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Barely used and in a great condition, almost good as new!

£700 +VAT

Potato oven for sale
| Ref #: 23e6e70b171e
Used but in full working condition

£580 +VAT

Veg prep machine for sale
| Ref #: 083cd6edf5df

Burco Deep Fat Fryer 6ltr - Brighton

Price: £150 VAT Free
Fryer for sale
Burco Deep Fat Fryer 6ltr
Missing Lid
Used but working great

£150 VAT Free

Fryer for sale
| Ref #: b6674532432e
Rational CPC 6 grid combi oven, 3 phase electric, serviced by rational trained engineer
Make: Rational
Model: CPC
Type: 6 grid Combi Oven (including stand)

£1800 +VAT

Rational CPC 6 grid combi oven
| Ref #: fd734c8add7b
We buy catering equipment
Cleaned and fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers. In excellent condition, both convection and steam in perfect working order.
On stand, Power: 10kW: 3 phase, Weight: 99kg

£1800 +VAT

Combi oven for sale
| Ref #: af5e6e779524
In very good condition, full working order, 20 Litre mixer with guard
Comes with bowl, beater, whisk, and dough hook. Single phase power

£1250 £1100 +VAT

Hobart HSM20 Planetary Mixer with Guard
| Ref #: 9aee06fd8e94

Maestrowave MS300SG Slicer - West London

Price: £595 £550 +VAT
Maestrowave Meat Slicer
New Maestrowave slicer, great quality at an affordable price and are ideal for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, delicatessens and bars. Gravity Feed Manual Slicer, with a 300mm (12inch) blade, slicing thickness 0-11mm Designed for high volume use. Fast consistent slicing for all meat products 250watt 13 amp single phase supply,

£595 £550 +VAT

Maestrowave Meat Slicer
| Ref #: 6a87595a64c6
This hot cupboard Bain Marie has been cleaned and tested by our engineers and is in full working order. Dry heat, Stainless steel construction, it has 3 quartz lamps in bottom gantry and 5 in top gantry. Pass thru hot cupboard 2 doors each side Power rating 3 kW

£1200 £950 +VAT

Hot Cupboard with Twin Infra-Red Overhead Gantry
| Ref #: 450dc983774c
This Electric range has been fully tested by our qualified engineers, is in perfect running order. It has a few scratches otherwise it is in very good condition. One new plate fitted Full depth heavy duty cast iron hotplates allows multiple cooking positions. 2 fast acting circular hotplates reduce heat up times. 2 oven shelves, 3 phase 15KW power required

£900 £750 +VAT

Falcon Dominator E2101 Electric Oven
| Ref #: a5283d38df63
Falcon 6 Burner Dominator Plus Oven Range G3101 Natural Gas with Castors

£875 ono VAT Free

Used Falcon gas oven for sale
| Ref #: b34ab47c6e7b

LPG Potato Oven - Wiltshire

Price: £1000 VAT Free
Used potato oven for sale
This classic LPG Mr potato oven is being restored by a gas catering engineer and will be ready in about three weeks.
Appliance was stripped down and dipped so all the old paint came off its in the spray department this week for a coating of Mojave red stove paint, in the picture is the first coat placed on by hand, will have all brass plates, vents and horse shoe refitted.
New gas parts are being fitted, three draws holds about 30 potatoes each.

£1000 VAT Free

Used potato oven for sale
| Ref #: 5eb3ab9ddaf7

Synergy Grill - Baslow

Price: £1500 £999 ono including VAT
Synergy Grill - Baslow
High quality stainless steel construction
Four individual height adjustable cast iron cooking bars
LPG or Natural Gas - fully convertible on site
Single burner gas grill with one touch on / off switch

£1500 £999 ono including VAT

Synergy Grill - Baslow
| Ref #: d462d59f21fe
Here is a brand new set of 9 knives with a carrying case.
This was bought for me in error and is too professional for my needs.

£170 ono including VAT

Brand new chefs knives for sale
| Ref #: 528e006b1005
Carving Knife 48 no in total
A broad plain edge knife, with Full Tang Bakelite Handle, which is ideal for chopping and dicing meat, vegetables and herbs.
Bread Knife 16 no in total
A unique double scalloped edge for slicing the freshest load of bread also with Full Tang Bakelite Handle.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£3.50 ono including VAT

Brand New Casa Professional Carving And Bread Knives
| Ref #: 8d88576368c0
This Corsair commercial trolley is complete with a top Bain Marie with a sliding cover and two hot cupboard compartments.
Features a strong and sturdy construction, wide choice of compartment configurations and castors making it light and manoeuvrable.

£475 £450 +VAT

Hot cupboard / serving trolley
| Ref #: 48a9ad6dcb4d
Make: Rational CPC
Model: Climaplus Combi 101
Type: 10 grid Combi Oven With Stand
Dimensions: 900mm wide x 800mm deep x 1800mm high
Available ELECTRIC OR GAS (Call 01227 469692)
Working order: This rational CPC combi oven is fully working and has been serviced by our rational trained catering engineer
Cosmetic Condition: Very good cosmetic condition, deep cleaned and ready to cook

£1750 +VAT

Rational CPC 10 Grid Combi oven, with stand
| Ref #: 280254688716
This Modern combination convection steam oven can be used for cooking a wide range of foods by using various cooking modes.
It Features a Multipoint Core Temperature Probe. Complete with seven Grids and includes two shelving plates.

£1895 +VAT

Convotherm steam  oven for sale
| Ref #: b5b325465b58
This powerful contact grill will really suit the discerning coffee shop and café. The fully adjustable spring and counter balanced top plate will help prevent food being crushed by the weight of the top plate and is fitted with armoured heating elements for perfect heat distribution.

£299 £200 +VAT

Used panini grill for sale
| Ref #: 99ce35988e7c
Used CED Sissons 3 Gastro Dry Bain Marie & Hot Cupboard. Single phase electric.
3 x 1/1 gastro pans with lids. Dry bain marie. Hot cupboard with shelf. 120cmW x 70cmD x 87cmH
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£375 +VAT

3 Gastro Dry Bain Marie & Hot Cupboard,
| Ref #: 425f212e589e
The simple design of the 400CFG gives you greater mobility without sacrifising performance.
Specially designed with 8 point star shaped burners to distribute heat evenly, essential when making the perfect crepe.
The hard enamelled cast iron plates make delicious, moist, golden pancakes but also chapatti, blini etc.

£425 +VAT

Gas crepe machine for sale
| Ref #: 891dd4eb0abe
The sturdy clean design of the 400CSG gives the perfect front of house platform for crepes, pancakes, chapatti, blini etc. but also for other menu items, griddled eggs for example. The key to the great performance of the 400CSG is the specially designed 8 point star shaped burner positioned directly under the plate to distribute the heat evenly, essential when making the perfect crepe.

£499 +VAT

Gas crepe machine for sale
| Ref #: 0a9833b57eb2

Drop In Fridge - London

Price: £700 +VAT
Drop in fridge for sale
Condition: Immaculate
Recently Serviced
Self evaporation
Note: The Surrounding is not included.

£700 +VAT

Drop in fridge for sale
| Ref #: 0fcd016c9633

3x French Old Style Hand Crafted Rotisseries - London

Price: £13000 £11000 ono including VAT
Black French Hand Crafted Rotisseries
French Old Style Hand crafted Rotisseries
Very good state and perfectly working
Only 4 years old

£13000 £11000 ono including VAT

Black French Hand Crafted Rotisseries
| Ref #: 9a1dde88a022

Hot Cupboard/Bain Marie - Lincolnshire

Price: £250 VAT Free
Hot cupboard with gantry
Hot Cupboard.
Victor Hot cupboard/bain marie. 48" x 25" x 58" high
Comes with 4 trays with lids. Good working order.

£250 VAT Free

Hot cupboard with gantry
| Ref #: f4df8f96d3b5

Tabletop Wet Bain Marie - Lincolnshire

Price: £110 VAT Free
Tabletop bain marie for sale
Tabletop Wet Bain Marie
Bain Marie. Unused except for one pot I stored some raw veg in.

£110 VAT Free

Tabletop bain marie for sale
| Ref #: cf9e4b05df7c
Showing 1 - 25 of 1893 items