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Used commercial microwave, Panasonic NE-1856, 1800 Watt. This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.

£280 +VAT

Commercial microwave for sale
| Ref #: eafbd2294b81
I bought this oven for private home use, I have used it just 3 time since I have it. Bought it on ebay 13.September 2017 for 499£. so oven is basically new without any fault! For quick sale I can give 4 cooking pans that I bought separately.
I am going to move and I cant take it with me as its quite large

£400 ono VAT Free

Empire Electric Large Convection Oven 4 x 1/1 - Reading
| Ref #: 6e68a5457e3a
Single phase electric 5.2kw
Fully programmable soft touch buttons.
Serious power on these microwaves.
This is THE microwave to have !
Well over £2000 new price, this one at just £500.

£500 VAT Free

Used microwave oven
| Ref #: d6ad574c259f
This compact, high quality, convection oven is specifically designed for the more simple pastry and baking processes. It consistently achieves an excellent golden colour in the baking of frozen products and baked goods.
It has a Dynamic control panel which features cooking time, cooking temperature, cooking cycles and a key to manually add water. Additionally, it has the possibility to set specific cooking programmes, concerning time, regulation for quality fluid and temperature.
This is an ideal solution for bakeries and pastry shops where space is at a premium but require the same excellent results as a large oven.

£850 £795 +VAT

UNOX Convection Oven Single Phase
| Ref #: dfe10653a43d
We buy catering equipment
Excellent condition, current model from top manufacturer.
This model (E3) is often seen in various fast food outlets including Subway.
The accelerated cooking is achieved by added microwave power to convection oven, resulting in cooking times up to 6x lower than a regular convection oven.
This machine is programmable via USB, then controlled through the large, touch screen on the front, allowing for a wide and varied menu without the need for detailed staff training.
The speed of this oven allows for food to be cooked fresh to order, reducing the waste generated by batch cooking.

£795 VAT Free

Merrychef E3 Accelerated Cooking Electric Oven
| Ref #: a7868804d8bc
The Buffalo GK643 is perfect addition for any kitchen; the Buffalo 1100W Microwave features a stainless steel construction and finish, flat oven door and ergonomic controls. With 5 power levels, including a defrost setting, and a timer range of 40 minutes, this commercial microwave is certain to keep up with your commercial kitchen.

£150 +VAT

microwave for sale
| Ref #: 555430fc7f22
Used Merrychef eikon 3 in great condition
The popular Merrychef provides accelerated cooking by adding microwave power to a convection creating up to 5x faster preparation times, ideal fast food kitchens and commonly in seen in the Subway chain.
The machine is programmable via the USB connector under the Merrychef badge allowing for a diverse menu and no need for detailed staff training. Because of the speed of the Merrychef orders can be made fresh to order and reduces wastage. Uses a standard 3 pin plug.

£749 +VAT

Convection microwaves for sale
| Ref #: edb7967dbbc2
Eurofour 2502T03 convection/ bake off oven.
Single phase electric.
On stand.
On castors.
98cmW x 75cmD x 135cmH.

£600 +VAT

Eurofour Convection/Bake Off Oven (5482)
| Ref #: c02a46743756
Heavy volume, commercial microwave oven lets you cook up to four times faster than convection ovens, allowing fast product output and greater menu flexibility. It features a 100 programmable menu, 11 power levels and 4 stage cooking. An ideal choice for any cafes, pubs and quick service restaurants.

£425 +VAT

Menumaster Jetwave Combi Microwave Oven (Ref: RHC2578)
| Ref #: 69c965ccce8a
Excellent condition accelerated cooking oven from top manufacturer. This oven combines regular convection oven heat with microwave power, reducing cooking times by up to 10x on certain items. 
This oven itself is in fantastic condition as can be seen by the photos, the oven doesn't seem to have done much work at all. This is the largest model that Merrychef do, allowing for larger food items that wouldn't normally go in to a Merrychef oven. 
The oven can be used for cooking a variety of foods, in fact anything that you would put in a conventional convection oven, but in particular, pies pizzas and subs, as the hot convection oven will quickly brown off the outside of such products while the microwave will cook the insides/toppings rapidly.

£495 VAT Free

Merrychef EC501 Combi Microwave Oven
| Ref #: 9f0f739b4da0

Giga Fast Oven - Chesterfield

Price: £1100 VAT Free
Fast oven for sale
Super-fast cooking - fresh dough pizza ready in as little as 90 seconds
Powerful - heats up to 400/450°C from cold in 10-12 minutes
Versatile - can be used as a “standard” convection oven to cook a wide range of foods
Compact - can be used almost anywhere

£1100 VAT Free

Fast oven for sale
| Ref #: c013057f4518
The Merrychef HD1725 is 1725 watts which is ideally suited for the busiest kitchen and the discerning restaurateur. Most popular oven range, featuring Merrychefs unique pop-up door which provides maximum durability, flexibility and efficiency.

£1000 +VAT

Commercial microwave
| Ref #: 9097a59d5c2c

Merrychef Eikon E4 - Derby / Nottingham

Price: £2900 ono VAT Free
Merrychef Eikon E4 Oven
Merrychef Eikon E4 like new! Almost perfect condition!
We have barely used it.
Bought with intention to start lunchtime trade, due to restaurant location, this was a bad idea, so we no longer need it as our evening menu does not suit - steaks etc. Great piece of kit though.
If you arrange collection for a sunday or monday, we can plug it in and you can see it working for yourself.
As you can see from the pictures its barely used, all the manuals are there, the seals are in great condition, comes with the regular accessories of rack and enamel tray.
Nisbet Price for £6926.36
We are selling for £2900 no VAT

£2900 ono VAT Free

Merrychef Eikon E4 Oven
| Ref #: 9244fb411a89
Brand New and has never been used. Was supplied by error and we wish to sell as re-stocking charge is too much!
Full Manufacturers warranty and has programme USB memory stick supplied.
Shelves and parts all still wrapped.

£7000 +VAT ono

used merry chef oven
| Ref #: 2d776b362743
Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient Eikon E3 oven by Merrychef! The oven is ideal for crispy, tempting baguettes, croissants, snacks and toasted sandwiches. With its particularly compact design, up to 6 x faster preparation times and its three different cooking levels makes it the ideal solution for power saving yet fast cooking and baking.
It features a quick pre-heat time of just 15 minutes, USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking programs and microwave combination mode which reduces cooking times by up to 6 times. The oven comes with a turntable which maximises heat distribution for ultimate cooking & browning results. Also the ventless operation allows you to use this smart oven in any environment with ease.

£795 +VAT

Merrychef Eikon E3 Oven (Ref: RHC2818) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: b7ad665c452d
This smart Sanyo microwave will speed up cooking times within your busy restaurant. It features a digital display with up to 20 programmable settings and 10 power settings including variable defrost. This microwave is the perfect addition to your busy establishment.

£225 +VAT

Sanyo microwave
| Ref #: acd98af34931
Blue Seal E32 Max Convection Oven Electric

£850 +VAT

Blue Seal E32 Max Convection Oven Electric - Norwich, Norfolk
| Ref #: a4025120a8a1

Sold Burco CTC 002 Convection Oven - Fulham, London SW6

Price: £225 £195 including VAT
Used microwave oven
The Burco CTCO02 is a fan assisted oven with excellent heat distribution to guarantee outstanding results and rapid cooking times. Features timer and non-slip adjustable feet. Ideal for cooking or reheating a variety of foods

£225 £195 including VAT

Used microwave oven
| Ref #: 841874c58cf4
New Panasonic NE1853 1800 watt high power microwave.
Heavy duty. Compact. 1800 Watts.
B Grade. Slight knock on top.
42cmW x 52cmD x 34cmH.

£460 +VAT

New Panasonic 1800 Watt High Power Microwave
| Ref #: 640b9f0b64a7
The Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV, bakes and grills to perfection, in Nine Combinations of Microwave, Convection Oven, Fan Oven, Grill and Fan Grill.
The award winning Combi-Chef IV combination microwave oven is the most versatile, competitively priced oven in it's class. Featuring nine modes of cooking and reheat options, this state of the art oven microwaves, bakes, roasts and grills to perfection in minutes. Combi-Chef IV allows caterers the flexibility to produce the most comprehensive of menus from just one table top appliance.
A unique attribute of the Combi-Chef IV is the facility to alter cook and time modes whilst the unit is in operation - essential in the pressurised kitchen environment.
This was purchased for hotel kitchen referb several years ago but was never used. Has been stored since. Box has never been opened. These commercial catering/kitchen units cost around £1600

£600 ono VAT Free

Maestrowave Combi Chef Iv combination microwave oven
| Ref #: 22522f51228c
Whether you're cooking jacket potatoes, roasting joints of meats or simply baking breakfast croissants, the powerful and stylish Buffalo Convection Oven does it faster and better than conventional static ovens. Offering a generous 100Ltr capacity over two robust shelves, the oven delivers excellent, consistent results thanks to its fan circulated heating system which helps to distribute the heat evenly within the cavity. Designed for ease of use, the Buffalo convection oven is simple to clean and features a cool-touch handle, as well as convenient full 1/1 gastronorm pan compatibility. For added functionality, the oven also includes a built in independent manual timer which helps to provide an audible reminder once the allotted time has expired. A great quality oven for the professional caterer.

£360 +VAT

Used convection oven
| Ref #: 6fac11ea9adc
Speed up cooking times within your café or coffee shop with this Sharp microwave. This multi-functional microwave enables you to cook and grill a wide range of items in a fast and efficient time.
It has several cooking options such as grill, convection, combi, express cook and express defrost. It also has an auto cook feature with 8 settings which make this microwave a versatile piece of equipment in your busy kitchen.
Brand: Sharp
Model: R985TM-A
Wattage: 900 Watts
Power: Single Phase

£150 +VAT

900W Sharp Jet Convection & Jet Microwave (Ref: RHC2647) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 007bab83d39f
Brand new in box sharp r23am 1900w microwave only taken out of box to view. Never used.
Collection from nottingham
£500 ono retail on these are £650 so getting bargain.

£500 ono including VAT

Brand New Sharp r23am Industrial Microwave
| Ref #: 1b486d42c4fe
Turbofan 32 commercial Electric convection oven. Can grill, bake, roast and suitable to cook all meats, also has a steam function, easy to use electronic controls with high visibility digital display (less than 12 months old)
(see pictures for full control details)
Quick sale price- £695

£695 VAT Free

Convection oven for sale
| Ref #: 26c73982c602
Samsung CM1929 ,1850watt commercial microwave
Costed new over £658 (original invoice can be provided upon request)
Quick sale price £250

£250 VAT Free

Microwave for sale
| Ref #: de1cc82aad3e
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