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New B grade Unox Elena XF 185 GB-B convection oven.
No original box.
Steam injection. 13 Amp electric.

£950 +VAT

convection oven for sale
| Ref #: 23f4957d8490
New B grade Unox Chef Top xvc104 electric convection oven.
No original box.13 Amp electric.

£950 +VAT

Electric convection oven
| Ref #: 2cdd72db7180
New B grade Unox Chef Top xvc105p electric combination oven. No original box.
Single or 3 phase electric.ChefTop 3 Grid Combi Oven (P)
Capacity:3 x GN 1/1
High Power Model for Bulk Production
70 Cooking Programmes

£1500 +VAT

Combi oven for sale
| Ref #: d1df6a184647
This oven was removed from a school which means it has been well looked after.
The oven is in excellent fully working condition and has just been serviced by a fully qualified catering engineer.
air-o-steam combi ovens make steam to do so much more and they are ideal for practically any food. Thanks to the high performing dedicated steam generator the air-o-steam combi ovens are able to guarantee continous and faster supply of steam at all times and high quality food. Roast? Sure, every time it will be gloriously brown and juicy. Vegetables? Voilà, they are always vibrant and flavorful. Bread and pastries? Here you go, bread with flaky crusts and moist cakes risen high.

£1800 +VAT

Electric Oven 10 grid
| Ref #: 5c1a55a01279
We buy catering equipment
Fantastic condition, like new boiling top and convection oven from very popular manufacturer.
This price is for both items.
these 2 items together make up a fantastic range for any small cafe or restaurant.

£500 VAT Free

Secondhand Electric hob and oven
| Ref #: a31e01eea4a6
Used commercial microwave, Panasonic NE-1856, 1800 Watt. This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.

£280 +VAT

Commercial microwave for sale
| Ref #: eafbd2294b81
I bought this oven for private home use, I have used it just 3 time since I have it. Bought it on ebay 13.September 2017 for 499£. so oven is basically new without any fault! For quick sale I can give 4 cooking pans that I bought separately.
I am going to move and I cant take it with me as its quite large

£400 ono VAT Free

Empire Electric Large Convection Oven 4 x 1/1 - Reading
| Ref #: 6e68a5457e3a

Fage Gas Pizza Oven - Southend on Sea, Essex

Price: £2495 £1500 +VAT
Fage gas pizza oven
In excellent condition with two shelves and stand
The Fage gas pizza ovens offer the quality bake of an Italian built pizza ovens, combined with the efficiency and low costs of gas power

£2495 £1500 +VAT

Fage gas pizza oven
| Ref #: 87e2bc95cac3
Hobart CSDUC 6 Grid Combi Oven
3 phase electric 26 amp (available on single phase - call 01227 469692)
900mm wide x 900mm deep x 1400mm high
These ovens are fully working and serviced by our catering engineer
Very good cosmetic condition and deep cleaned

£1650 +VAT

Hobart CSDUC 6 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: a3cad3c21ad5

Hobart Oven - Coventry

Price: £750 +VAT
Used hobart oven for sale
Hobart Oven
Comes with stand

£750 +VAT

Used hobart oven for sale
| Ref #: 3da657bf7527
Make: Hobart
Model: CSDUC (2008)
10 Grid Electric Combi Oven (6 grid also available)
These ovens were removed from a Sainsburys supermarket which means they have been well looked after.
They are in excellent fully working condition and have just been serviced by a fully qualified catering engineer.

£1650 +VAT ono

Hobart CSDUC 10 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: f04fa5f39b35
We have 6, 10 and 20 grid available of this model. 20 ovens in stock.
Item description:
  • Make: Hobart
  • Model: CSMH (2010)
  • Type: 20 Grid Electric Combi Oven
These ovens were removed from a well-known high street takeaway and have been well looked after and regularly serviced.

£2800 +VAT

2010 Hobart CSMH 20 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: 84b97c096daf
Make: Rational
Model: SCC 201
Type: 20 Grid Combi Oven with roll-in trolley
Power Supply: Natural Gas or 3 phase electric (we have both)
Market list price: +£14,000
OUR PRICE: £5300 + VAT (£6360)

£5300 +VAT

Rational SCC 20 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: 007ec34b266d
Make: Rational
Model: SCC 101
Type: 10 grid Combi Oven
Power Supply: Gas
Dimensions: 800mm x 850mm x 1750mm
Working order: This oven is fully working and serviced by our rational trained catering engineer
Market list price: +£10,000
OUR PRICE: £3300 + VAT
Comes with warranty

£3300 +VAT

Rational SCC 10 Grid Gas Combi Oven + Stand,
| Ref #: a5baa082a410
Make: Rational
Model: SCC 102
Type: 20 Grid Combi Oven with Stand
Power Supply: 3 Phase Electric
Working order: This oven is fully working and serviced by our rational trained catering engineer.
Cosmetic Condition: Excellent cosmetic condition (see photos)

£4400 +VAT

Rational SCC Electric 20 Grid 102 Combi Oven. Self Cooking Centre
| Ref #: c73c9c38ab3f
Rational SCC 6 grid, 3 phase electric combi oven, full service rational engineer
Make: Rational
Model: SCC
Type: 6 grid Combi Oven
Power Supply: 3 phase electric
Dimensions: 850mm x 850mm x 1500mm

£2800 +VAT

Rational SCC 6 Grid, 3 Phase Electric Combi Oven
| Ref #: 2bcdcf096ed8
Very good condition, single phase electric, convection oven.
Oven takes 4x 600mm x 400mm baking sheets or baskets both of which we have in stock.
Can also be supplied with mobile storage trolley as can be seen in photos.
Comes supplied with a mobile stand to bring oven to perfect usable height

£695 VAT Free

Eurofours Large Electric Baking Oven
| Ref #: aec5350d947b
Single phase electric 5.2kw
Fully programmable soft touch buttons.
Serious power on these microwaves.
This is THE microwave to have !
Well over £2000 new price, this one at just £500.

£500 VAT Free

Used microwave oven
| Ref #: d6ad574c259f
New B Grade Unox Rossella XFT199 Steam Injection Bakery/ Bakeoff Oven. 3 phase electric. List Price £2300. Comes with stand.
Baking Computer - Digital Control with 70 programs
Steam Maxi System - Humidity can be produced from the very beginning of any operation
High quality product to a very competitive price
Reliability - The whole line has been properly designed with components able to work continuously for long times
Perfect Baking Results - The heat transported by air is uniformly distributed inside the cavity in order to obtain a homogeneous external colouration of food in all trays
Easy Cleaning - Baking chamber with rounded shape and completely built in stainless steel
3 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

£1200 +VAT

New B Grade Unox Rossella XFT199 Steam Injection Bakery / Bakeoff Oven (6024)
| Ref #: af5953757fb1
Bake Off convection oven for everyday use in commercial kitchen
Perfect for cooking or reheating.
Drop Down Door
60 Minute timer
4 removable cooking racks included

£1250 £1195 +VAT

Oven Front
| Ref #: 16fa49c128f1
This compact, high quality, convection oven is specifically designed for the more simple pastry and baking processes. It consistently achieves an excellent golden colour in the baking of frozen products and baked goods.
It has a Dynamic control panel which features cooking time, cooking temperature, cooking cycles and a key to manually add water. Additionally, it has the possibility to set specific cooking programmes, concerning time, regulation for quality fluid and temperature.
This is an ideal solution for bakeries and pastry shops where space is at a premium but require the same excellent results as a large oven.

£850 £795 +VAT

UNOX Convection Oven Single Phase
| Ref #: dfe10653a43d
This MonoBX bake off oven is designed to incorporate all the essential functions and features needed to produce high quality products including croissants, danish pastries, bread rolls, bagels, muffins, eclairs and cookies. It is ideal for establishments that demand quality, reliability and value for money.
The simple and easy-to-use LED Classic controller can store up to 9 of the most commonly used bake programs for quick and easy product recall and displays temperature, time, steam and damper.
Comes complete with stand.

£1245 £1195 +VAT

MonoBX Bake Off Oven
| Ref #: fa62766c88ff
Still in great working order. Gets hot very quickly and has always been a fantastic oven for us when we were making pizzas. With double levels we were able to turn out lots at a time.
Happy to give you some wooden and metal paddles/pizza boards when you come to collect for free!

£300 VAT Free

Ferrara Pizza Oven Model Number FF44
| Ref #: f162442e4d40
This powerful and very versatile oven can be used as a convection oven or a steam oven. Its convection mode is ideal for pastries, breads, colouring and glazing. Its steam mode is ideal for steaming pasta, rice, vegetables and meats. Additionally, its combination mode is perfect for regenerating meals, plated banqueting and roasting. Furthermore, it has a 1/2 energy saving function.

£2895 £2750 +VAT

Rational SCC 61 Electric 6 Grid Combi Oven Self Cooking Centre
| Ref #: 6898c41728fc
Rational SCC care control 10 grid 2009, 3 phase electric combi oven full service
Make: Rational
Model: SCC 101 Care Control (2009)
Type: 10 grid Combi Oven
Power Supply: 3 phase electric
Dimensions: 850mm x 800mm x 1750mm

£3300 +VAT

Rational SCC Care Control 10 Grid Electric Combi Oven
| Ref #: 40f68c656e52
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