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Great opportunity to purchase 2x hot units and 1 x cold unit.
In fantastic condition and working condition.
All units on wheels.
All units run on single phase electric.
All units have independent controls.
This is a full set up, tried tested and ready to serve.

£2995 VAT Free

Carvery unit for sale
Heavy duty stainless steel carving tray with surrounding juice collection. The spikes can be dismantled easily for hygienic cleaning. Really a commercial piece but would sit happily in a residential meat eaters space. Good weight so not going to go flying as you saw the animal apart. Now go out and spend £60.00 on that meaty slab.

£25 +VAT

4x Commercial Carving Trays (CODE KIT319)
| Quantity: 4
This Corsair commercial trolley is complete with a top Bain Marie with a sliding cover and two hot cupboard compartments.
Features a strong and sturdy construction, wide choice of compartment configurations and castors making it light and manoeuvrable.

£475 £450 +VAT

Hot cupboard / serving trolley
MATCHED PAIR. Both units are British made by Victor and are wet well which are extremely hard to find.
Fantastic opportunity to purchase a matched pair of wet well carvery / bain marie units.
Both units have heated gantries, hot cupboards and bain maries, and all independently controlled so you can set different temperatures on different parts of the units.
On wheels. As with most of the Carvery units we sell, they can easily be painted or dressed to match your own premises.
Brilliant money earners these units ie 500 sunday dinners / meals @ £8.95 and thats more than your purchase money back !!!
Tried tested and ready to go.

£3995 VAT Free

Pair Wet Well Carvery / Hot Cupboard / Bain Marie / Heated Gantry
| Quantity: 2
This is perfect for outside caterers as it does not need electric or gas
Just freeze the stainless steel plates down and place them in the unit and it will keep your products cool for hours
  • Unit is on wheels so very easy to move around
  • Sneeze screen
  • Two sliding doors to rear
  • In very good clean condition

£150 VAT Free

Moffat Refrigerated Display Counter for sale
San Jamar Sauce Dispenser.
3 group dispenser.
Good condition.

£60 VAT Free

San Jamar Condiments Dispenser
| Quantity: 2
Extremely rare chance to purchase a matched pair of mobile hot units.
These units are some of the best units we have had in stock.
Potentially able to make BIG money from these all singing all dancing units.

£4250 VAT Free

Bain marie
| Quantity: 2

Victor Carvery Unit - Caine, Wiltshire

Price: £150 VAT Free
Carvery unit for sale
Table top Carvery unit, made by victor, not many of these around, new rocker switch fitted by myself, removed from a closed pub and has not been used in about a year however i have tested this unit and it works fine.
Collection or i will arrange postage at cost.

£150 VAT Free

Carvery unit for sale
Victor CTGIY electric heated gantry/ carvery unit.
13 Amp electric. Very good condition.
3 Bulb hot lights. Heated base. Sneeze guard.

£450 +VAT

Heated gantry for sale
Just come into us due to closure of business.
Large one has tiled top with two heated carvery spikes.
Smaller one has ceramic heated top.
Both have heated gantry and hot cupboard under.
Big money earners these units ie 300 meals @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!!

£1850 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry - Matched Pair
Carvery/Hot Cupboard/Bain Marie/Heated Gantry Matched Pair
Made by Victor.
One unit has ceramic carvery pad and carving spikes.
The other unit is WET WELL Bain Marie, that holds 5 x 1/1 gastronorm pans or any configuration you want.
Both have heated gantries.

£1950 VAT Free

used carvery counter for sale
| Quantity: 2
Made by Victor.
Lovely piece of kit.
On wheels.
Hot cupboard under.
Heated gantry, hot cupboard, Hot Carvery all independently controlled.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Size 1205 mm L, 700 mm D, 1435 mm H

£950 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard Heated Gantry/Servery
Carvery / Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard / Heated Gantry
Made by Moffat.
Holds 5 full size Gastronorm / meat spike pans or any configuration you want (not supplied).
Dry well Bain Marie.

£1250 VAT Free

Used carvery unit
Great piece of equipment just come into to us because our customer had great success with the carvery they have got a much bigger one.
Made by Victor. Holds 3 full size gastronorm containers / meat spikes or whichever configuration you require.
Very very clean and in excellent working order.
On wheels, Runs on normal 13 amp plug, Costs thousands brand new.
Mega easy to earn your money back on these units ie 120 dinners @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!
This unit has been tried tested and is ready for immediate delivery.

£950 VAT Free

Carvery / Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard / Heated Gantry
Lively little unit made by Tecfrigo.
Has automatic heated gantry so you can lower or raise the hood.
Digital temperature controls.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Size 1150 mm L, 780 mm d, 1450 mm H (adjustable).

£500 VAT Free

Carvery / Hot Plate
Lovely carvery unit just come into us due to upgrade for bigger one.
Made by Victor, model Carib3.1B12ZQ.
Two large carvery pads that can easily have 6 joints of meat on them.

£1250 VAT Free

Carvery trolley for sale

Victor Tiled Top Gantry - Inverness, Scotland

Price: £950 £750 ono VAT Free
Victor Tiled Top Gantry
( Victor ) Caribbean heated Carvery topper
Heavy duty stainless steel construction
Tiled unit complete with one carvery pad and one tiled insert. carvery pads can be swapped left to right.
Adjustable thermostat controls to tiled top & dimmer control to 300 W quartz heated lamps.

£950 £750 ono VAT Free

Victor Tiled Top Gantry
Moffat Carvery / Hot Cupboard / Regen Oven / Heated Gantry.
Amazing piece of kit.
Has ceramic heated top.
Heated gantry.

£495 VAT Free

Carvery unit for sale
This Moffat chilled counter is perfect for a wide range of food service locations. The spacious well is ideal for displaying desserts in the most successful of self service restaurants. Your customers will be tempted to try whatever delicious treats you have to offer. It is situated on casters for easy movement within your busy restaurant.

£495 +VAT

Moffat Chilled Display Counter (Ref: RHC2134) - Warrington, Cheshire
QUICK SALE, good for front serving counter, glass shield, in full working order. Space for shelving underneath. Customer Front facing serving. Also comes with spare heating element!

£1300 +VAT ono

Ambient baine maire
This smart heated bain marie unit has space for three large gastronomes and comes complete with sneeze guard and tray rail making it ideal for the most demanding of self-service and carvery locations.
Please note: Gastronomes are not included.

£350 +VAT

Heated Bain Marie Unit
Nice piece of kit just come into us due to closure of business.
Dry well Bain Marie holds 5 full size Gastronorm containers or meat spikes or any configuration you want. (containers not supplied)
Heated gantry above to ensure your food stays hot.
Hot cupboard under.

£1650 VAT Free

Carvery hot cupboard and bain maire
This smart counter top heated display unit will ensure your produce is at the perfect serving temperature. The aesthetically pleasing design will draw your customers’ eyes to the delicious produce you have to offer. Complete with three gastronome slots and an upper wire rack shelf this display unit offers maximum food storage. This display unit is ideal for any small café, restaurant or bistro.

£425 +VAT

Trimco Heated Display
Made by Moffat.
Holds 5 full size Gastronorm / meat spike pans or any configuration you want (not supplied).
Wet well Bain Marie.

£995 VAT Free

Used Moffat carvery unit
This table top heated servery is perfect for keeping a wide range of items at the perfect serving temperature for a longer period of time. It has a variable heat control base, heated lamp and is fabricated from heavy duty stainless steel. This is the perfect servery for a wide range of establishments from buffets and self service restaurants to cafes and bistros.

£295 +VAT

Heated carvery servery for sale
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