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Excellent condition, hardly been used oven range from top manufacturer.
This cooker hardly has a mark on it, a really good example of what is a very popular piece of equipment.
Perfect for any kitchen that wants quality equipment in a tight space.
Complete with 4x 5.3kW hobs that sit on a removable, stainless steel pan making cleaning easy.
2x cast iron pan supports offer robust, long lasting quality enamel oven chamber and removable drip trays make the oven also easy to keep clean
Oven comes with 2x stainless steel shelves that fit in 5x shelf positions, oven is also 1/1 gastronorm compatible.
Power: natural gas (26kW)

£495 VAT Free

Falcon Dominator 4 Burner Oven Range
| Ref #: 0fb0f7f939fd
Heavy volume, commercial microwave oven lets you cook up to four times faster than convection ovens, allowing fast product output and greater menu flexibility. It features a 100 programmable menu, 11 power levels and 4 stage cooking. An ideal choice for any cafes, pubs and quick service restaurants.

£425 +VAT

Menumaster Jetwave Combi Microwave Oven (Ref: RHC2578)
| Ref #: 69c965ccce8a
This heavy duty, control touch, commercial microwave features 20 programmable presets, 3 stage memory and 10 power levels. Additionally, it has variable defrost and multi-portion settings. The 1900W microwave is ideal for smaller commercial kitchens where the ability to consistently cook, reheat and defrost on demand is a necessity.
It holds 1/2 gastronorm container or a 12" plate and comes with a sealed in ceramic base.

£225 +VAT

Sanyo 1900W Microwave (Ref: RHC2497)
| Ref #: 5408d5e8c565
This steamer has been fully tested by our qualified engineers, and is in perfect running order, and in very good condition large oven capacity with six shelf positions, 4 shelves built in self-filling water tank stainless steel interior and exterior. Runs on natural gas
Dimensions H1590 x W600 x D840 weight 110KG

£950 +VAT

Falcon Gas Steamer
| Ref #: e280f85dd5eb

£500 ono VAT Free

Falcon 6 Burner Oven
| Ref #: 06253a1c849c

£550 ono VAT Free

Falcon 6 Burner Oven
| Ref #: f27ffee8dac8
Brand New, Gas fired griddle. Never been used, still in plastic wrapping
Stainless steel 11mm griddle plate. Electric (battery powered) Igniter
Stainless steel Burner
Can come supplied as Natural Gas or LP gas.

£350 VAT Free

LPG Griddle
| Ref #: 60f901208b17
This oven was removed from a school which means it has been well looked after.
The oven is in excellent fully working condition and has just been serviced by a fully qualified catering engineer.
air-o-steam combi ovens make steam to do so much more and they are ideal for practically any food. Thanks to the high performing dedicated steam generator the air-o-steam combi ovens are able to guarantee continous and faster supply of steam at all times and high quality food. Roast? Sure, every time it will be gloriously brown and juicy. Vegetables? Voilà, they are always vibrant and flavorful. Bread and pastries? Here you go, bread with flaky crusts and moist cakes risen high.

£1800 +VAT

Electric Oven 10 grid
| Ref #: 5c1a55a01279

Eurofours Baking Oven - Newcastle

Price: £500 +VAT ono
Eurofours Baking Oven
Very good condition, 3 phase electric, convection oven.
Excellent baking oven, very even and consistent bake.
Stainless steel throughout with removable oven insides for easy cleaning.
Digital temperature controller as well as separate digital timer.
Oven takes 4x 600mm x 400mm baking sheets or baskets

£500 +VAT ono

Eurofours Baking Oven
| Ref #: d8a1a67f7d5c
This sturdy and reliable microwave is perfect for your fast food and high demand business. Utilising Menumaster's signature power to provide even and consistent cooking results for a range of products; you can adjust the power and style of cooking through the user friendly touch panel for seamless versatility.
The microwave has designed to withstand a hectic and high use within the kitchen environment. With a 17 litre cavity this smart microwave is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. With the ability enter your own programmable cooking routines to give you extra time in your daily schedule this piece of equipment is the perfect addition to your establishment.

£225 +VAT

1800W Menumaster Microwave (Ref: RHC2580)
| Ref #: 2b3955386b98
Provide your customers with perfectly crisp chips and other fried foods cooked to perfection in this superb single tank fryer. Fabricated from high quality stainless steel this fryer comes complete with basket and lid to cover oil when fryer is not in use. This superb fryer is the perfect addition to your successful business.

£450 +VAT

Stott Benham Single Tank Fryer (Ref: RHC2566)
| Ref #: 5dd4224a019a
This stunning, single tank Evo 250 Fryer is from the new range of Evolution fryers by Valentine and is perfect in most demanding food service locations. Its stylish design features a small cool zone which ensures that it takes less oil to fill the fryer without hindering its output, ultimately saving costs in oil and electricity.
This fryer has a capacity of 9-10 litres and can fry 20-26kg of chips per hour.
Its durable design and build are of the highest quality with a sleek, smooth rounded profile making it easy to clean.
The Evo 250 also features adjustable legs to adjust the working height between 850-900mm, a primary filtration, a folding lid with storage in the door and includes one basket.

£650 +VAT

Valentine Single Tank Fryer (Ref: RHC2032)
| Ref #: 672eba530e47
Very good condition, high powered, double tank fryer from top British manufacturer.
Stainless steel construction including stainless steel storage cupboard, ideal for storing oil buckets etc.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£495 VAT Free

Lincat Free Standing Double Electric Fryer J18
| Ref #: 903cd6a68c99
In very good condition, fully working Cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers. Stainless steel construction, Counter top unit, Double glazed door, Twin high speed fans Includes 4 stainless steel wire shelves, Cooking dimensions 460w x 380d x 360h (mm) Temperature range 0-300 degrees C, Interior light, Power 13 amp 2.67kW Weight: 38kg
Dimensions: 595w x 535d x 570h (mm)

£300 +VAT

Pantheon Pan-Co1 Electric Cooker
| Ref #: 95974948436b
Achieve outstanding cooking results with this smart six ring oven range by Lincat. It features fully pressed and sealed hob with automatic power reduction for when the pan boils dry or is removed which will prolong the hotplate life, simmerstat temperature control of the hotplates (six positions).
Additionally the large capacity twin fan assisted oven is perfect for even heat and consistent cooking results. This smart oven comes complete with two wire rack oven shelves and removable oven base for easy cleaning and maintenance.

£695 +VAT

Lincat 6 Ring Oven Range (Ref: RHC2565)
| Ref #: b649c4143a15
Ideal for buffets and self service catering, this portable hot plate is a low budget solution that will keep food warm. Capable of accepting multiple gastronorm containers at once, this unit will provide continuous heating without the need of overhead heat or illumination.
Its thermostatic control allows the base heat to be adjusted to suit a variety of food products and features a robust, aluminium surface for energy-efficient heat conduction.

£150 +VAT

Lincat Heated Display Base (Ref: RHC2572)
| Ref #: c7333281e532
With a high output and fast recovery time, this single tank Falcon fryer is ideal for the busiest of kitchen environments. It has an hourly chip output of 22.7kg and an oil capacity of 12 litres. It also features a cool zone with lift out strainer which prevents build-up of debris, extending oil life and improving frying performance.
Supplied with one basket.

£450 +VAT

Falcon Single Tank Fryer (Ref: RHC2567)
| Ref #: 148491acbf46
This superb 10 grid combi oven is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. It features multiple cooking settings and built-in timer ensuring you can cook products to perfection time and time again.
Ask today about conversions to LPG!

£1950 +VAT

Electrolux 10 Grid Combi Oven (Ref: RHC2546)
| Ref #: b33d31a51bf9
New Panasonic NE1853 1800 watt high power microwave.
Heavy duty. Compact. 1800 Watts.
B Grade. Slight knock on top.
42cmW x 52cmD x 34cmH.

£460 +VAT

New Panasonic 1800 Watt High Power Microwave
| Ref #: 640b9f0b64a7
Hobart CSDUC 6 Grid Combi Oven
3 phase electric 26 amp (available on single phase - call 01227 469692)
900mm wide x 900mm deep x 1400mm high
These ovens are fully working and serviced by our catering engineer
Very good cosmetic condition and deep cleaned

£1650 +VAT

Hobart CSDUC 6 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: a3cad3c21ad5
Standard house hold oven in very clean condition - works as it should.

I've no idea why the wife wants to sell this - She has insisted in binning a perfectly good kitchen with all the appliances in it. So rather than waste the oven I would prefer it to go to a good home. Fits in a standard opening (60cm) and runs off a normal 13amp plug.

£20 VAT Free

Electric single phase oven
| Ref #: 73fb0ca21fdf
Make: Lincat
Type: 6 Burner Gas Commercial Range Oven
Power Supply: Natural Gas (1 x 3/4 inch)
Very good cosmetic condition, deep cleaned and ready to go
These Lincats have been serviced / tested by a gas safe catering engineer and are in excellent condition.
They were removed from a school and appear to have seen little use, they are ideal for high output commercial kitchens.

£700 +VAT

Lincat 6 Burner Commercial Range Oven
| Ref #: 2e7c01aeadce
Excellent condition, current model from top manufacturer.
This model (E3) is often seen in various fast food outlets including Subway.
The accelerated cooking is achieved by added microwave power to convection oven, resulting in cooking times up to 6x lower than a regular convection oven.
This machine is programmable via USB, then controlled through the large, touch screen on the front, allowing for a wide and varied menu without the need for detailed staff training.
The speed of this oven allows for food to be cooked fresh to order, reducing the waste generated by batch cooking.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£795 VAT Free

Merrychef E3 Accelerated Cooking Electric Oven
| Ref #: a7868804d8bc
Fantastic condition, lightly used, steam combination cooker from large, well known manufacturer.
Capacity: 10x 1/1 gastronorm containers
Complete with made to measure stand with racks for gastronorm containers and adjustable feet for easy levelling.
Near spotless interior and exterior of the oven give an insight in to the easy life this combi has had. Door seal in excellent condition too.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£2500 including VAT

Electrolux Air-o-Steam 10 Grid Gas Combi Oven
| Ref #: a30aeef1ac78
The oven range is complete with:
Large, powerful open top burners with heavy duty pan supports.
Piezo ignited oven with 2x 2/1 gastronorm sized oven racks.
Vitreous enamel oven interior allows for easy cleaning.
Rear rollers allow for easy movement around the kitchen eg pulling out for cleaning.
Adjustable front feet allow for easy levelling.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£650 including VAT

Blue Seal Cobra 6 Burner Oven Range
| Ref #: cf39109f3c39
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