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Thermodyne 300 NDNL - Wiltshire

Price: £500 VAT Free
Thermodyne hot trolley
One thermodyne 300 NDNL in working used condition on a custom made trolley with castors, removed from a care home, I have tested this appliance and it reached the correct holding temperature as you can see from the pictures.

£500 VAT Free

Thermodyne hot trolley
| Ref #: 598a5c0249cb
Extremely useful bakery tray rack. Store all your racks in a small footprint.
Takes up to 13x 18" x 30" bakery sheets
Welded stainless steel construction throughout, this unit also has a large utensil drawer in the centre as well as a removable knife block on the left hand side.
This rack is also complete with a removable stainless steel side panel (can be swapped to the right hand side is required)
On lockable casters for easy movement.

£190 VAT Free

Steel bakery rack for sale
| Ref #: dd25bc52ff7d

New Ex Showroom Kitchen - Midlands

Price: £1500 +VAT ono
Ex showroom kitchen
New never been cooked in. Now been carefully dismantled and in dry storage.
Granite work tops - built in sink
Center Island
Base units and cupboards
Dismantled and ready for installation.

£1500 +VAT ono

Ex showroom kitchen
| Ref #: e647aadb8ea1
Brand new, never been used, stainless steel display racking.
3 tiers, top 2 tiers lift off.
Power coated frame with stainless steel baskets
Removable/interchangable sections
Slots for pricing etc on front of each tier.
Dimensions(mm): 1200 x 800 x 1410

£100 VAT Free

Display/Storage Racking
| Ref #: 83f45d1f95ac
We buy catering equipment
Perfect for the most demanding of food service locations such as weddings and other similar events, this smart hot holding banquet cart is the ideal way to ensure that your customer’s food is kept at the perfect serving temperature allowing you to serve a large number of customers at once. The heavy duty construction and dense thermal insulation helps to keep food at the ideal temperature. It has been designed to adapt to any type of banquet holding such as covered plates, covered or uncovered plate carriers, trays for banquet service, additional shelves for full-size and half-size gastronome containers.

£1250 +VAT

Heated banquet cart for sale
| Ref #: 516d4a0a48ac
Used Bartlett B Line Stainless Steel Rack Shelves
Trolley. 3 tier.
On castors.
90cmW x 60cmD x 164cmH
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£150 +VAT

Stainless steel shelving on wheels
| Ref #: fd48b0d03471

Marble Top Cupboard - London

Price: £100 +VAT
Marble top cupboard
Condition: Used
Price: £100 + VAT

£100 +VAT

Marble top cupboard
| Ref #: ddfe8c51f10e
Used stainless steel double gantry shelf.
Non heated.
137cmW x 40cmD x 85cmH

£140 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Double Gantry Shelf	(6099)
| Ref #: 1f243111592a
2-tiered ambient trolley
Stainless Steel
430 Grade stainless steel
1.5mm thick material
Perfect for plates or additional storage

£150 +VAT ono

Mobile storage trolley for sale
| Ref #: b45ca95be79d
2-tiered ambient trolley
Stainless Steel
430 Grade stainless steel
1.5mm thick material
Perfect for plates or additional storage
NOTE: Very scratched surface.

£120 +VAT ono

Mobile ambient trolley for sale
| Ref #: b9266d691208
4 Tier Storage Racking
Fully Welded Construction
Stainless Steel
430 Grade stainless steel
1.5mm thick material
4x 30x30mm posts
12mm safety returns to 4 sides

£285 +VAT ono

4 tier shelving rack
| Ref #: 5f11cc43c6ac
Stainless Steel Wall Cupboard
Heavy duty cupboard.
Sliding doors.

£295 VAT Free

cupboard for sale
| Ref #: 82be72c8de02
Highly useful stainless steel wall unit.
Stainless steel construction throughout
Complete with 2x interior shelves
2x sliding doors
Also complete with pre drilled holes for fixing.

£100 VAT Free

Stainless steel wall cupboard
| Ref #: 955cdb7a73f8

Small Rack - London

Price: £40 +VAT
Small rack

£40 +VAT

Small rack
| Ref #: 0ecba566a44c
Excellent condition, full stainless steel, welded construction.
Comes with runners for bakery trays. 
On Braked casters for easy movement around kitchen, great for storing bakery deliveries as they arrive or just for general storage of utensils, dry goods etc.

£80 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Storage Rack with runners
| Ref #: d539ab3324b9
Very well-made, useful wall bench
Fully welded, stainless steel construction
Excellent for placing machines on due to added depth of unit
Complete with 5x runners for bakery bread trays
Complete with Braked Casters
Dimensions(mm): 600w x 800d x 900h

£90 VAT Free

600mm x 800mm Stainless Steel Table
| Ref #: cc7280b755d0
Very good condition prep table with cupboard doors
Stainless Steel throughout
Left hand cupboard door contains undershelf for storage
Right hand cupboard door contains undershelf for a bin store with bin chute above
Very handy for hiding bin away from view whilst it still being on hand for chef
Circular cut outs in top for water/drain/power connections of any machine sat on top
On adjustable feet

£150 VAT Free

Stainless steel table with cupboard doors
| Ref #: aa6ad4e94d4a
Low level storage cupboard/machine stand
Stainless steel throughout
Low height perfect for sitting a machine on 
Cupboard doors with undershelf behind
Ancillary shelf under work top, excellent for knock out drawer or something similar
Circular cut out to rear of work top perfect for hiding water/drain/power connections from view
On Adjustable feet

£140 VAT Free

stainless steel stand cupboard for sale
| Ref #: 09a5c01d8e53
Stainless steel Gastro trolley.
Holds 18 x 1/1 Gastro pans.
39cmW x 55cmD x 167cmH.

£110 +VAT

Gastronorm storage trolley
| Ref #: 0abb60c08b79
Stainless steel 3 tier trolley.
88cmW x 47cmD x 93cmH.

£70 +VAT

Stainless Steel 3 Tier Trolley (6033)
| Ref #: d99678c96f79
Stainless steel table with backsplash, surround and drawer
5x spacers underneath for bakery trays
Large, wide drawer perfect for utensils
3x shelves on backsplash for storage as well as hook for hanging utensils
On Casters

£120 VAT Free

650mm prep table with backsplash for sale
| Ref #: 674ff8af7a1a
Size: 930(H) x 860(W) x 535(D) mm.
Nearly new and used for one function – Bargain!!

£50 +VAT

Used clearing trolley
| Ref #: eaf6f08b0682
Used stainless steel 3 tier rack/ trolley. On castors. Slight etched surface.
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£120 +VAT

| Ref #: c42f8ff37507
Used stainless steel bakery trolley/ rack.
Holds 15 trays 40cmW x 60cmD.
On castors.
48cmW x 64cmD x 155cmH

£120 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Bakery Trolley / Rack (6000)
| Ref #: f043dabb8c4f
Used stainless steel wall cabinet.
Sliding door with shelf.
120cmW x 36cmD x 71cmH

£130 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Wall Cabinet (5994)
| Ref #: f0cdebee085a
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