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New Japanese Black Damascus Santoku 170mm VG10 - London


I bought this stunning piece along with some other ones from a blacksmith in Japan by the name of Joshu Yasu for 47000 yen (£334).I haven't felt the need to use it because it's such a stunning piece so I'm selling it for £290 respectively.

The tremendous black damascus pattern is exemplified by the fact that every damascus pattern is different and you can rarely find nowadays patterns with such contrast between the dark steel and light steel.

There are no significant scratches on the blade however please assume that there might be small marks due to this masterpiece being hand forged and handmade by Joshu Yasu. The core material is VG10 and is heat treated to a Rockwell rating of 60. VG10 is a high quality Japanese stainless steel which is perfect for somebody that does not want to put extra effort into looking after knives that you might encounter with high carbon steel knives as VG10 has a high resistance to wear. The blade is prone to chipping if not used properly however the edge will remain sharp much longer than other stainless steels.

The blade will come extremely sharp (pretty much razor sharp). The blade also has the more common 2 bevels than some single bevelled Japanese knives.

The handle is oval making it more ambidextrous and is made of American Cherry Wood. I have oiled it and polished it with beeswax polish to save you time on maintaining the blade.

The wood is very smooth and has a nice texture to it.

The length of the blade is 170 mm and the width of the blade is 45 mm, the total length of the knife is 310 mm. The knife has a really smooth distal taper. The blade is really thin, adding to the extreme sharpness of this knife.

The knife has a slight belly allowing you to rock the knife.

I would not recommend cutting hard ingredients with this knife such as bones as it may cause a risk of chipping to the knife.

Make sure you wash the knife with warm water and soap and dry the knife. I am open to offers


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Shipping will be calculated after your purchase depending where you are, I am based in London. I will dispatch the item with Hermes. Shipping will most likely not be more than £5.

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Price: £290 £249 VAT Free ono
Ref#: 3D4B6ED9495F

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