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Price: £3250 +VAT
Fri-Jado TDR5M 5 basket rotisserie.
3 phase electric.
Holds 20 Chickens.
Very good condition.
Comes with stand.
84cmW x 71cmD x 187cmH
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Price: £2500 ono including VAT
Nearly new three phase electric rotisserie oven. Was bought for a new rotisserie restaurant in Glasgow though we changed back to our original format within the year. The grill makes perfect Rotisserie Chicken.
Bought brand new at the cost of £7,000 from Alliance - equipment is still under warranty
We have a small kitchen and needed to install a range for the team to work with.
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French Old Style Hand Crafted Rotisseries - London

Price: £13000 ono including VAT
Black French Hand Crafted Rotisseries
Price: £13000 ono including VAT
French Old Style Hand crafted Rotisseries
Very good state and perfectly working
Only 4 years old
Each rotisseries is £ 13 000
The full set of 3 rotisseries is £36 000
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Price: £1150 +VAT
This Mr Pick chicken rotisserie oven will make sure your chickens come out perfectly roasted. This rotisserie will hold around 15 chickens making it ideal for any takeaway or small restaurant.
Brand: Mr Pick
Power: Single Phase
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Price: £1495 +VAT
This Ubert compact rottisserie is ideal for any convenience stores, cafes or restaurants. Its compact size makes it perfect for counter top sitting.
The rotisserie features an operation mode switch which gives you the options of loading, warming and cooking. It also has a thermostat control and a 2 hour timer.
It comes complete with three double spits and glass doors on the front and back.
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Price: £1190 +VAT
  • Cooks 40 chicken at once
  • Model stg8-i
  • Single phase or 3 phase
  • 8 hanging basket
  • Power: 10500watts /15.8amps
  • Made in netherlands
  • Serial number: 100041254
  • Program for hole chicken-drum sticks - chicken thigh at the moment it can be set differently
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Eurogrill TG 330 Rotisserie - London

Price: £850 +VAT ono
Eurogrill TG 330 Rotisserie
Price: £850 +VAT ono
Rotisserie Eurogrill TG 330:
Technical data:
- Mark: Eurogrill
- Type: TG 330/ W 330
- With heating cupboard: W 330
- Electric
- Voltage: 220 - 230 volt
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Chicken Roaster - Berkshire

Price: £550 +VAT
Chicken rotisserie
Price: £550 +VAT

Sold Rotisol Rotisserie - Gloucestershire

Price: £2500 +VAT
Electric Rotisserie
Price: £2500 +VAT
3-Phase Rotisserie Oven (will NOT work on single phase!).
18 months old. Only used for first four months before menu change.
Very, very good condition. All stainless steel/chrome. Very best quality by world leaders.
On wheeled stand. Dimensions: H1850;W1175;D560.
Model 1175 SMC.6E
6 x Adjustable Spits with capacity for around 28-30 chickens.
Spit baskets included (set-up for Spatchcock Chicken or other joints of meat).
Cost £8000 new.

Rotisserie & Extraction Duct - Stockton on Tees

Price: £4000 £3000 ono VAT Free
Price: £4000 £3000 ono VAT Free
Rotisserie - Seduction ITMU
  • Dimensions : Width 1130mm, Height 1400mm, Depth 700mm
  • 3 leg of lamb spits
  • 2 quail spits
  • 3 hooks
  • 1 plate with 4 hooks
  • Capacity per spit : 4 chickens of ± 2,65 Lb
  • Length with opened glass door : + 8,15 inches
  • More.....
Reduced to £3,000
Price: £150 +VAT
Mobile chicken strainer to keep up to 18 chickens once have come out of the rotisserie to strain excess juices off.

Bespoke unit.

All internals can come out and be used as a mobile janitor sink as has a drain in the bottom. Each tier holds 9 chickens .

Brand new never used.

The dimensions are 700mm wide x 700 mm deep, 680mm high.

1 Months back to base warranty.

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Price: £1750 +VAT
MCM 6EG Spit Gas Rottisserie 30/36 Chicken

42Kw1/2" Gas Supply & 13Amp plug

H 1860 W 1098 D480

Sold Barbeque King Hot Rotisserie 3 Spit - Bedfordshire

Price: £700 ono including VAT
Rotisserie Oven  for sale
Price: £700 ono including VAT
Barbeque King (BK) VG7 3 phase Rotisserie Oven and comes with a 4 wheel trolley
Ideal for roasting chicken etc... A real money spinner. Dimensions in mm; 1350 wide x 660 deep x 1000 high.

Worked perfectly when it was last used.

IMPORTANT! - this is a 3 phase unit. If you do not have a 3 phase electrical circuit it will NOT work.
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