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This hot cupboard / bain-marie is perfect for a wide range of establishments
Comes complete with three 1/1 gastronome trays and enables the serving of multiple dishes and vegetables at any one timer
The hot cupboard has two wire rack shelves giving ample storage for plates or freshly cooked foods keeping everything to temperature
The unit is on castors (2 braked) and is very easily wheeled in

£350 +VAT

Used lincat hot cupboard
| Ref #: 8d94f795a426
Just had brand new front put on ready to paint / stain to match your own premises.
Made by Moffat.
Holds 4 full size Gastronorms (not supplied )
Runs on normal single phase electric 13 amp plug.
2 sliding doors to rear with fan assisted hot cupboard.

£595 VAT Free

Hot cupboard / bain Marie
| Ref #: fdc5ead53de6
Carvery/Hot Cupboard/Bain Marie/Heated Gantry Matched Pair
Made by Victor.
One unit has ceramic carvery pad and carving spikes.
The other unit is WET WELL Bain Marie, that holds 5 x 1/1 gastronorm pans or any configuration you want.
Both have heated gantries.

£1950 VAT Free

used carvery counter for sale
| Ref #: 1040691c1ca6
Carvery / Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard / Heated Gantry
Made by Moffat.
Holds 5 full size Gastronorm / meat spike pans or any configuration you want (not supplied).
Dry well Bain Marie.

£1250 VAT Free

Used carvery unit
| Ref #: 35ce68b895d2
Made by Victor.
Lovely piece of kit.
On wheels.
Hot cupboard under.
Heated gantry, hot cupboard, Hot Carvery all independently controlled.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Size 1205 mm L, 700 mm D, 1435 mm H

£950 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard Heated Gantry/Servery
| Ref #: 1f3fe6ab9e7e
This hardwired hot cupboard with 4 pot bain marie has a heavy duty construction and comes with full insulation for optimum heat retention. The bain marie top operates with wet or dry heat and accepts 150mm deep gastronorm pots.
This mobile, compact hot cupboard bain marie ensures easy manoeuvrability where space is constricted and features adjustable and accurate thermostatic controls.Hot cupboard comes complete with two shelves.

£495 £450 +VAT

Lincat  GBM2 Hot Cupboard and Bain Marie (Ref: RHC2499) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 5f44adec557f
Large mobile serving trolley/hot cupboard from top manufacturer. This very versatile unit is complete with:
3x 1/1 gastronorm sized dry well bain marie, thermostatically controlled with digital display for easy temperature setting.
2x drop down drawers, 1 of which is hot, the other is ambient, great for storage of different meals/desserts etc.
Ambient draw also complete with 4x 1/6 gastronorm runners for added storage.
This unit also has 2x fold out lids that double up as serving tables either side of the bain marie. Fantastic for displaying products.
On large braked casters for easy movement on almost any floor also has handles on both sides and plug on a curly cable with plug port, all of which make moving this item easy. Power: 13 amp plug in.

£800 VAT Free

Victor Bain Marie Hot Cupboard
| Ref #: d0bb5587babb
This hot cupboard unit comes complete with one 1/1 gastronome bain marie slot which is ideal for serving food at the perfect temperature. The under storage space keeps large volumes of food at the perfect serving temperature making it perfect for any self-service or canteen style establishment. The sliding doors also make the unit an ideal purchase for establishments with limited space.
The hot cupboard is supplied with two wire shelves.

£450 +VAT

Hot Cupboard & Bain Marie Gastronome
| Ref #: 03e7f4d6cb08
This smart heated bain marie unit has space for three large gastronomes and comes complete with sneeze guard and tray rail making it ideal for the most demanding of self-service and carvery locations.
Please note: Gastronomes are not included.

£350 +VAT

Heated Bain Marie Unit
| Ref #: ed7a3d8da786
Provide your customers with delicious hot food with this hot cupboard featuring a bain marie and gantry.
Complete with a spacious hot cupboard which is suitable of storing a large amount of food at the ultimate serving temperature. The unit comes with eight gastronome containers in various sizes which make it ideal for storing a wide range of foods.

£595 +VAT

Heated Bain Marie and Servery (Ref: RHC2047) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: a4c0ad3eb15e
Nice piece of kit just come into us due to closure of business.
Dry well Bain Marie holds 5 full size Gastronorm containers or meat spikes or any configuration you want. (containers not supplied)
Heated gantry above to ensure your food stays hot.
Hot cupboard under.

£1650 VAT Free

Carvery hot cupboard and bain maire
| Ref #: 099c4f522fa0
Used bain marie & hot cupboard.
3 phase electric. 6 gastro wet bain marie.
Hot cupboard on wheels.
Sliding doors open both sides.

£750 +VAT

Used bain marie for sale
| Ref #: 5f1ebaac8623
This hot cupboard Bain Marie has been cleaned and tested by our engineers and is in full working order. Dry heat, Stainless steel construction, it has 3 quartz lamps in bottom gantry and 5 in top gantry. Pass thru hot cupboard 2 doors each side Power rating 3 kW
Dimensions Height164cm x Width165cm x Depth74cm

£1200 £1100 +VAT

Hot Cupboard with Twin Infra-Red Overhead Gantry
| Ref #: 450dc983774c
Hot servery, bain marie drop in
Nice clean unit, fully tested.

£450 +VAT ono

Hot servery, bain marie drop in
| Ref #: 49b4d1f7add7
Electric heated gantry/ bain marie.
Single phase electric. 4 x 1/1 Gastro.
Dry bain marie.
2 x Heated draws.
Double hot lights.
200cmW x 74cmD x 90cmH plus 70cmH.

£750 +VAT

Heated Gantry/Bain Marie (5487)
| Ref #: b327b7dbd4d3
Lovely piece of kit.
On wheels.
Has 7 Bain Marie pans and a carvery tray.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Has tray slide which can easily be folded down or removed.
Heated gantry, hot cupboard, bain marie all controlled independently.
Big money earners these units ie 150 meals @ £8.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!!!
Size 1400mm L, 700 mm D (1025mm with tray slide) 1260mm H

£1250 VAT Free

Carvery/Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry/Servery
| Ref #: 1c5798b5af1b
Rieber STW NORM111 heated trolley/ bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
3 x 1/1 Bain marie. 2 x Heated cabinets and 1 x ambient.
130cmW x 68cmD x 100cmH.

£650 +VAT

Rieber Heated Trolley/Bain Marie
| Ref #: 1b95841400c0
This Corsair commercial trolley is complete with a top Bain Marie with a sliding cover and two hot cupboard compartments.
Features a strong and sturdy construction, wide choice of compartment configurations and castors making it light and manoeuvrable.

£475 £450 +VAT

Hot cupboard / serving trolley
| Ref #: 48a9ad6dcb4d
Plate warming cupboard with an internal bain marie that is standard Gastronom size, and shelving with internal hot lamps.
Ideal for a carvery.
Please see accompanying picture for dimensions in mm.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£400 ono VAT Free

Plate Warming Cupboard / Bain Marie / Shelving with Hot Lamps
| Ref #: d6ff3fba02c1
Pass Through Hot Cupboard topped with a Drywell Bainmarie,
Heated gantry can be added at extra cost.
1500w x 700d x 860h

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£350 +VAT

Hot Cupboard with Drywell Bainmarie
| Ref #: ef5ca02d2853
Parry 1887 heated trolley/ hot cupboard with bain marie.
Hot cupboard. 7 Pot dry bain marie.
On castors.
13 Amp electric.
78cmW x 64cmD x 98cmH.
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£475 +VAT

hot cupoard / bain marie
| Ref #: 8a100686198e

Hot Bain Marie - London

Price: £399 +VAT
Hot Bain Marie
Hot Bain marie
Dry heat
Size 3 hot 1/1 gastro
13 amp plug in
Heated storage below
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£399 +VAT

Hot Bain Marie
| Ref #: cbb515266566
DHR International Heated Carvery Unit,
Great To Use As A Self Service Counter,
Curved Glass Sneeze Guard,
Dual Thermostats For Bain Marie And Hot Cupboard,
2 x Locking Castors,
13 Amp Supply,
The Unit has been fixed & hot cupboard is in working order.
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£500 ono including VAT

DHR International Heated Carvery Unit
| Ref #: d910f9278dab
This is perfect for outside caterers as it does not need electric or gas
Just freeze the stainless steel plates down and place them in the unit and it will keep your products cool for hours
  • Unit is on wheels so very easy to move around
  • Sneeze screen
  • Two sliding doors to rear
  • In very good clean condition

£295 VAT Free

Moffat Refrigerated Display Counter for sale
| Ref #: 8745f6f7a940
Cabinet with 2 bain marie
13 Amp
98cmW x 65cmD x 82cmH

£225 £125 +VAT

Stainless Steel Unit
| Ref #: 35808f5c1ccc
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