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Here we have another Astoria 1 Group Dual Fuel Machine for sale, which is has a new, extra tough white powder coat paint finish. These machines are perfect for small coffee carts, vans or any mobile catering set up which is lacking the space for a larger 2 group machine. As it is dual fuel the machine can be run either on LPG/Gas, electric or both combined. The electric can be run off a standard 13 amp plug. The machine has been set up and is ready to be connected and start working.

£1550 +VAT ono

1 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 9aca9631b91e
The Fracino coffee machine is a top quality single group coffee maker, ideal for use in cafes, coffee houses, pubs and hotels. Featuring a large capacity boiler and a stainless steel construction, this high quality coffee machine provides consistent and reliable operation. It comes complete with portafilter and steam wand.
This item has been Independently checked, fully serviced and all seals replaced.

£550 +VAT

1 Group espresso machine for sale
| Ref #: ffd5ba2d3dc0
Fracino Velocino Group 1 commercial espresso machine
20 month old, excellent condition and excellent working order
Regularly serviced
Hybrid espresso machine which combines convenience of a bean to cup with simplicity of a traditional espresso machine
Comes with cleaning solutions (PULY milk, and coffee cleaning tablets), and spare Lucaffe coffee pods
Also includes a free milk refrigeration unit and free-standing mug warming unit

£800 ono VAT Free

Fracino Velocino Group 1 Commercial Espresso Machine
| Ref #: d81808e7be3c
Fully rebuilt machine serviced in and out in new excellent working order
Please see photo of inside proof of rebuild
Full automatic
1 group machine
1 steam arm
1 hot water
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£895 +VAT

Fracino single group coffee machine
| Ref #: 64d32c744e4d
We buy catering equipment
3yr old "La Spaziale" single head coffee machine. Hardly used and just had a deep clean before posting.

It comes with a Mazzer Italian coffee grinder (I couldn't find the lid to the hopper but's round the house somewhere.) and a top of the range Brita filter plus accessories including cups and saucers, couldn't get a photo of them as they are in storage. Few wear and tear marks.

The whole kit is worth around £3000.

Reduced to £1200 or closest sensible offer.

£1600 £900 ono VAT Free

"La Spaziale" 1 Group Coffee Machine
| Ref #: 97b6a17ca535

Fracino Single Group Coffee Machine - Willaston

Price: £1000 ono including VAT
Fracino coffee machine
Fantastic coffee machine.

Used for less than 3 months.

Excellent as new condition.

Over £2000 new.

Comes with grinder and knock box.

Easy to use.

£1000 ono including VAT

Fracino coffee machine
| Ref #: 330cd7d7422b
Both single and double portafilter handles with inserts, (the bit you put the finely ground coffee in) you will need a traditional style grinder to accompany this machine, as well as a coffee tamp and milk frothing jugs these are available online or I could advise...

Fracino are made in Birmingham and as such parts are easy to come by, I like them because there un complicated and they do what it says they make coffee...This machine automatically fills itself, and is thermostat controlled, to make a coffee you press the front green button, and after approx 21 seconds and approx 34ml (if your grind is correct) you press the green button off, simple operation, less to go wrong....

Click here for more info and contact details......

£450 +VAT

1 group espresso maker
| Ref #: 8ef7d2e96aa5
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