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Megaflo 300 Dd Unvented Direct Cylinder Boiler
Removed from a small office complex fully tested and working

£300 +VAT

Direct boiler for sale
| Ref #: 7291bbec039b
Used Instanta CPF4100-3 17 Litre Twin Tapped Autofill Boiler with Filtration. 13amp, single phase, includes waterhose and supplied with new filter. This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.

£450 £349 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
| Ref #: 88e977fce191
Lincat EB3FX Automatic Water Boiler 11 litre automatic water boiler
7 day timer
Eco Mode
Purchased in September for temporary kitchen
Only used a few times

£190 +VAT ono

Commercial water boiler
| Ref #: a9bf174b8c51

3x Instanta CPF210 - London

Price: £220 +VAT
Water boiler for sale
3 x Instanta cpf210
10 ltr water boiler
Auto fill
With filtration
Used tested ok

£220 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
| Ref #: 2290f72c8745
We buy catering equipment
The Buffalo GC719 is a high quality countertop automatic fill water boiler with an impressive and consistent 31 Litre per hour output. Incredibly simple to use, the water boiler features a stylish one-touch control panel which provides instant feedback on the status of the machine and whether a de-scale routine is required. The stainless steel construction and removable drip tray allow easy cleaning, whilst the robust tap allows either controllable or constant flow. Perfect for self-service areas in hotels, buffets or waiting areas.

£250 +VAT ono

Used water boiler for sale
| Ref #: f51f028fd62b
Water (4.5 litres) quickly at the correct temperature. Thanks to the connection to the water mains, the machine is automatically filled with water. The indicator lamp of the HWA 50 indicates when the content has reached the correct temperature. Equipped with automatic level control. (NO drip tray)

£350 £200 +VAT

Used water boiler for sale UK
| Ref #: f8b119944ee6
Excellent condition, very popular boiler from top British manufacturer.
Stainless steel construction.
Capacity: 9lt, 31lt of boiling water per hour
Temperature range: 70 - 98 degrees C
Built in water filtration system
Easy operation from large LED control panel

£250 VAT Free

Lincat EB3F Automatic Water Boiler
| Ref #: 4af0c7c64b12
Buffalo Water Boiler 10 litre, ideal for cold weather to do mulled wine, tea or hot chocolate or simply to boil water. It takes few minutes to boil any liquid and is really efficient.
Also this item is brand new and in perfect condition.

£50 including VAT

Buffalo Water Boiler
| Ref #: 82007e52595a
Very good condition, large, high capacity water boiler.
Model: 6000-9
Capable of delivering up to 500 cups an hour with an instant draw off of 36 litres.
Twin taps for added speed of delivery.
Easy to install, requires a standard dishwasher hose connected to mains. 
Perfect for any busy tea room, cafe or restaurant requiring a large volume of boiling water.
Power: 9kW, 3 phase electric

£400 VAT Free

Instanta Large Automatic Water Boiler
| Ref #: ac779c6f68bc

Instanta CT4000 - Chesterfield

Price: £250 VAT Free
Larger water boiler
The ct 40000 is designed for situations where large volumes are needed in a short period. Featuring twin taps for speedy delivery and built-in 3 micron filtration with a programmable counter.

£250 VAT Free

Larger water boiler
| Ref #: 232b678faa7e
This Was Brought But Never Used,
Automatic-fill and manual water boilers, including the unique 'FilterFlow' range with built-in filtration. Our FilterFlow range of automatic water boilers, which features unique built-in water filtration and advanced onboard diagnostics, includes counter-top, wall mounted and push button models.

£300 VAT Free

New water boiler
| Ref #: 3afec2c08b95
If you need a reliable source of piping hot filtered water on tap, the Buffalo Automatic Water Boiler is the ideal front of house appliance. Able to dispense up to 30 litres (around 130 cups of tea) every hour, the boiler helps you to produce great quality tea and other hot drinks thanks to an easily-changeable water filter. The front-mounted digital display provides effective feedback about the status of the machine, including whether it needs a filter change or descale routine. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Supplied with pre-installed filter.

£180 +VAT

Buffalo water boiler
| Ref #: fffc38381dda
The premium quality Burco 10 litre Autofill Water Boiler with Filtration has been made in the UK from high quality materials to stylishly provide a constant stream of piping hot water, on demand, in busy areas such as staff rooms and waiting areas, as well as commercial use in restaurants, pubs and bars. With its powerful 3kW heating element, the Burco Water Boiler heats water rapidly and can dispense up to 31 litres of water every hour. Its robust reinforced non-drip tap is responsive and hard-wearing - ideal for self-service areas.

£280 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
| Ref #: c515201e920b
The Lincat EB3F water boiler has a Unique built-in water filtration system which improves water quality - reduces scale build-up and produces high quality boiling water on tap 24 hours a day. It is equipped with a Low cost, easy-fit replacement filter cartridge and has an advanced diagnostics with LCD panel showing operational status at all times. The Reliable electronic temperature control system Lowers energy and maintenance costs and has an adjustable water temperature control ideal for all types of beverages. The overall Output per hour is: 31 litres / Rapid draw off: 9 litres

£290 +VAT

Used water boiler for sale UK
| Ref #: ddef8777c128
Used Caterlite K711 airport water boiler. 13 amp electric.
With its large 4.25 litre capacity and attractive, contemporary design, the Caterlite Electric Airpot is a portable, compact manual fill water boiler perfectly suited for meeting rooms, waiting areas, breakfast services or small scale mobile catering. The Caterlite water boiler is incredibly easy to operate - simply fill the inner reservoir to the required level, connect the power, then water is kept at just below boiling temperature until switched off. Dispensing is also effortless - either use the push-button pump mechanism or simply hold the cup or mug against the sensor for automatic water dispensing. For additional versatility, the electric airpot also features a handy rotary base, allowing easy positioning as required.

£30 +VAT

water boiler
| Ref #: cc3e49a0ad04
Rinnai LPG boiler for sale. It has never been used since we had it. I believe it is 4/5 years old and was only used for one season at the previous camp site before I came to us.

£400 +VAT ono

Rinnai LPG Boiler
| Ref #: 08124df6c867
50 litres per hour with 18 litres immediate draw off
Internal condensing for reduced steam emission
High output / low maintenance

£295 £265.50 +VAT

Lincat EB6 Automatic Fill Water Boiler
| Ref #: 5d0a50c77f2d
This automatic water boiler by Lincat is perfect for supplying your business with hot water instantly. It features a unique built-in-water filtration and advanced on board diagnostics to help determine when operational maintenance is required. The compact water boiler delivers 31 litres of boiling hot water per hour to keep your beverage service continual.
Please note: Comes complete with drip tray.

£195 +VAT

used commercial water boiler UK
| Ref #: 2c58d1e856de
New B Grade Caterlite J709 manual fill water boiler.
With its large 8 litre capacity and stylish good looks, the Caterlite manual fill water urn combines simplicity and convenience in its design. Featuring easy to use controls and strong stainless steel twin walled construction, the Caterlite water boiler is effortless to fill, operate and clean. This water urn also offers the convenience of not having to be plumbed in, so it's perfect for light duty mobile catering, meeting rooms, waiting areas or other facilities without a direct mains water supply. For safety, the urn also features a water level meter and an automatic boil dry safety cut-off, which is easily reset using the handy base mounted button.

£50 +VAT

New water boiler for sale
| Ref #: 380b7bfd2af8
New B Grade Lincat EB6F J980 large auto feed water boiler
Automatic-fill and manual water boilers, including the unique 'FilterFlow' range with built-in filtration. Our FilterFlow range of automatic water boilers, which features unique built-in water filtration and advanced onboard diagnostics, includes counter-top, wall mounted and push button models.

£395 +VAT

New water boiler for sale
| Ref #: 08ef9e7688b7
This brand new brewing system has
-2 x 20 ltr containers and separate hot water tap with connection for mains water supply (3/4") -Fitted with integrated hot water section -Control panel with LCD display -Descaling systems -Total and daily counters -Coffee ready signal and built-in clock -Optimum safety mechanisms -Brewing column,filter unit and base and drip tray -Brewing time; 14 mins / 20 litre -Throughput per hour; 90 litres / 720 cups
Holding capacity 40 litres!!

£995 ono including VAT

Bravilor B20 HW  Coffee Machine
| Ref #: c55d01175e8b
Ex demo Buffalo GL346 hot water boiler.
Ex demo. Like new.
10 Ltr. 13 Amp electric.
30cmW x 25cmD x 53cmH.

£60 +VAT

Used water boiler for sale UK
| Ref #: 548a10fa31f4
Buffalo GL347 electric water boiler.
Ex demo.
13 Amp electric.
Manual fill. 20 Ltr capacity.
40cmW x 30cmD x 60cmH.

£80 +VAT

Electric water boiler
| Ref #: 00e9e06f8ab9
Electric ENW-100S water boiler.
Ex demo.
13 Amp electric.
Manual fill. 10 Ltr capacity.
30cmW x 25cmD x 45cmH.

£40 +VAT

Used water boiler for sale UK
| Ref #: 2eefe4bdda89

Brita Water Filter - Caine

Price: £50 including VAT
Used britta filter for sale
In Date, fully working, fully functional, size is for a coffee machine under counter glasswasher or water boiler.
Cost does not include postage.

£50 including VAT

Used britta filter for sale
| Ref #: 8f3af12b0b55
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