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Drop In Fridge - London

Price: £700 +VAT
Drop in fridge for sale
Condition: Immaculate
Recently Serviced
Self evaporation
Note: The Surrounding is not included.

£700 +VAT

Drop in fridge for sale
| £700 +VAT
Used, good condition
Size: 3
3 x 1/1
Size.113cm wide by 63cm
Single phase

£425 +VAT

Glass ceramic hot unit
| Quantity: 2 | £425 +VAT per unit
This Bains Marie model is designed to keep pre-cooked food at serving temperature and is suitable for the display of most hot foods. It is fitted with a dry heat well for full-size gastronorm containers. A quartz heated/illuminated gantry is mounted over the well, with a curved toughened glass/sneeze guard. Please note, Gastronorm containers are not supplied.
L: 1190mm W: 660mm H: 420mm
It runs from a standard 13amp plug and is designed to be sunk into a counter top.
Complete with glass sneeze guard and wooden counter covers.
In good clean condition with surface scratches and normal wear and tear marks.

£495 ono VAT Free

Selling Moffat D3BMG Drop-In Bains Marie
| Quantity: 2 | £495 ono VAT Free per unit
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items