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3 stainless steel 1900w commercial microwaves.
In full working order.
Can be viewed in situ.

£300 £270 +VAT ono

Sanyo Commercial Microwaves
| Ref #: 9b1a79415849
Speed up cooking times in your kitchen with this smart programmable 1100W microwave by buffalo. It has been specifically designed for light duty smaller establishments, it features a simple control panel with four power levels including a defrost setting and has a timer range of 40 minutes. This is the perfect microwave for your café or small restaurant it has up to 20 programmable settings with three stage cooking and has a stainless steel construction & finish ensuring it will look great in your kitchen.

£165 +VAT

used microwave for sale
| Ref #: a6430316f14d
Excellent condition accelerated cooking oven from top manufacturer. This oven combines regular convection oven heat with microwave power, reducing cooking times by up to 10x on certain items. 
This oven itself is in fantastic condition as can be seen by the photos, the oven doesn't seem to have done much work at all. This is the largest model that Merrychef do, allowing for larger food items that wouldn't normally go in to a Merrychef oven. 
The oven can be used for cooking a variety of foods, in fact anything that you would put in a conventional convection oven, but in particular, pies pizzas and subs, as the hot convection oven will quickly brown off the outside of such products while the microwave will cook the insides/toppings rapidly.

£495 VAT Free

Merrychef EC501 Combi Microwave Oven
| Ref #: 9f0f739b4da0
Speed up cooking times within your busy kitchen with this sharp 1900W microwave. It features touch tone controls, 20 memory settings with 11 variable cooking controls and express defrost function.

£225 +VAT

Used Sharp microwave
| Ref #: 7bdd501e1e9c
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This Merrychef oven has been fully tested by our engineers and is in full working order, stainless steel construction,1000w microwave power output, 3000w convection oven power output, 4.70kW power supply (HARD WIRED), Reduces cooking times by up to 6 times, Turntable gives you extremely even browning, Standard metal baking tray can be used when in convection mode, Oven controls allow multi stage programming, Energy saving standby mode, Easy clean interior.

£995 £895 +VAT

Merrychef Eikon E3 Combinatin Oven
| Ref #: eb934476e835
Samsung CM1929 1850 watt microwave.
Ex demo. 26L.
47cmW x 57cmD x 37cmH.

£400 +VAT

Samsung 1850 Watt Microwave
| Ref #: b068ea6597e4

Commercial 1850w Microwave Oven - Manchester

Price: £350 including VAT
Commercial 1850w Microwave Oven - Manchester
Samsung CM 1929 1850w
Commercial microwave oven with instructions less than 12months old.
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£350 including VAT

Commercial 1850w Microwave Oven - Manchester
| Ref #: 6d774f9192a0
This robust, stainless steel commercial microwave is ideal for restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops and takeaways. It features 30 programmes, 5 power settings and a programmable touch control with digital display which ensures maximum output, accuracy and operational efficiency.
It has a 2/3 gastronorm static ceramic base and is perfect for any small catering environments where the ability to consistently cook, reheat and defrost on demand is a necessity.

£225 +VAT

Samsung 1850W Microwave
| Ref #: 0d4446185858
MarryChef - Eikon E3 Combination Microwave
Grade A in box
Quantity: 1
List Price: £4,950
Price: £1,995 + VAT
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£1995 +VAT

Eikon E3 Combination Microwave
| Ref #: 3addb112b06e
Prodis CMW18 - 1.8kw Programmable Commercial Microwave Oven

This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.
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£225 +VAT

Microwave Oven
| Ref #: 6bde33f68936
Crypto Peerless Microwave industrial  
560w x 600x 410h  
In good condition and working order
Model 1300
New £1200 + vat
Open to offers
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Crypto Peerless Commercial Microwave
| Ref #: 6fb9a669514b
Buffalo microwave.
13 Amp electric.
52cmW x 37cmD x 30cmH.

£190 +VAT

Buffalo commercial microwave
| Ref #: c5a2ccd4cee5
Buffalo GK643 1100W microwave.
51cmW x 38cmD x 30cmH.

£180 +VAT

Buffalo GK643 1100W microwave
| Ref #: ad549f03486f
This commercial microwave oven from Pro Wave is a powerful 1900 watt microwave.
Fully stainless steel and built for the most demanding kitchens, with digital display and 10 programmable memory pads.
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£445 +VAT

New Pro Wave 1900w Commercial Microwave
| Ref #: 84e5932a9fb3
Merrychef combi oven/ microwave Meal Stream EC501.
Single phase electric.
70cmW x 57cmD x 64cmH.

£900 +VAT

Merrychef Combi Oven / Microwave (3906)
| Ref #: 8bb33bc07c5a
Merrychef combi oven/ microwave Meal Stream RD501.
Single phase electric.
70cmW x 57cmD x 64cmH.

£800 +VAT

Merrychef Combi Oven/ Microwave (3907)
| Ref #: daee82ed6825
This is an excellent oven for any pub, cafe, restaurant or sandwich outlet. It offers so much such as a Menu Key Option , 2/3 Gastronorm cavity for large multi-portion dishes, microwave combination mode reduces cooking times by up to 5 times, easy to clean digital touch pad control, fully programmable (up to 10 programs) including multi-stage programming (up to 3 stages per program), quick pre-heat and 4 microwave power levels allow the most delicate products to be cooked (e.g. frozen baguettes)

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£2500 +VAT

EC501 Merrychef Turbo oven
| Ref #: ee5a407e2f47
800 Watt 23 Litre Light Duty Microwave. If you're looking for a versatile microwave, this model is ideal due to its generous capacity and wide range of cooking options. As well as standard cooking settings, this 23 litre microwave also features defrost and express cooking settings, to give maximum flexibility in the kitchen. It also features an easy to clean painted steel interior, which is ideal for everyday use, and digital touch controls for timing your dishes to precision.
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£75 +VAT

800w Light Duty Microwave
| Ref #: 6a0cdd968a00

Samsung Microwave - Manchester

Price: £15 ono VAT Free
SANYO EM C1800K 1800W commercial microwave.
Previouly installed in a small office complex kitchen in daily use.

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£300 +VAT

SANYO EM C1800K Commercial Microwave - West Sussex
| Ref #: a5cb1bbe24d8
Fantastic condition oven that uses 3x forms of cooking in one oven to produce rapid, even results. This oven is capable of reducing cook times by up to 12x.
Similar to a Merrychef E4 or Merrychef E5. But with added toasting elements that Merrychef ovens don’t have.
This oven uses regular convection oven heat, microwave heat and radiant heat from toasting elements, allowing you to brown, toast and heat products all at the same time.
These ovens were used by franchises such as Subway due to their speed and reliability of results and performance.
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£595 VAT Free

Turbo Chef Cobi Microwave / convection / radiant Oven
| Ref #: b1055fec2f54
The Merrychef HD1425 is 1425 watts which is ideally suited for the busiest kitchen and the discerning restaurateur. Featuring the unique pop-up door which provides maximum durability, flexibility and efficiency.

Size 485(H) x 498(W) x 495(D)
Digital interface

Ergonomic Digital Touch Pad
Easy to Clean Interior Cavity.
Full Acess to the Oven Cavity with the Space Saving Removable Automatic Pop-up Door
Fully Programmable (up to 10 Programs)
Including Multi-stage Programming (up to 3 Stages per Program) and x2 and x3 Multi-Pportion Facility
User Friendly Operation
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£350 +VAT

Merrychef HD1425
| Ref #: 487eab75a06c

Turbochef i5 - Bradford, West Yorkshire

Price: £3600 ono VAT Free
Turbochef i5
3 years old
Can store up to 200 menus
Capacity 62 litre
Cooks ten times faster than conventional models
Recirculating catalytic convertor
Temp rang 177 - 274c
3 phase
Ventless operation

£3600 ono VAT Free

Turbochef i5
| Ref #: e9698cedef6e

Commercial Microwave - Somerset

Price: £285 +VAT
Buffalo 1600w commercial microwave
Here we have a Buffalo 1600w commercial microwave in excellent condition.

This machine has been through our workshop and is in perfect working order.

£285 +VAT

Buffalo 1600w commercial microwave
| Ref #: ea52c88c6be3

Large Catering Size Microwave - Luton, Bedfordshire

Price: £100 ono including VAT
Large Catering Size Microwave
Not working so we are open to offers. Have a new one to replace thus selling this one

£100 ono including VAT

Large Catering Size Microwave
| Ref #: 83d034e3d6a2
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