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This Lincat pie warmer will ensure that your produce is displayed perfectly for your customers.
Complete with a single wire rack shelf making sure that your pies, pasties and sausage rolls are displayed and heated to the perfect temperature.
Brand: Lincat : Model: IP21B

£525 +VAT

Lincat IP21B Pie Warmer (Ref: RHC1359)
| Ref #: 446a6efdd060
Used Buffalo GF455 pie warmer. 13 amp electric.
From best-selling Buffalo, this attractive stainless steel countertop 60 pie cabinet and warmer provides outstanding value alongside robust, durable reliability. Hygienic and easy to clean, the glass sliding doors allow easy access and reduces running costs due to reduced heat loss. Its internal lamp attractively merchandises pies, pasties, sausage rolls and many other pastries, whilst the built-in water pan creates humidity, preventing food drying out and reducing waste. This pie cabinet would perfectly suit takeaways, mobile catering, sandwich shops and bakeries. Supplied with three removable shelves.

£190 +VAT

Pie Warmer
| Ref #: d182e56bf2ca
This heated food display is perfect for keeping a wide range of foods at serving temperature.
Complete with thermostatic control and four wire rack holders which are ideal for displaying foods such as pizzas etc.

£350 £250 +VAT

Heated Food Display (Ref: RHC1462) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: ec030b0ee697
The new range of Burco hot display cabinets offers an effective solution for all of your impulse hot food display requirements.
With illuminated interiors and glass to front and rear, these versatile heated cabinets are perfect for pies, pastries, breakfast goods and pizzas.
The PC60 has a large capacity, able to hold 60 pies for high volume premises (based on pies with 108 diameter).

£270 +VAT

Pie warmer
| Ref #: 97c261a24797
25% Sale
This smart table top pie warmer is perfect for keeping a wide range of products at the perfect serving temperature. It comes complete with sliding rear doors, three wire rack shelves and height adjustable feet. This is the perfect pie warmer for small shops, cafes and coffee shops.

£150 +VAT

Used pie warmer for sale
| Ref #: 16bb32d69231
Barbecue King WHFS heated display / pie warmer.
13 Amp electric.
2 Door. 4 Shelves.
Water tray.
Digital controller.
87cmW x 61cmD x 80cmH

£750 +VAT

Heated display or pie warmer
| Ref #: d3bcd3e2e9bc
Burco DK953 electric heated cabinet/ warmer.
20 Pie capacity.
13 Amp electric.
40cmW x 40cmD x 42cmH.

£190 +VAT

Burco Heated Pie Cabinet/ Warmer
| Ref #: 209d938b965d
Heated cabinet
Hold cabinet for chicken / meat / pastry
Fan assisted
Tempered glass
Temp range 20 to 80c
Good condition works well
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£300 £199 +VAT

Heated food display cabinet
| Ref #: f2f9c7ff6e0f
This pie warmer is an ideal solution for the storage of hot foods such as pies, pasties and sausage rolls, displaying them at the optimum temperature to encourage customers to buy and drive sales.
It is constructed from high quality stainless steel and toughened glass. It is supplied with two wire rack shelves.

£115 +VAT

Parry Pie Warmer
| Ref #: a6f431f7561e
We buy catering equipment
This Fri-jado 3 Level Pass-Through Multi deck is ideal for chicken, wraps, snacks & soups etc.
Featuring an efficient combination of conduction heat, airflow and an air curtain which help maintain ideal product temperatures. Complete on swivel castors for ease of movement.

£1295 £1100 +VAT

Fri-jado Heated Display Unit (Ref: RHC1751) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 27c20d09c989
Ex demo Buffalo CK915 pie warmer.
13 Amp electric.
Ex demo.
25 Ltr.
58cmW x 38cmD x 30cmH.
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£140 +VAT

Ex Demo Pie Warmer (5248)
| Ref #: fa4958a624c1

£200 +VAT

Astoria 30cm Electric Cup Warmer
| Ref #: fae36aaac2e5

Sold Buffalo Pie Warmer - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Price: £110 +VAT ono
Buffalo Pie Warmer
Designed for the attractive presentation and merchandising of pies, pasties, sausage rolls and more, the Buffalo Pie Cabinet is an attractive solution for promoting impulse pastry purchasing. Constructed from strong stainless steel with clear glass sliding doors, the pie cabinet is sturdy, effortless to clean and easy to access. The internal lamp ensures your pastries are visually appealing, whilst the water pan creates humidity in the cabinet, retaining the quality of the products for longer and reducing waste. Once service is over, the doors, shelves and water pan are all removable to speed up the cleaning process
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£110 +VAT ono

Buffalo Pie Warmer
| Ref #: 95bde16a7939
Counterline drop in heated servery cabinet, 3 shelves , rear doors to stock up.
H 830mm x W 900 x D 750mm
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£550 +VAT

Counterline Heated Servery Cabinet
| Ref #: cc49cd758756
Ideal Self Service Impulse Sales Generator
Stainless steel construction
Thermostatically controlled from +30 to +95ºC
Attractive display lighting
Forced air circulation
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£350 +VAT

hot food sales
| Ref #: 2bf36dbbf2dc
Buffalo 232 heated display unit 30-90 degrees centigrade
H 670 X W868 x D 568
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£275 +VAT

Buffalo 232 Heated Display Unit
| Ref #: 6faa17388cdd
This smart heated display will ensure your delicious produce is displayed to the highest of standards and at the ultimate serving temperature. The stylish design of this display will ensure it will fit perfectly within your establishment.

Brand: Canmac
Model: HAZ 2014
Power: Single Phase

£150 +VAT

Heated display - pie warmer
| Ref #: f1991cc6f9aa
Coreco hot multideck cabinet with 5 shelves.
Temperature ranges between 60° and 70°.
External dimensions: 680x640x2020(H).
Adjustable shelves.
Bought in July 16 but hardly used - excellent conditions.
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£1200 +VAT

Heated display Multideck
| Ref #: 805d34fd3301
This unit has been used for less than 3 months and is in good/new condition. we paid about £5000 for this and will except £2500.
Open fronted heated display for self help service.
Display maintains pre-heated cooked food at a regulated temperature.
Perfect for hot rolls, pies, pasties, chicken portions etc.
Illumination to all shelf levels.
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£2500 including VAT

Counterline New Experience EHF900 0.9m Heated Self Service Multideck
| Ref #: 5cc7f92779e9

£290 +VAT

Pie Warmer (2 heated shelves)
| Ref #: 4ed216c6b085

Moffat Pie Cabinet - Somerset

Price: £125 VAT Free
Moffat Pie Cabinet
Moffat Pie Cabinet.
Fantastic working condition, and ideal for displaying pies/pasties and other items for takeaway.
Complete glass fit for display of product. 3 tiered display.
710mm (L) x 560mm (H) x 360mm (D).

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£125 VAT Free

Moffat Pie Cabinet
| Ref #: 543841fa3c1e
New Infernus pie oven.
Oven drawer.
Hot display.
Double bain marie.
41cmW x 47cmD x 45cmH.
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£350 +VAT

New Pie Oven (3828)
| Ref #: 2d6b28f213eb

Sold LPG Pie Oven - Witshire

Price: £250 VAT Free
LPG Pie Oven
This LPG pie oven has had the following new parts fitted, gas valve, thermocouple, control knob and appliance has been cleaned, tested and is ready to go, glass front and rear however only the front glass doors move for opening.
Removed from catering trailer on refurbishment.
These old models are getting very hard to find.

£250 VAT Free

LPG Pie Oven
| Ref #: cfcad86bc10b
Perfect working condition
65cm wide
63cm high
43cm deep
With 3 shelves and lights

£150 +VAT

Pie Warmer (3 shelves)  Bridgwater, Somerset
| Ref #: d92557ddadf2
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