono

This heavy duty coffee grinder by Expobar is equipped with one the most versatile dosing chambers around with a 5g to 12g operational setting. The doser chamber also features a locating ring for easy group handle location which means less coffee spillage. Innovative features like the pivoting tamper mounted on the doser chamber means it is able to work with any size of filter basket in the group handle. Additionally, the integrated grounds tray also minimises the grinder footprint saving valuable bar surface area. The coffee grinder also comes complete with 60mm tempered steel blades with improved grinding stone design and thrower ensure the ground coffee is expelled directly into the grounds dispenser ensuring no blockages within the grinding area.

£225 +VAT

Good condition coffee machine. Mode type and information in photos.

£1500 +VAT

£1500 +VAT

Sanremo Verona Coffee Machine - 2 group head Sold as seen - coffee machine and case

£2800 VAT Free ono

Thermoplan - The Black&White3 CTS is exactly the right choice for traditional milk preparation with steam. This fully automatic coffee machine provides endless steam and also gives you coffee beverages naturally in the best quality.
This is a used coffee machine its has been checked and tested
It’s had its cleaning tablets and is ready for work
Checked and tested all the coffee machine function, Passed all it's tests

£1899 £1599 +VAT

Peligan Rouge - Self-Service Coffee Machine
Model: Coffee Art Plus
Condition: Grade B

£899 £699 +VAT

The Santos #11 Classic citrus juicer is easy to operate and clean thanks to its simplistic design and its detachable bowl and cone.

£210 +VAT

Provide your customers with superb freshly ground coffee with this outstanding fully digital coffee grinder. It is easily programmable with two programmable dosing buttons and a continuous grind button which makes it perfect for the most demanding of cafes and coffee shops.

£250 +VAT

Wega Atlas Coffee/Expresso Machine - 2 group

£1500 +VAT

Used Santos 55 Coffee Grinder. Fast, powerful and yet remarkably quiet, the Santos 55BFA coffee grinder delivers an excellent, consistent grind every time. Perfect for front of house use, this grinder can be set for precise grind measurements and can dispense within seconds automatically when the filter is positioned underneath the dispenser. With its large 2.2kg coffee bean hopper, the Santos 55 is the ideal coffee grinder to use alongside 1,2 or 3 group espresso machines.

£325 +VAT

This compact filter coffee machine is perfect for small cafés. The coffee filter machine is manually filled with water preventing the need for it to be plumbed into the mains water supply. This enables you to locate your coffee filter machine anywhere within your establishment. The machine comes complete with one jug.

£75 +VAT

No coffee shop is complete without this superb coffee grinder with the attractive finish and elegant design ensuring it will take pride of place in your coffee shop and be an investment you will be proud of. Additionally, this Superb Coffee Grinder has a variable timer control wheel on the side which enables the machine to grind coffee for the period that the timer is running and stops when it returns to zero. The fully adjustable timer ensures you have full control of the amount of coffee ground weather that be a single dose or a full bag for your customers to use at home.
Mazzer grinders are ideal for small coffee shops and cafes as the infinite grind adjustment found on them is more than able to cope with the demands of the busiest periods. The powerful motor is very quiet which will help keep noise to a minimum so your customers are able to relax and enjoy their fresh coffee.

£210 +VAT

Purchased in August 2021, in excellent condition only having had light use. Iberital IB7 2 Group compact electronic traditional espresso machine complete with Fracino model T60mm Doser Grinder, under grinder knock out drawer, Barista kit and external water exchange unit. 4kg Clumsy Goat fair trade Italian espresso coffee beans.

£2600 VAT Free ono

Used Santos K273 Citrus Juicer. The Santos Evolution 70 citrus juicer is not only exceptionally quiet, making it ideal for front of house and bar use, but is also very user friendly thanks to its patented clutch system. Its powerful motor makes light work of juicing, whilst its attachments are not only simple to dissemble, but are also dishwasher safe. Whilst its 220mm high spout allows dispensing into jugs underneath. Efficient and highly reliable, it is easy to see why this Santos orange juicer is used around the world.

£250 +VAT

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