Innox Max Stainless Steel TTH-3002 Conveyor Toaster (New/Boxed) - Durham


The item was made by FM Calefaccion, Cordoba, Spain and was £634.80 including VAT.
and supplied via Commercial Equipment Direct Ltd, Horley, Surrey.

It measures 750mm Long 419 Deep and 243mm High and is 14.5Kg.
Other spec: 230v, 50-60Hz, Potential Total 3.2kW, nominal maximum 3kW/Economic 1.5kW (one element working only) and supplied on 2.5mm2 power line with 3-pin Converter plug included.

Contact notes

Harry Hollingsworth
Tel 0191 5842255
Price: £100 +VAT
Ref#: D75C5A16A7AC