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This hot cupboard Bain Marie has been cleaned and tested by our engineers and is in full working order. Dry heat, Stainless steel construction, it has 3 quartz lamps in bottom gantry and 5 in top gantry. Pass thru hot cupboard 2 doors each side Power rating 3 kW
Dimensions Height164cm x Width165cm x Depth74cm

£1200 £1100 +VAT

Hot Cupboard with Twin Infra-Red Overhead Gantry
| Ref #: 450dc983774c
New Parry electric stainless steel 6 pot wet bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
6 x 1/3 Gastro pans with lids.
B Grade.
May have some cosmetic damage.
109cmW x 34cmD x 28cmH.

£350 +VAT

6 Pot wet bain marie for sale uk
| Ref #: bd1fea7088b5
Corsair 3 Gastro bain marie and hot lights.
13 Amp electric.
Comes with 2 x 1/1 and 2 x 1/2 Gastro pans with lids.
Heated lights above.
102cmW x 70cmD x 53cmH.

£325 +VAT

Bain marie and hot lamps for sale UK
| Ref #: c28051985bd4
Lincat BS4 4 pot electric bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
4 x New pots and lids.
45cmW x 60cmD x 30cmH.

£150 +VAT

4 pot bain marie
| Ref #: 4b6d2c094edd
We buy catering equipment
Lincat LRBW single wet bain marie.
13 Amp electric. Ex demo. 4.5 Ltr pot.
29cmW x 40cmD x 25cmH.

£120 +VAT

Single baine maire
| Ref #: 58043e95f9fc
This Bains Marie model is designed to keep pre-cooked food at serving temperature and is suitable for the display of most hot foods. It is fitted with a dry heat well for full-size gastronorm containers. A quartz heated/illuminated gantry is mounted over the well, with a curved toughened glass/sneeze guard. Please note, Gastronorm containers are not supplied.
L: 1190mm W: 660mm H: 420mm
It runs from a standard 13amp plug and is designed to be sunk into a counter top.
Complete with glass sneeze guard and wooden counter covers.
In good clean condition with surface scratches and normal wear and tear marks.

£495 ono VAT Free

Selling Moffat D3BMG Drop-In Bains Marie
| Ref #: 27d55449c8a1
Lincat BS4W 4 pot wet bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
4 Pots with lids.
Comes on stand.
45cmW x 60cmD x 90cmH.

£275 +VAT

four pot Bain Marie
| Ref #: bf2d5fc1a287
Hot servery, bain marie drop in
Nice clean unit, fully tested.

£450 +VAT ono

Hot servery, bain marie drop in
| Ref #: 49b4d1f7add7
Large mobile serving trolley/hot cupboard from top manufacturer. This very versatile unit is complete with:
3x 1/1 gastronorm sized dry well bain marie, thermostatically controlled with digital display for easy temperature setting.
2x drop down drawers, 1 of which is hot, the other is ambient, great for storage of different meals/desserts etc.
Ambient draw also complete with 4x 1/6 gastronorm runners for added storage.
This unit also has 2x fold out lids that double up as serving tables either side of the bain marie. Fantastic for displaying products.
On large braked casters for easy movement on almost any floor also has handles on both sides and plug on a curly cable with plug port, all of which make moving this item easy. Power: 13 amp plug in.

£800 VAT Free

Victor Bain Marie Hot Cupboard
| Ref #: d0bb5587babb
Lincat hot cupboard and wet bain marie.
2 x 13 Amp electric.
2 Pot wet bain marie.
Hot cupboard with shelf.
30cmW x 61cmD x 96cmH.

£275 +VAT

Used hot cupboard uk
| Ref #: dd7227f6abf0
Roband BM4-UK wet bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
Comes with 1 x 1/1 Gastro and 3 x 1/3 Gastro trays.
68cmW x 56cmD x 32cmH.

£290 +VAT

Used bain marie
| Ref #: b2cf9ef82481
A freestanding wet heat bain marie which comes with small stainless steel storage space.
Brand: Electrolux
Model: Elco900 range
Height: 890mm / 35 Inches
Width: 600mm / 24 Inches
Depth: 930mm / 37 Inches

£350 £295 +VAT

Electrolux Elco900 Bain Marie
| Ref #: 272adffa76a2
Electric heated gantry/ bain marie.
Single phase electric. 4 x 1/1 Gastro.
Dry bain marie.
2 x Heated draws.
Double hot lights.
200cmW x 74cmD x 90cmH plus 70cmH.

£750 +VAT

Heated Gantry/Bain Marie (5487)
| Ref #: b327b7dbd4d3
Very good condition, highly versatile wet heat bain marie from very popular manufacturer.
Containers can be arranged in a multitude of different ways, currently this unit comes with:
Temperature controlled with thermostat, unlike others that use simmerstat control.
front facing drain for easy draining of bain marie
LED power indicator. Power: 13 amp household plug

£200 including VAT

Lincat Wetwell Bain Marie
| Ref #: 0f00c83edfe0

Lincat 4 Pot Bain Marie - Sheffield

Price: £140 VAT Free
Lincat 4 Pot Bain Marie
Excellent condition, current model, dry well bain marie from popular manufacturer
Model: Silverlink 600 BS4
Stainless steel construction throughout
Comes with 4x stainless steel pots with lids
Adjustable heat control.
Power: 0.75kW, household plug in
Dimensions(mm): 600w x 450d x 290h

£140 VAT Free

Lincat 4 Pot Bain Marie
| Ref #: d58774eba9f9
Lincat GBM2 heated trolley/hot cupboard.
Double Gastro wet bain marie.
2 Shelves.
Heated cabinet.
13 Amp electric.
84cmW x 65cmD x 90cmH.

£475 +VAT

Lincat Heated Trolley/ Hot Cupboard (5479)
| Ref #: d115cd7598f1
Made by Victor.
Lovely piece of kit.
On wheels.
Hot cupboard under.
Heated gantry, hot cupboard, Hot Carvery all independently controlled.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Size 1205 mm L, 700 mm D, 1435 mm H

£1250 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard Heated Gantry/Servery
| Ref #: 1f3fe6ab9e7e
Lovely piece of kit.
On wheels.
Has 7 Bain Marie pans and a carvery tray.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Has tray slide which can easily be folded down or removed.
Heated gantry, hot cupboard, bain marie all controlled independently.
Big money earners these units ie 150 meals @ £8.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!!!
Size 1400mm L, 700 mm D (1025mm with tray slide) 1260mm H

£1250 VAT Free

Carvery/Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry/Servery
| Ref #: 1c5798b5af1b
Made by Moffat.
Has 6 full size carvery pads.
Hot cupboard under.
On wheels.
Hot cupboard, heated gantry and hot plates all independently controlled.
Very hard to find second hand at this size and price !
Try and find another !!!
Works on electric 20amp blue plug.
Size 2150mm L, 640mm D, 1330mm H

£1850 VAT Free

Carvery/Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry/Servery
| Ref #: 771a60029867
This smart dry heat three pot bain marie is perfect for keeping a wide range of items at the ultimate serving temperature. It comes complete with easy to use temperature control and three 1/3 gastronome containers with lids. The compact size of this bain marie allows it to be used in any sized establishment.

£95 +VAT

Mayfair Bain Marie (Ref: RHC2575)
| Ref #: 70f4c80057fb
Rieber STW NORM111 heated trolley/ bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
3 x 1/1 Bain marie. 2 x Heated cabinets and 1 x ambient.
130cmW x 68cmD x 100cmH.

£650 +VAT

Rieber Heated Trolley/Bain Marie
| Ref #: 1b95841400c0
Perfect for safely holding sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature, this three pot bain marie is perfect for small and large establishments alike.
It features thermostatic heat control and includes a front mounted tap for easy draining. This wet heat bain marie will keep food at serving temperature without drying your produce out.

£105 +VAT

Lincat Bain Marie
| Ref #: 3aca667270ab
New Burco CTBM01 dry bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
New. No box.
40cmW x 60cmD x 30cmH.

£150 +VAT

New Burco Dry Bain Marie
| Ref #: 11f68e70ef5b
This four pot, dry heat, bain maire is perfect for keeping fillings, gravies and other sauces at the perfect serving temperature.

£110 +VAT

4 Pot Bain Marie
| Ref #: d06c7b3c9ccc
This four pot dry heat bain maire by buffalo is perfect for keeping fillings, gravies and other sauces at the perfect serving temperature. This user friendly thermostatically controlled bain maire comes complete with two 1/3 gastronome and two 1/6 gastronome containers.

£95 +VAT

Buffalo Bain Marie (Ref: RHC2552)
| Ref #: 7223d6bee01c
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