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Palux Module Range - West Sussex

Price: £1500 +VAT
Palux Module Range
Module three phase range consisting of 3 parts
2 fryer section 60 cm
hot plate + 2 fryer section 140 cm
Chip scuttle and wok section 100 cm
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£1500 +VAT

Palux Module Range
| Ref #: 9fab49ed08bf

Waste Bin And Storage Unit - Leicester

Price: £185 VAT Free
Clearing station
Bin and storage unit for cafe or restaurant or take-away use.

In white gloss finish. Ideal for take away burger / kebab / chip shop self clearing station bin.

H122cm x W50cm x L100cm.

The storage unit has two doors, one for the bin and one for storage. It has 5 slots on top ideal for napkins, sauces, and other condiment storage. It has space to put trays on top and includes a bin flap.

Excellent condition, has only been used for the past 9 months.

£185 VAT Free

Clearing station
| Ref #: 8b0071941640
Ideal for take always and self service restaurants.

Can accommodate large refuse bin.

Has a large tray storage area on top and refuse disposal flap to access the bin.

W78cm by 75cm deep by 130cm tall

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£120 +VAT

Stainless Steel Tray Clearing Station with Bin
| Ref #: 20d7cf3b9a46

Clearing Station - Newcastle

Price: £75 +VAT
stainless steel commercial kitchen clearing station
Approx 6ft long, with 3 compartments and space for trays

£75 +VAT

stainless steel commercial kitchen clearing station
| Ref #: dced2951a9e3
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